Lakers' Larry Nance Jr. on trade rumors, playing with Lonzo Ball, LeBron James/Paul George talk, LaVar Ball, dunk contest and more

Lakers' Larry Nance Jr. on trade rumors, playing with Lonzo Ball, LeBron James/Paul George talk, LaVar Ball, dunk contest and more


Lakers' Larry Nance Jr. on trade rumors, playing with Lonzo Ball, LeBron James/Paul George talk, LaVar Ball, dunk contest and more

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In this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Los Angeles Lakers power forward Larry Nance Jr. On the podcast, Kennedy and Nance Jr. discussed a wide range of topics and the time-stamps are below.

2:00: Larry, who has Crohn’s Disease, started a foundation called Athletes Vs. Crohn’s and Colitis that helps children with the disease. If you want to support this great cause, purchase a shirt here.

4:25: For the third straight season, Larry is averaging career-highs across the board. He discusses the keys to his development and how much more room he has to grow.

5:10: The aspects of his game that he’s focused on still improving.

5:45: How loaded the Lakers’ frontcourt is with Larry, Brook Lopez, Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma and others, and how that helps Larry improve because he gets to face so many skilled big men in practice.

6:35: The Lakers’ big win over their rival Boston Celtics, who have the best record in the Eastern Conference, and how L.A. can build off of that.

7:15: Larry expresses his interest in competing in the 2018 Slam Dunk Contest.

7:45: Recently, Larry surfaced in trade rumors. He discusses his reaction to seeing his name mentioned and how he deals with trade rumors in general.

8:45: Larry makes it clear that he wants to remain with the Lakers long-term.

9:45: Has anyone from the front office approached Larry to talk to him about the trade rumors?

10:50: Larry discusses Brandon Ingram‘s development, star potential and what he has seen from the sophomore forward behind the scenes.

11:40: How Kyle Kuzma has exceeded everyone’s expectations and become a huge difference-maker for the Lakers as a rookie.

12:55: What it’s been like to play with Lonzo Ball and what effect he’s had on the Lakers as a whole.

13:45: In the first eight games without Lonzo, the Lakers were 0-8. But they’ve now won three straight games with Ball still sidelined. Larry discusses what changed and allowed the team to turn things around.

14:20: Larry’s thoughts on LaVar Ball‘s comments about head coach Luke Walton and how the team responds when LaVar goes off like that. He also discusses how Lonzo handles his father’s antics.

17:10: Larry expresses his support for Coach Walton and shoots down any suggestion that he has “lost the locker room,” as LaVar said.

18:00: How much growth Larry has seen from Coach Walton from his first year as a head coach to now.

19:15: Larry reacts to the news that Lonzo Ball will be holding his first hip-hop concert in Lithuania this summer.

20:10: From year one to now, how much has Larry grown as a player and how much more comfortable is he on the court?

21:50: How much has Brook Lopez, who joined the team this season, helped Larry as he continues to develop?

23:10: When Larry was in fourth grade, he had a military pen pal named Bianca who was a huge Lakers fan, so they often discussed that in their letters. Fourteen years after they first corresponded, they reconnected and he hosted her at a Lakers game.

26:25: Larry describes what’s going through his mind when he’s driving to the rim and gearing up for a poster dunk.

28:00: Larry once posterized Brook Lopez, who’s now his teammate. He told a great story about how Brook brought it up when he first arrived in Los Angeles last summer.

29:15: Now that Larry has a reputation as a dunker, he says the crowd typically reacts as he’s driving in anticipation of a big slam.

31:30: Larry describes the coolest interactions he’s had as a Laker, including a surreal compliment from Vince Carter and props from Drake after a big dunk.

33:20: As a Laker fan favorite, your life changes. Larry describes what it’s like for him to go out and says that he’s stopped nearly every time he’s in public, but he doesn’t mind it because he loves the fans in L.A.

34:25: Larry describes what it’s like having Magic Johnson back with the franchise, how surreal it is being around him so often and how he’s helped the players.

35:25: Larry reacts to the rumors that the Lakers could be in the mix for LeBron James, Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins when they hit free agency his summer.

37:00: When there are so many rumors about potential star acquisitions and a focus on the future, what kind of effect does that have on the current team? Can it have a negative effect where guys are worried about their standing with the organization?

38:20: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having such a young team?

40:00: Who are the toughest big men to play against – offensively and defensively?

If you’re interested in learning more about Larry’s battle with Crohn’s Disease and the obstacles he overcame, check out this article.

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