Jeff Green on the Cavs' season, playing with LeBron James, Cleveland's trade deadline moves, 2012 open-heart surgery and more

Jeff Green on the Cavs' season, playing with LeBron James, Cleveland's trade deadline moves, 2012 open-heart surgery and more


Jeff Green on the Cavs' season, playing with LeBron James, Cleveland's trade deadline moves, 2012 open-heart surgery and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jeff Green. The two had a wide-ranging conversation; the topics and time-stamps are below.

1:35: Green discusses how his back is feeling and when he might return.

2:17: In January of 2012, Green needed open-heart surgery because he had an enlargement of the valve to his aorta. He believed his NBA career was over. He discusses how difficult that was, the subsequent physical therapy to get back on the court and how this experience changed his outlook on life.

5:00: Green explains how playing with LeBron James leads to a ton of media attention and how he has dealt with being under the microscope more than ever before. He says some things get blown out of proportion or are completely fabricated, which has been frustrating for him and his teammates.

8:25: While playing with LeBron means you’re under the microscope, it’s worth it considering how productive he is and how much better he makes all of his teammates. Green discusses the benefits of playing with LeBron.

9:40: How long can LeBron play in the NBA and continue to produce at this level? Green shares his thoughts based on what he’s seen behind the scenes.

11:45: The Cavaliers moved six players at the trade deadline and Green was understandably worried he might get dealt too. Green walks us through what the day of the deadline was like for him and the team.

14:30: Green discusses what trade-deadline acquisitions Larry Nance Jr., Jordan ClarksonRodney Hood and George Hill have brought to the Cavs in their first month with the team.

17:25: How often do people ask Green about LeBron’s upcoming free agency and how annoying does it get? Green also shares that he hopes fans and media let LeBron make whatever choice he wants.

19:08: Green has played with LeBron and Kevin Durant during his NBA career. He shares what it’s like playing with both guys, and breaks down their similarities and differences.

21:07: Green recently joined Roc Nation Sports. He discusses his experience there and whether he’s interacted with Jay Z.

23:05: For the first year of his NBA career, Green played for the Seattle SuperSonics. He shares his love of the city and the fan base, and says he really hopes that the city gets an NBA franchise again.

24:20: Green learned that the team would be relocating from Seattle to Oklahoma City halfway through his rookie year. He shares what it was like going through that transition at such a young age and the difficult process of changing cities.

25:15: Green was part of the Thunder’s core when they had Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Serge Ibaka. They were a tight-knit group that had excellent chemistry and they did everything together. Green looks back on this time fondly and says they created bonds that will never be broken.

27:15: Green has averaged double-figures in scoring in 9 of his 10 NBA seasons. Considering everything he’s gone through and how productive he’s been year after year, does he consider himself underrated?

29:43: Green explains why he’s content with the career he’s had and how he’s truly happy with his decade in the NBA. He talks about when he got to this point, when he stopped listening to critics and became completely satisfied with his career as well as his place in the league.

33:40: What has to go right for the Cavaliers to win the championship this year?

35:00: Cleveland is currently ranked No. 28 in defensive efficiency. Green discusses the team’s struggles on that end and what they need to do to improve defensively. He also talks about how much NBA offenses have changed over the last 10 years and how it’s made things much more difficult defensively.

36:40: Green lists the toughest scorers he has guarded throughout the course of his career as well as the toughest defenders he’s faced.

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