Nets' Joe Harris has shown he is much more than a spot-up shooter

Nets' Joe Harris has shown he is much more than a spot-up shooter


Nets' Joe Harris has shown he is much more than a spot-up shooter

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Brooklyn Nets forward Joe Harris, an upcoming free agent, scored 30 points against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.

Harris, 26, reached his career-high for scoring against his former team. As the regular season nears an end, teams around the league certainly took note of his dominant performance.

When looking at his offensive breakdown so far this season, it’s worth noting that Harris has averaged 1.11 points per possession. This currently ranks in the 91st percentile among all NBA players, per Synergy Sports.

It’s not far off from Cleveland’s Kyle Korver, who has thus far been the most efficient player on offense (1.21 PPP) among those who have had at least 500 possessions this season.

We broke down exactly where he has excelled on each play type during his contract year.

Spot-Up/Three-Point Shooting

Harris currently ranks in the 89th percentile for long distance accuracy, per Cleaning The Glass. He has certainly created a groove as an outside shooter.

The 26-year-old has found the most success on above the arc three-pointers. On these shots, Harris is shooting 111-of-252 (44.0 percent) — which ranks No. 3 overall among those with at least 125 non-corner field goal attempts.

Given his success on spot-up attempts last season, it’s no surprise he has continued to thrive there with the Nets. As a spot-up shooter, he is 94-of-200 (47.0 percent) — which is the fifth-best in the league among those with at least 200 possessions, per Synergy Sports.

No team in the Eastern Conference has run spot-up plays more often than Brooklyn (23.0 percent) so far this season. The Nets lead the NBA in total scoring on spot-ups, averaging 26.7 points per game.

Scoring on Handoffs/Off Screens

Watch the way that Harris was able to explode to the basket after a handoff from Spencer Dinwiddie last season.

Harris is currently averaging 1.07 PPP on handoffs — which ranks Top 10 (minimum: 75 possessions) this year. He has been used on this play type on 11.2 percent of plays for this season.

When receiving these from the dribble, he is shooting 25-of-49 (51.0 percent) for the Nets. Only two players who have had as many opportunities (Victor Oladipo and Lou Williams) have been more accurate.

He has averaged 1.06 PPP when he is shooting off screens, which also ranks Top 20 (minimum: 100 possessions) as well.

These are improvements for the 6-foot-6 wing, who averaged 0.91 PPP on both handoff plays and off screens last season.

Other Types of Scoring (Pick-And-Roll + Transition)

While this is not an area he is used very often, he has averaged 1.00 PPP as the ballhandler in a pick-and-roll offense. This ranks Top 20 (minimum: 45 possessions) on the season.

He has also found a lane for himself in transition while on the left wing — averaging 1.48 PPP. Only five players with as many opportunities (including Golden State’s Klay Thompson) have been more effective. It’s almost twice as effective as he was on these chances last season, which you can see below.

Harris has averaged 1.27 PPP overall while he is in transition, which ranks Top 20 (minimum: 100 possessions) this season. Last season, 200 players had 70 or more possessions in transition. His efficiency ranked 185th.

It’s unclear if the giant leap is sustainable but either way, expect Harris to earn a decent pay raise from his current $1.5M deal on his next deal.

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