My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching the Warriors-Rockets game

My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching the Warriors-Rockets game


My text-message conversation with Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie while watching the Warriors-Rockets game

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The 2017-18 season was a breakout one for Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie, who seized the opportunity opened up by injuries to Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell to establish himself as a legit lead guard in the NBA… becoming a candidate for Most Improved Player in the process.

Whether as a fringe NBA player or a starting-caliber point guard, Dinwiddie has always been good for a bunch of LOL’s with witty social media posts, so we invited again to comment a playoff game with us via text message.

Of course, we didn’t stick to sports.

Spencer, how excited are you about this game compared to your excitement level right before watching Infinity War?

SD: It definitely did. Obviously, it’s a two-part movie but to have the cliffhanger be the way it was where Thanos basically just drops the mic was super dope. It felt almost like a Thanos-twisted hero story than that of the classic heroes taking down a villain.

Do you think this series lives up to the hype? I’m concerned Warriors might make this boring because they are that good.

SD: It depends on James Harden. Nice three to start.

And block by Capela.

Do you think he’s the best player in the series? Harden, not Capela 🙃

SD: LOL, no. He’s the MVP but KD is the best player.


LOL, Draymond better chill. Harden didn’t do anything that time

It’s getting chippy early.

SD: That’s good. Let’s keep it interesting

Harden gotta play D for them to win.

Do you have any funny interaction with Draymond?

SD: LOL. Nah I don’t, he ain’t ever said anything to me.

I remember when you were in Detroit there was this talk the Pistons may have a shot at him in free agency.

SD: He’s better off with GSW. It’s perfect for him.

About Harden’s defense… Do you think all the heat he’s taken in the past about it was warranted?

SD: The reason guys like Harden catch more heat than guys like Curry is because it looks like Harden isn’t trying. Usually with humans, it has more to do with effort than execution. I also think Curry is a better defender than advertised. Not Pat Bev, but solid.

Green gets ejected from a game before the series is over: Yes or no?

This is definitely the start Houston wanted, though. Harden tired of people saying he folds late in the playoffs. He’s playing like an MVP.

Rockets can kill some bad reputations in this series. What about the CP3-can’t-get-it-done-in-the-playoffs narrative? He has crazy good playoff numbers, BTW. Like historically good.

SD: Don’t matter. If you don’t have results, people will degrade you. That’s why nobody says anything about MJ. Kobe won, but numbers weren’t always impressive. CP3 impressive numbers, but loses.

Very true. Kobe’s FG shooting percentages in the Finals were 😐

SD: Exactly.

Capela and Steven Adams are both that crucial piece, maybe even most-important-but-not-stars role.

Uh oh. What did Harden hurt?

Good, it’s nothing.

Hopefully. Can’t have another Kawhi situation this year 🙏


SD: LOL, you’re a little ahead. You said that right as he caught it. That dude is hilarious

Nick Young makes JR Smith look boring.

SD: LOL, side note: JR is one of the most talented players I’ve come across.

Let’s talk about your season a little bit. How many Most Improved Player votes do you get?

SD: Not nearly enough. Oladipo will win it, and had the best season out of all those I’ve seen in the running. But we’re talking about “improved.” A year to the day of my first game-winner this season (Cleveland), I was in the D-League. LOL. That means nobody wanted me. Every other candidate was either a lotto pick or projected to be a starter already. Nobody thought I was gonna play. I was behind JLin and DLo.

I remember our chat last season. You were like, “Man, my contract is not even guaranteed.” So quite a turnaround 12 months later.

SD: I had to play summer league last year!

I had forgotten that.

SD: Definitely, a hard summer of preparation and the opportunity. It was all a blessing.

So yeah, honestly I don’t even think it should be close but it is what it is.

Oldest player on the summer-league team at 24?

SD: I had to be close if I wasn’t LOL.

Do you think you put together such a fine season one or two years ago if given the same opportunity you enjoyed this year?

SD: To a certain extent, yeah. I didn’t just wake up and have talent, but I have also put in the constant work to improve. It’s the whole “if a tree falls in the woods” thing.

It’s raining threes 🗣

The basketball-was-better-in-the-past crowd must be so upset about that 🙃

SD: To all the salty OGs 🤦🏾‍♂️ It’s evolution, man. Picture Chuck guarding KD or Bron.

I feel bad for Chuck just thinking about it.

SD: Exactly.

I feel bad for PJ Tucker, who had to deal with LeBron and KD in back-to-back postseasons. Didn’t go too well last year.

SD: PJ Tucker (with more bounce) low-key might be Chuck’s best comparison 🤣

I was thinking the same thing. But didn’t want to come across as disrespectful to Barkley. Happy you dissed him for me 😅

SD: LMAO, it’s just reality, bro. PJ plays his role but is more skilled than he shows, great defender and decent corner three. Same body type too, just seemingly less athletic.

Think Marcus Morris will have more success than Tucker with Bron this year?

SD: I played with Mook. He’s a confident dude. Like he said, it takes a team, nobody really stops him 1-on-1. But he’s in the class of people that has the body type/athleticism/IQ that can make it difficult on him.

SD: But Harden playing like an MVP negates that.

Capela’s agent must be so happy. He’s making a ton of money this summer.


Does it suck a bit that you’re not a free agent this offseason after a 👌 year? You’d probably be looking at long-term security for the first time.

SD: Nah, it is what it is. I’m not worried about it. I didn’t get into this for money. I want to win and build a legacy. I have like 8-10 years left to do this at an extremely high level. I want eight championships and eight Finals MVPs.

Thanks for that headline.

SD: Haha, no problem. Money will come as it’s supposed to. It is nice to know I’ll have a job next year though, LOL.

CAPELA. Dunk then ripped Curry, LOL.

He’s DeAndre Jordan 2.0. He even has the bad free throw shooting down pat.

SD: I don’t know, I think DJ is a better rebounder and defensive coordinator, but Capela probably more talented.

Since we’re talking about rappers… I saw your tweets about Kanye. Care to talk a bit more about him and the slavery thing? Outrageousness for publicity alone?

SD: I’m hoping so. I don’t know the man. But judging from the music and what people have said, he is an extremely intelligent guy. It’s hard for me to believe he could be that misguided or callous.

I get what he’s saying in terms of numbers and unity but without effectively understanding context you may think things would be easier than they would’ve been.

So what are your plans for the rest of the offseason? Not having to play summer league opens up a ton of options, right?

SD: Work out, I told you. Eight Finals, bro.

Which cities?

SD: L.A. I try to get back home as much as possible. I love it here.

Workout partners?

SD: Nah, I usually work out by myself when I’m not with the team.

Thoughts on that?

SD: They’re right. Even right now, they’re playing great and down five because GSW finds easy buckets.

Yeah, looks like what Warriors are doing is more sustainable. Versus non-stop Harden heroics.

SD: Not to mention Rockets are at home.


Unfair how easy he scores the ball. Harden is as good a scorer as him, but with KD it looks effortless.

SD: Harden’s passing might make him a better offensive threat than KD, but he ain’t a better scorer. KD may be the best scorer ever.

Yeah. And that’s pretty good athleticism for a 34-year-old. #iggy He’s aging well.

SD: Yeah, playing less minutes makes it easier on your body. Not to mention he was a super athlete to begin with.

Rockets getting no stops.

SD: Curry said “anything you can do I can do better” LOL. The game is ending in front of our eyes.

I’m afraid.

SD: They’re going at Steph, but should go at Looney. Gotta get Capela to the dunker in case Draymond comes over. And get KD’s man somewhere away from the rim, probably in the slot to further decrease rim protection.

Poor Nenê. Never had a chance.

SD: EASY MONEY SNIPER 🗣 He’s 7-feet and moves like he’s 6-foot-4. We need a couple more Curry air balls so this can get interesting again.

You can tell he’s not at 100 percent. He’s helping his team, but this is nowhere near peak Curry.

SD: LOL, I just wanna see good b-ball. But yeah, we won’t see peak Curry until next year. But he’s plenty good enough to make GSW the juggernaut.

CP3 haters may have a field day. Was expecting a bit more. One quarter left, though.

SD: 15/6/2 with fourth quarter left. Could easily get 20/6/5. He’ll be OK. Just Harden has been so dominant it’s overshadowed him. But he’s been cool. They’ll need a lil’ explosion, though, if they’re gonna win.

They can feed off the home crowd for that, but I’m not optimistic. Except Draymond, all Warriors are shooting 50 percent or better. #stats

SD: That’s crazy. Everybody over 50 percent.

Klay with the quiet 20 points.

SD: Klay don’t care, LOL.

Think about the abundance of shooting, bro.


We agree whoever wins this series (probably Warriors) demolishes whoever comes out of the East, right?

SD: LOL, that’s a safe bet. Yeah, this is the Finals IMO.

That last stepback by JH was TOUGH.

Harden is going to get 40. Rockets probably wasting such a 🔥 performance. Has to be deflating. But that’s the Warriors.

SD: Yeah man, underrated aspect of the Warriors. When they’re locked in, their effort level is really high and they get all 50/50 balls. That’s how Klay hit that dagger.

Draymond is going to fall short of a triple-double because of low scoring… which never happens. What a glue guy.

SD: Which is why going to the Pistons wouldn’t make sense. He is absolutely perfect for this situation

Curry didn’t even play great. He’s getting some late buckets, but that’s gotta be discouraging as well.

True. Rockets can do better than this. But Warriors can ALSO do better than this. That’s the rough part for Houston.

SD: How much better can the Rockets do, though, besides the little things?

OK, this is over. Final question: Any progress on the Iron Man suit?

SD: LOL, not yet. I gotta win eight titles first.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for taking part in this again, Spencer.

SD: No problem, brother.

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