Former NBA agent Matt Babcock on his draft, free agency experiences

Former NBA agent Matt Babcock on his draft, free agency experiences


Former NBA agent Matt Babcock on his draft, free agency experiences

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by former NBA agent Matt Babcock, who is writing a series of articles for Sports Illustrated that give a behind-the-scenes look at the pre-draft process. Babcock opens up about the life of an agent, why he’s hoping to transition to a front-office job, his experiences navigating the pre-draft process and free-agency period as an agent and more. Time-stamps are below.

2:05: Babcock shares his background, including why he left the agent business and his goal of landing an NBA front-office job.

3:15: Why we’re seeing so many agents make the move to NBA front offices in recent years.

4:10: Babcock offers advice for anyone who’s looking to pursue a job as an NBA agent or executive.

5:50: The biggest misconceptions about agents or what the job entails.

7:00: How often agents have to travel, often on a whim.

8:30: How Babcock prepared his players for the team-interview portion of the NBA Draft Combine.

10:45: Babcock shares whether executives were open and honest with him leading up to the draft, considering front offices often send out smoke-screens and are so secretive.

12:40: How Babcock prepared for the free-agency process and what occurs behind the scenes leading up to July 1 and during pitch meetings.

16:25: Aside from the pre-draft process and negotiating contracts, Babcock explains an agent’s other responsibilities throughout the year.

17:45: Babcock walks through the different steps of signing a client.

19:35: Players can (and often do) fire their agent at any time. Babcock discusses how frustrating that is and how poaching by other agents is often a reason for that.

22:15: With stories of agents paying young players making headlines, Babcock shares how prevalent that is, how long it’s occured and what can be done to fix that issue.

29:10: With Babcock looking to get an NBA executive job, he discusses how much he’s learned from family members who have worked in NBA front offices for years (his father, Dave Babcock, and his uncles, Rob and Pete Babcock, have all been higher-ups in NBA front offices).

31:35: Babcock shares a crazy story from his time as an agent, in honor of this article compiling interesting behind-the-scenes stories from various agents.

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