Dominique Wilkins on being underrated, super-teams, today's NBA and more

Dominique Wilkins on being underrated, super-teams, today's NBA and more


Dominique Wilkins on being underrated, super-teams, today's NBA and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by NBA legend Dominique Wilkins. The Hall of Famer discussed his playing days, his legacy, why he feels underrated, today’s NBA stars, his off-court ventures and much more. Time-stamps are below.

:55: Dominique shares his favorite in-game dunks and the toughest players he ever played against.

2:12: With many of today’s fans declaring this era to be the best ever, Dominique weighs in on that debate and why he doesn’t like comparing different players or eras.

3:35: Dominique is known as one of the best dunkers ever, but he’s also one of the all-time great players in general. He discusses why he feels underrated and how it’s frustrating that he doesn’t get the credit he feels he deserves.

7:00: Not only is Dominique a Hall of Famer, he has his own statue outside of Philips Arena in Atlanta. He talks about what that means to him.

7:40: In today’s NBA, does Dominique think there are any players who resemble his game in some ways?

9:35: Dominique discusses his favorite current NBA players to watch.

10:15: Over the last 10-15 years, we’ve seen a number of super-teams form in the NBA. Dominique shares his thoughts on the emergence of super-teams.

11:00: In the mid-1980s, if Dominique had the opportunity to team up with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, would he have done it?

12:10: Dominique believes that AAU basketball is a big reason why superstars are teaming up today.

12:35: DeMarcus Cousins recently tweeted that Dominique’s amazing recovery from his Achilles injury in 1992 has been motivating him as he goes through his own rehab. Dominique shares how he was able to bounce back and have one of his best seasons after such a devastating injury.

14:00: Many of today’s NBA players show Dominique a lot of respect. He discusses what it means to get that recognition from today’s players.

15:00: In addition to being an executive for the Hawks, he’s also a television analyst during their games. He discusses his transition to broadcasting.

15:25: Dominique discusses the Hawks’ No. 3 pick in the 2018 NBA draft and what factors they should consider as they decide who to select.

16:10: As the Hawks try to turn things around, Dominique discusses what it takes to have a successful rebuild in the NBA.

16:50: Does Dominique feel he was robbed in the 1988 dunk contest when he lost to Michael Jordan?

17:30: Dominique discusses Two One Technology, his company that provides IT support and staff augmentation to tech companies.

19:40: Dominique is also the brand ambassador for KultureCity, which is a non-profit that raises awareness for autism.

20:25: Another way Dominique gives back is through his own line of suits and dress shoes at D&K Suit City because for every suit that’s sold, two meals are donated to a food bank. He discusses how this came about.

22:05: Dominique also gives many speeches to Fortune 500 companies, where he discusses having a “Hall of Fame mindset” off the court. He shares what that “Hall of Fame mindset” entails.

23:07: Dominique shares some players from his era who don’t get the recognition or respect that they deserve.

23:45: Dominique on how underrated Wilt Chamberlain is among today’s fans, discussing how great he was and what he had to deal with off the court.

25:05: The nickname “The Human Highlight Film” is one of the best in sports, but Dominique initially hated it. He shares how he got the nickname and how he grew to love it.

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