Kobe Bryant on post-NBA success, recruiting free agents for Lakers and more

Kobe Bryant on post-NBA success, recruiting free agents for Lakers and more


Kobe Bryant on post-NBA success, recruiting free agents for Lakers and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by one of the greatest players in NBA history, Kobe Bryant. They discussed Kobe’s impact on today’s NBA players, how he’ll help the Los Angeles Lakers recruit free agents this summer, his success since retiring from basketball and more. Time-stamps are below.

2:00: Kobe discusses his influence on this generation of players and what that impact means to him.

2:35: There are many epic stories about Kobe’s training. He names fellow players who have impressed him with their similarly intense work ethic.

3:30: Kobe talks about being able to sense when an opponent was intimidated by him. He also tells a story about how Mickael Gelabale was terrified of him during Lakers training camp one year because they had previously fought. (Gelabale didn’t make the team.)

4:33: Kobe retired in storybook fashion, but executives often contact retired stars to see if they’ll make a comeback. For instance, the 2007-08 Boston Celtics tried to sign Reggie Miller two years after he retired. Kobe says only one executive – Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors – has mentioned it (but Myers was mostly joking).

5:30: Kobe shares some of his goals and provides more information about upcoming projects he’s working on.

6:40: Kobe discusses whether he has any interest in joining Ice Cube’s BIG3 league at some point.

7:00: Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka was Kobe’s former agent and he’s the godfather to one of Kobe’s daughters. If Rob asked, what would Kobe be willing to do to help the Lakers land star free agents?

8:22: Kobe is asked: Why should LeBron James and/or Paul George sign with the Lakers?

9:40: Kobe says there are “a handful” of NBA players whom he’ll train with this summer.

10:10: There were some times throughout Kobe’s career when his future in Los Angeles was a bit up in the air. Did other players try to recruit him away from the Lakers during those moments of uncertainty?

11:00: Kobe has had so much success away from basketball, but does he ever envision himself returning to the NBA as an executive, coach, broadcaster or owner?

11:35: Kobe learned Bruce LeeJeet Kune Do (a form of martial arts), took tap-dancing lessons and studied how great white sharks and cheetah hunt their prey, then applied those things to basketball to improve his game. Kobe shares another unconventional thing he once did to improve his leadership.

13:40: A fan submitted the question: What are the pros and cons of being someone who’s obsessively hard-working and competitive? What advice would you give others who benefit/suffer from this same mentality?

14:45: Kobe was 100 percent ready to join the Chicago Bulls in 2007 when he requested a trade from the Lakers; his family was even looking at houses and schools in Chicago. How different would his career and life as a whole have been had that trade actually happened?

16:05: Kobe shares what he thinks would’ve happened if he and Shaquille O’Neal never split up. He also says he’ll take the 2000-01 Lakers over any team in history.

17:10: Kobe shares his thoughts on young Lakers including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. He also confirms that he may work out with Ingram this summer.

18:15: Kobe has become a mentor to many players. For example, Kyrie Irving talked to Kobe quite a bit as he was waiting for the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. Kobe shares why he mentors others and how often he talks to other athletes.

19:05: Kobe breaks down how an episode of his ESPN+ television show “Detail” comes together – from choosing which player he’ll highlight to finding the game film to providing the analysis.

20:53: Kobe previews what’s going to be in his book “The Mamba Mentality: How I Play” – which hits stores on October 23.

21:55: Kobe shares the people who have inspired him most, whether it was during his playing days or now.

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