NBA Mock Draft 2018: Point Guards

NBA Mock Draft 2018: Point Guards


NBA Mock Draft 2018: Point Guards



Point Guard / 6-2 / Oklahoma / Freshman
27.4 ppg, 8.7 apg

The Magic are clearly in the market for a point guard, and while Sexton is clearly the more athletic of the two, Young seems to have a better fit in today’s NBA. The Magic have been in need of a true franchise talent to build around. Trae Young fits the bill as one of the few players in this draft that has a chance to get to that level due to his offensive and playmaking potential.

Twitter: @TheTraeYoung
Comparison: Mike Bibby
Salary: $4,019,600*
Point Guard / 6-2 / Alabama / Freshman
19.2 ppg, 3.6 apg

The team’s star player Kemba Walker is now 28, and they seem to be stuck in late lotto purgatory with their current roster. Sexton has some of the same Walker gusto only in a bigger and more dynamic package. Another option could be Kentucky’s Kevin Knox or big man Robert Williams from Texas A&M.

Comparison: Eric Bledsoe
Salary: $2,788,800*
Point Guard / 6-6 / Kentucky / Freshman
14.4 ppg, 5.1 apg

Gilgeous-Alexander is a promising point guard who could be a nice building block for a team in a transitional phase. With their current roster, they can’t focus on filling needs and instead just adding young talent for the future. Lou Williams is 31 and hitting the twilight of his prime.

Twitter: @shaiglalex
Comparison: Dejounte Murray
Salary: $2,649,400*
Point Guard / 6-2 / Pau Orthez / 1997
13.8 ppg, 4.7 apg

Okobo is a bit of a wild card as he still will probably need time to round out his skill set, but shows solid potential with his athleticism and scoring ability. He would benefit by coming over right away and getting on an NBA strength and conditioning program. Indiana curiously only worked out a handful of projected first rounders, and Okobo was one of them. They could opt out of the pick for a more experienced player, or give Okobo a chance to develop behind Darren Collison.

Comparison: Rodrigue Beaubois
Salary: $1,579,600*
Point Guard / 6-1 / UCLA / Junior
20.3 ppg, 5.8 apg

Holiday’s green room invite would indicate that he should be selected higher than this. Some possibilities include Phoenix at 16 or Milwaukee at 17. Holiday would give the dynamic duo in Portland a solid complimentary backup and scoring off the bench. The expectations for Holiday may exceed his talent, as he projects more as a high level backup than a starter.

Comparison: Lindsey Hunter
Salary: $1,516,500*
Point Guard / 6-4 / Wichita State / Sophomore
14.9 ppg, 3.2 rpg

The Celtics are a stacked roster with a lot of depth and may end up looking to package this pick in a trade. Shamet plays a smart brand of basketball and shows the ability to knock down threes, two qualities that the Celtics are looking for in a draft pick. He may struggle to see the floor on a team that already has Kyrie Irving and battle-tested Terry Rozier, but he would certainly be able to develop being around them and practicing against them.

Twitter: @landryshamet
Comparison: Denzel Valentine
Salary: $1,367,000*

Key: (*) Standard salary for players selected with that pick in 2018-19.

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