Danny Green regrets not getting second opinion about undetected injury

Danny Green regrets not getting second opinion about undetected injury


Danny Green regrets not getting second opinion about undetected injury

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Toronto Raptors wing Danny Green provided some interesting details about an injury he suffered last season while on the San Antonio Spurs.

He recently opened up about the fact he played through an undetected groin tear for part of last season, which is particularly newsworthy considering the lack of trust that Kawhi Leonard had in San Antonio’s medical team.

Green spoke about how he suffered a strained groin last season in a game against the Boston Celtics on Dec. 8. (via Inside The Green Room):

“I strained my groin first half, probably the first or second quarter, trying to chase down and block a dunk … Got an MRI the next day, seen it was a slight strain and it would take a couple weeks to heal. So we do the rehab and everything we’re supposed to do and with a groin strain, it’s hard to tell between a groin strain and a sports hernia sometimes. It had some time to heal and [I could] play again. But certain days, they’d be bad days and some days, they’d be good.”

It’s unclear when the strain eventually became a tear (or if it was a tear all along). It’s worth mentioning that the wing was shooting 41.2 percent on all attempts, including 37.5 percent from three-point range before that game against the Celtics. After the injury, Green shot 37.0 percent from the field and 35.6 percent from beyond the arc.

While it could be regression to the mean, he was playing fewer minutes per game (28.4) compared to after (23.9) the injury as well. Even though he did continue to monitor the injury, he never checked the status of whether it was torn.

He clarified that he saw where his Toronto teammate, Leonard, was coming from desiring a second opinion because it couldn’t hurt to find out. Green did not blame the San Antonio training staff, but recognized that not everyone is a specialist on every different type of injury.

Green explained that his injury was actually a tear, though he didn’t know when it occurred. He didn’t know how long he had been playing with the tear and then offered more details:

“I thought maybe I should get a second opinion, but I didn’t want to because I had full faith and belief in the Spurs’ staff … We never went back to check on it again … End of the season, I had to get another MRI for exit physicals and a strain was found with a little tear.”

The NBA veteran was respectful, adding that the training staff did a great job and offered all they could to help. But he regrets not getting a second opinion and believes fans should not knock Leonard for obtaining another evaluation on his injury.

He knows that his own play fell apart as the season continued, but felt he was far too competitive to opt for more time on the bench.

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