Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talks all things Twitter and love of NBA

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talks all things Twitter and love of NBA


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talks all things Twitter and love of NBA

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Jack Dorsey, who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter as well as the founder and CEO of Square. Alex and Jack discussed the creation of Twitter, its meteoric rise, changes that may be coming to Twitter, Jack’s love of the NBA (especially the Golden State Warriors), whether he’d like to own a team someday and some issues Twitter is addressing. Time-stamps are below!

1:00: Dorsey discusses how he came up with the idea for Twitter back in 2001, and how he and his partners managed to launch the platform in 2006.

3:05: Twitter’s massive success was in large part due to the company monitoring users’ activity and tweaking things to match their habits, explains Dorsey. Users came up with hashtags, manual retweets and mentions – Twitter just noticed and went along with them.

4:20: Dorsey, who splits his time between Twitter and Square, shares what a typical day is like for him.

5:05: Dorsey shares advice for young entrepreneurs and people who want to work in tech.

6:45: Initially, Twitter was viewed as a really strange idea and investors didn’t get it. Dorsey talks about those early struggles and the importance of believing in your idea and finding someone else who sees your vision.

7:30: Dorsey shares two specific moments when it sunk in just how big and important Twitter had become.

10:20: Dorsey talks about his love of the NBA and his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors. He adds that watching how Steve Kerr and the Warriors operate taught him a lot and impacted how he runs his companies.

13:20: NBA Twitter has turned into a very fun and popular sub-community on Twitter. Dorsey talks about what makes NBA Twitter so special and how support from the league, its players and the media helped it become great.

14:45: Dorsey shares his favorite follow from the NBA Twitter community.

15:57: Twitter previously streamed NFL’s Thursday Night Football games. Is there a chance we’ll see Twitter broadcast more sporting events going forward? And does Twitter have interest in producing original content (like Facebook, Amazon and others have done)?

16:40: Dorsey is reportedly worth over $5 billion. With that kind of money and a love of the NBA, would he like to own a team someday?

17:00: Will Twitter ever add an edit button? Is it being considered?

17:45: Twitter recently suspended Alex Jones and his outlet (Infowars) due to harassment. Dorsey discusses how Twitter is cracking down on hate speech and harassment while promoting healthy conversations.

19:10: Twitter has become so influential politically. Both Democrats and Republicans are angry and want to silence the opposition, which puts Dorsey in a tough spot. He talks about being in that position, while also admitting that Twitter needs to do a better job explaining why certain decisions are made.

20:40: Dorsey is determined to break up echo chambers, so that people are introduced to new viewpoints and have healthier discussions.

21:05: Where will Twitter be 10 years from now? Dorsey shares his thoughts.

22:50: What are some changes we can expect to see from Twitter going forward?

24:12: Dorsey shares whom he looks up to and who influences him.

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