Cavaliers' Jordan Clarkson had best offseason, according to teammates

Cavaliers' Jordan Clarkson had best offseason, according to teammates


Cavaliers' Jordan Clarkson had best offseason, according to teammates

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Cleveland Cavaliers combo guard Jordan Clarkson is about to enter his fifth professional season in the NBA, which could be his best yet.

The 26-year-old completely revamped his diet and cut down his body fat percentage in the process.

Clarkson has played only two games thus far during the preseason, but it’s worth noting that currently leads all qualified players in Player Efficiency Rating. He has averaged 28.6 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.1 assists per 36 minutes while on the floor in the preseason. The sample size is a bit small, though, considering he took time off to rest.

According to Synergy Sports, Clarkson has thus far averaged 1.33 points per possession. This ranks Top 20 (minimum: 15 possessions) among players in the league.

Joe Vardon recently asked all of the players on Cleveland who had the best offseason (via The Athletic):

“All of this is to say, you can’t pick who among the Cavs had the best training camp based on the practice games. The practices themselves, inside those four walls at the team’s headquarters in Independence, Ohio, where not even us reporters can see, is where each of the 20 players in camp had the best and equal chance to prove himself. You’re wondering now, I’m sure, who was the best Cav in a camp that’s now over? Well, according to my survey of the players at camp, that man was Clarkson.”

Cleveland’s Kyle Korver told Vardon that the former Los Angeles Lakers guard has hardly been stopped during practice. Korver said that Clarkson has shined as a playmaker, not just with his scoring.

Clarkson’s assist percentage ranks Top 10 among all qualified players during the preseason, per RealGM. His new philosophy and willingness to distribute more to his teammates could lead to an exciting season for him and the Cavs.

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