Stephen Curry is as efficient on deep threes as the NBA average dunk

Stephen Curry is as efficient on deep threes as the NBA average dunk


Stephen Curry is as efficient on deep threes as the NBA average dunk

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Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is known for making extremely difficult, deep threes look very easy.

Tom Haberstroh wrote about this in his latest column, sharing a telling quote from Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks about the utter magnificence of the three-time NBA champion (via NBC Sports):

“Some of the shots that he was making, they were just, they were … you don’t see that. He’s a special player, special scorer, special shooter. I mean, he was taking 35-foot shots. It’s hard to double-team a guy that is that far out. And he makes them. He makes them like they’re layups. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

As noted by Haberstroh, Brooks was correct in his observation. The three-point line is 22 feet away from the basket on the corners and then 23.75 feet away from the basket above the arc. For context, the current league average among all players on three-pointers is 35.2 percent.

The Golden State star has made 17 attempts from at least 28 feet away from the basket so far this season. To no surprise, that’s as many as No. 2 (Kemba Walker) and No. 3 runner-ups (Trae Young) combined. And through nine games, Curry is shooting a shocking 60.7 percent on these attempts.

Multiply that by three and you’ve got someone who is averaging 1.82 points per attempt on long three-pointers. According to Haberstroh’s research, the current league average on dunks is also valued at 1.82 points per attempt.

But the volume is actually not a new trend for Curry, who was 50-for-104 (48.1 percent) from 28 feet and beyond during his first MVP season in 2015-16.  He connected on as many shots from this distance as the second-best and sixth-best deep shooters combined — while averaging 1.44 points per attempt.

The league average on three-pointers that season was 35.4 percent, which means a three-pointer was valued at 1.06 points per attempt. He essentially has his own version of the three-point line and he makes seemingly impossible shots with ease on a nightly basis.

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