What's next after the failed Suns-Grizzlies-Wizards trade? How will the players react?

What's next after the failed Suns-Grizzlies-Wizards trade? How will the players react?


What's next after the failed Suns-Grizzlies-Wizards trade? How will the players react?

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy and Frank Urbina discuss the botched three-team deal between the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards. The teams agreed upon a deal (involving Trevor Ariza, Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers among others), but it was cancelled when it was discovered that the Suns thought Dillon Brooks was included, but the Grizzlies thought they were discussing MarShon Brooks all along. Time-stamps are below!

1:40: How will the players who were involved in the failed trade respond? At best, things will be very awkward for everyone over the next few weeks. At worst, this could play out like the vetoed Chris Paul trade (where Lamar Odom‘s relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers was never the same).

2:52: Alex and Frank break down the exact terms of the agreed-upon deal, what led to it falling apart. and why Memphis was hesitant to include Dillon Brooks as opposed to MarShon Brooks.

4:00: Each front office is pointing the blame at someone else. Alex and Frank discuss how the misunderstanding likely occurred.

5:30: Which players could potentially be the most upset with the way this played out?

9:20: What happened behind-the-scenes will impact how the players respond. For example, a GM will sometimes tell a player not to worry about trade rumors, but then deal him anyway. If something like that occurred in this scenario, it’ll make things even more uncomfortable.

14:40: This was so hard to follow for NBA fans and media since the information kept changing every few minutes (and some reporters kept confusing Dillon and MarShon too).

17:15: This specific deal is dead (for now), but we’ll likely see these teams pop up in trade rumors again very soon. In fact, this situation could light a fire under other teams who have interest in Ariza or Oubre.

18:25: The Suns were reportedly adamant about not trading Ariza to the Lakers. Will that change?

21:35: Could we see these teams restart these talks considering how far along they got? Could Memphis reconsider their stance and decide giving up Dillon Brooks is worth it if they’re acquiring Oubre?

25:00: Ironically, the Wizards wanted to make this move because Ariza could help their locker room and be a low-maintenance, no-drama addition. Instead, they don’t get Ariza and they just added a whole lot of additional drama and tension to the locker room, which is the last thing they need.

26:20: Did the Suns dodge a bullet? Even if they were getting back Dillon Brooks, is that really the best offer they received for Ariza? This could be a blessing in disguise for Phoenix, especially if another team makes a renewed push for Ariza and possibly increases their offer.

32:10: Are Oubre’s days in Washington numbered?

40:19: Woj shared quotes from Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace stating that Memphis never mentioned Dillon Brooks and that they never even talked to Phoenix. Woj also reported that the Suns and Wizards have discussed a possible Ariza-for-Oubre deal, but teams like the the Lakers and Rockets have contacted Phoenix to make a renewed push for Ariza too.

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