What happens after NBA stars change agents?

What happens after NBA stars change agents?


What happens after NBA stars change agents?

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When Anthony Davis changed agents just prior to the 2018-19 season, people began to question if that meant anything regarding his future with the New Orleans Pelicans.

It probably didn’t help that the new agent he signed with, Rich Paul, also represents a certain four-time league MVP known as LeBron James, who is coincidentally now a member of a Los Angeles Lakers team looking for a second superstar to load their roster with.

Some believe that second superstar could end up being Davis, though there is nothing too concrete on that front… yet.

Nevertheless, HoopsHype decided to look back at the last few years to see if other big-name players who changed agents also ended up changing teams or demanding trades, or if they simply went about their business like nothing had changed.


In 2013, then-Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant switched agents, signing with Rich Kleiman. At that point, Durant was roughly halfway through a five-year, $89 million rookie max extension he had signed in 2010.

Of course, we know how that story unfolded. The next time Durant hit free agency in the summer of 2016, he spurned the Thunder and signed a two-year, $54.3 million the Golden State Warriors. And the rest is history.

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