Myles Turner on Pacers' success, Vic Oladipo's injury, DPOY love, disgruntled teammates and more

Myles Turner on Pacers' success, Vic Oladipo's injury, DPOY love, disgruntled teammates and more


Myles Turner on Pacers' success, Vic Oladipo's injury, DPOY love, disgruntled teammates and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner. They discuss Indy’s success, Victor Oladipo’s season-ending injury, Turner’s dominant defense, having a disgruntled star teammate who wants to be traded (as was the case with Paul George) and more. Time-stamps are below!

:25: The Pacers currently have the fourth-best record in the NBA. Turner discusses the team’s success and what’s worked well for them this season.

1:15: How does the team stay optimistic and enthusiastic after losing an All-Star like Oladipo to a season-ending injury?

2:00: Turner knows Oladipo well, and he believes the guard will attack his rehab and make a strong comeback.

2:45: With Oladipo down, is Turner ready to embrace a bigger role?

3:30: Before Oladipo had his season-ending injury, Turner witnessed the same thing happen to Paul George in Indiana. He discusses how it’s frustrating when the team isn’t able to play to their full potential.

4:30: As a player who has witnessed multiple teammates go down with serious injuries, how does Turner block those negative thoughts out?

5:10: Turner has been dominant defensively, leading the league in various stats on that end of the floor. He shares what allowed him to make such a big leap forward defensively.

7:10: When a player becomes a great shot-blocker, it becomes more difficult for them to accumulate blocks because offenses game-plan around them and stay out of the paint. Turner talks about this adjustment.

9:30: Turner isn’t just swatting the ball into the stands. He’s smart about his blocks, making sure the Pacers recover the ball and get out in transition immediately. He shares when he started focusing on this.

12:20: Advanced analytics paint Turner in a very positive light, but he admits he doesn’t rely on them much.

14:15: Turner discusses some of the opponents who give him the toughest time when he guards them.

15:00: Turner breaks down this recent dominant stretch from James Harden 

16:30: When Paul George was disgruntled and requested a trade from Indiana, Turner and his teammates went through something similar to what Anthony Davis‘ teammates in New Orleans are going through now. Turner shares what that was like and whether there was relief when the saga ended.

19:10: Domantas Sabonis is having an excellent season for the Pacers. Turner discusses his success and how matching up in practice can only help Indiana’s big men.

20:50: Not only does Turner protect the rim, he’s efficient on offensive and he can score out to the three-point line. He’s essentially a perfect big man for the modern NBA, and he credits his father for developing those skills.

22:10: Despite playing so well this year and sitting so high in the East, the Pacers continue to get overlooked. Does the team use this as motivation?

23:05: Some players like to read every NBA rumor and stay informed, whereas others like to block everything out. Turner shares his strategy.

24:10: Turner is extremely mature, and he credits this to his parents and how he was raised.

25:10: Turner was a five-star prospect in high school and he quickly became a household name. He discusses what that was like and all of the sacrifices a player of that caliber makes in order to keep their NBA dream alive.

28:00: After working so hard and making so many sacrifices, Turner shares what it felt like to take care of his family after making it to the NBA.

32:00: How good can Turner be if he maximizes his potential?

33:05: Turner talks about the support he’s received from fans in Indiana and what it means to be embraced by them.

34:30: Could Turner imagine himself remaining with the Pacers for the duration of his NBA career?

37:00: The Pacers are one of the top teams in the East, even though they have a lot of young talent. Turner talks about being part of this young, close-knit group.

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