Chris Haynes on 2019's big-name free agents, Anthony Davis' future and which stars may move next

Chris Haynes on 2019's big-name free agents, Anthony Davis' future and which stars may move next

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Chris Haynes on 2019's big-name free agents, Anthony Davis' future and which stars may move next

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. They discuss Chris’ new “Posted Up” podcast, his move to Yahoo, recent NBA trades, the latest info on the top 2019 free agents, what the future holds for Anthony Davis, which NBA stars may be on the move next and much more. Time-stamps are below.

:35: “Posted Up With Chris Haynes” is a new podcast where Chris gets NBA stars to open up about a wide variety of topics. He talks about entering the podcast space and what separates his show from others.

6:00: Last summer, Chris made the jump from ESPN to Yahoo Sports. He explains his decision to leave ESPN and his transition to Yahoo Sports.

9:15: Several top East teams recently made trades to bolster their roster, with the Toronto Raptors acquiring Marc Gasol, the Milwaukee Bucks adding Nikola Mirotic and the Philadelphia 76ers landing Tobias Harris. Chris discusses these deals and predicts which team will win the East.

11:20: Chris believes a lot of big-name free agents may change teams in July. “All of the [star free agents] could be on the move. Seriously. I think there’s going to be a lot of movement.” He breaks down the latest on Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson.

18:30: Where will Anthony Davis end up? Chris and Alex talk about where things stand now that the New Orleans Pelicans fired general manager Dell Demps and dissect some of Davis’ comments from All-Star Weekend.

26:05: Chris points out that there are many examples of NBA legends who are mocked because they never won a championship. Today’s players see that and, in the social-media era, feel a lot of pressure to secure at least one title in order to protect their legacy and avoid mockery.

28:45: Which team will Anthony Davis be on when the 2019-20 season tips off? Chris makes his prediction.

30:17: When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was on The HoopsHype Podcast, he was critical of Davis’ camp and said they “messed up” this trade request by making everything so public. Chris weighs in on this.

34:10: Chris and Alex discuss how the Los Angeles Lakers handled the negotiations with the Pelicans, the huge offer they made and whether they should put the same deal on the table for Davis this summer.

39:40: How much recruiting takes place during All-Star Weekend versus year-round? Chris and Alex discuss the conversations that players have throughout the course of the season and the fact that free-agency negotiations often start well before July 1, which NBA agents admitted in a recent HoopsHype article.

42:42: LeBron James has a lot of influence over his team’s front office and he is very involved in an agency founded by his best friend (Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports). But because he’s technically just a player, he can do things that executives and agents can’t (like meet with players from other teams and talk to amateur athletes). Is this something the NBA should address?

47:05: Which stars may be on the move next? Chris breaks down what the future holds for Bradley Beal, Mike Conley and Kawhi Leonard.

50:45: Rival executives are hoping Giannis Antetokounmpo requests a trade from the Milwaukee Bucks. Does that seem like a possibility or is he content in Milwaukee? Also, Chris and Alex also discuss how the social-media era may help small-market teams keep their stars.

This episode is sponsored by The No Chill Podcast, which is hosted by Gilbert Arenas and Mike Botticello. It’s a a raw, unfiltered, unpredictable podcast that breaks down all things NBA. Listen on Himalaya.

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