Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his legacy, today's NBA, Anthony Davis' trade demand and more

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his legacy, today's NBA, Anthony Davis' trade demand and more


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on his legacy, today's NBA, Anthony Davis' trade demand and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They discuss his amazing career, off-court endeavors (such as writing, acting and serving as a US Global Cultural Ambassador), today’s NBA, Anthony Davis‘ trade request, how current players view the game’s legends and more. Time-stamps are below!

1:30: Abdul-Jabbar has achieved so much throughout his life – on and off the court – but which of his accomplishments bring him the most pride?

2:30: In order to score an NBA-record 38,387 points, one must be incredibly consistent. Kareem dominated the league for 20 seasons and he discusses the keys to his consistency.

3:20: Abdul-Jabbar is a best-selling author who has written many books including Giant Steps, Becoming Kareem, Coach Wooden and Me, On the Shoulders of Giants and Brothers in Arms. He discusses his writing process.

4:05: Kareem has also written for television shows, such as the upcoming “Veronica Mars” reboot. He shares what it was like working in a writers’ room on a TV show and how it made him feel like a rookie again.

5:45: Abdul-Jabbar has also worked in front of the camera, acting in films such as “Airplane!” and “Game of Death” among others. He opens up about those experiences.

6:17: Does Kareem believe LeBron James (the No. 5 all-time leading scorer) or Kevin Durant (the No. 31 all-time leading scorer) will surpass his 38,387 points?

6:58: Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook was so difficult to defend, yet today’s players aren’t adding it to their arsenal. Kareem shares the one current player who picked his brain about the shot and wonders why more players don’t try it.

8:20: Kareem shares his thoughts on the style of play in today’s NBA and how the game has evolved.

10:01: Abdul-Jabbar points out that Oscar Robertson could shoot out to three-point range, arguing that Robertson would absolutely dominate if he played in today’s NBA.

11:05: Who are some of today’s players Abdul-Jabbar enjoys watching?

11:30: Anthony Davis’ trade request has made headlines recently. When Kareem was playing, he asked the Milwaukee Bucks to trade him. Abdul-Jabbar shares the differences between his situation and this one, explaining why he feels Davis’ camp mishandled this trade request.

12:50: The social-media era has affected how trade requests (like Davis’) play out. Kareem wonders how his career and life would’ve been different had social media that’s been around when he played.

13:25: What advice would Kareem give to a young player who wants to follow in his footsteps and have a long, productive professional career?

14:45: Abdul-Jabbar discusses the pros and cons of today’s NBA, and how he’d fare in the league today.

16:00: These days, transactions and rumors dominate NBA headlines – even more so than big games. Abdul-Jabbar discusses this shift in interest and whether it’s good for the league.

17:00: Kareem points out that when he has interacted with today’s players, they don’t have much knowledge or respect for retired legends who paved the way for them (with one notable exception being LeBron James).

19:00: Abdul-Jabbar has been an activist for years. Now, he’s excited to see other notable NBA stars standing up for what they believe in.

21:05: What did Kareem’s role as US Global Cultural Ambassador entail?

21:50: Abdul-Jabbar shares which season of his career was the most fun.

23:00: After playing until he was 41 years old, he shares the keys to his longevity.

23:30: Kareem is auctioning off many items, including some of his championship rings, the ball used to score his final NBA points and more. Check out the auctions at GoldinAuctions.com. Aportion of each purchase goes to his Skyhook Foundation, which funds educational opportunities for underserved youth.

25:50: Abdul-Jabbar reacts to the huge contracts that have been handed out around the NBA, such as Stephen Curry earning over $40 million next season.

27:00: With his size and how recognizable he is, Kareem gets stopped everywhere he goes. He talks about these interactions and how he handles them.

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