How much are NFL stars paid compared to NBA players?

How much are NFL stars paid compared to NBA players?


How much are NFL stars paid compared to NBA players?

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It’s no secret that NFL stars don’t get paid as well as their NBA counterparts. In the NBA, there are fewer players and significantly more games. And with no helmets, the league’s stars are extremely recognizable and marketable. Also, NBA players have fully-guaranteed contracts unlike NFL players due to differences in the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreements. To understand how big of a pay gap there is between the two leagues, HoopsHype looked at how much NFL stars make and found their NBA comparison.

Disclaimer: HoopsHype has access to NBA salaries, but it’s harder to find accurate NFL figures. These NFL salaries are according to Spotrac and we’ve only included the guaranteed portion of each contract. The NFL players listed below may earn more depending on their deal’s incentives and other factors.


Salary: $27,000,000, 5th in the NFL
Comparable NBA salary: DeMar DeRozan’s $27,739,975, 16th in the league

DeMar DeRozan has been a bona-fide All-Star for several years now, but he has never been selected to an All-NBA 1st Team and he’s not one of the league’s top-tier stars. Despite being 41 years old, Brady continues to produce as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and he just won his sixth Super Bowl. DeRozan is a solid player, but Brady is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of his sport. He could earn more than DeRozan depending on his incentives and how his deal is structured (and he obviously makes bank with endorsements), but he’s guaranteed less of his salary than the 29-year-old shooting guard. Also, consider this: Brady’s guaranteed salary is relatively close to what Otto Porter ($26,011,913) will earn this season.

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