These are the NBA draft early entries right now

These are the NBA draft early entries right now


These are the NBA draft early entries right now

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This is the time of year where players have to make a huge decision regarding their future. NBA prospects have until Sunday, April 21, to declare whether or not they want to go pro early and enter the 2019 draft.

All the players you would expect to declare have thrown their hat into the ring and done so already.

That includes Zion Williamson, who many expect to go first overall and has the biggest star potential in his class. He’s a once-in-a-generation athlete, he’s an absolute terror in transition and attacking the glass, and he fills the stat sheet all across the board, on both ends of the floor.

That also includes guys like Ja Morant and RJ Barrett, who have the upside to be multiple time All-Stars. To excel and reach their full potential, Morant needs to keep working on his jumper as well as on cutting down on turnovers while Barrett will need to land on a team that will surround him with better shooting than he had at Duke, which will open up driving lanes for him and unlock his playmaking prowess.

There are some prospects who are more on the fence about their future plans, but for the most part, those are the mid-to-late first-round-types. Pretty much every lottery-caliber prospect has already declared.

Of course, thanks to new rules, just because players have already declared for the draft doesn’t mean they’re locked into going pro. Players are now allowed to go through the draft process and still go back to school or back to their teams overseas if they don’t like what they’re hearing from NBA teams. NCAA players have until May 29 to pull out of the draft (that’s 10 days after the combine), while international players have until June 10 (10 days before the draft itself).

Below you can find all the information about which players have declared so far. It will be constantly updated all the way through the April 21 deadline.

Key: (AMD) Ranking in our aggregate mock draft; (NR) Not ranked.

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