Al Harrington: "During that 'We Believe' Warriors year, I promise you one of us could've gotten away with murder"

Al Harrington: "During that 'We Believe' Warriors year, I promise you one of us could've gotten away with murder"


Al Harrington: "During that 'We Believe' Warriors year, I promise you one of us could've gotten away with murder"

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by 16-year NBA veteran Al Harrington. They discuss his NBA career, the Finals match-up, Al’s experience with the “We Believe” Warriors, his CBD and cannabis businesses, his CBD study on retired NBA players and more. Time-stamps are below.

:30: Al talks about his offseason training at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas, including his workouts with Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry. He talks about getting to know Kawhi, on and off the court.

4:05: Al worked out with many different NBA players over the years. He discusses the hardest workers he ever trained alongside.

7:00: With the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors facing off in these NBA Finals, Al gives his thoughts on the series and predicts which team will win.

9:15: Al was on the “We Believe” Warriors and discusses his time in Golden State (before they became a super-team) and the incredible fan support. Al says that season was the most fun of his career.

11:20: Al averaged a career-high 20.6 points as a member of the New York Knicks. He talks about his experience in New York.

12:40: What are the biggest differences between playing for a big-market team and a small-market team?

14:00: Al talks about the NBA has changed in just a few years since he retired and how he’d fare in today’s league.

14:50: Al discusses his high-school-to-NBA transition and how he feels about the one-and-done rule nowadays.

17:30: RJ Hampton recently made headlines by signing with a National Basketball League team in New Zealand rather than playing college basketball. Al played a season in the NBL after retiring from the NBA, so he discusses how it’ll help Hampton’s development and what the competition is like.

19:15: Al has a number of businesses that produce CBD and cannabis products: Viola Extracts, Harrington Wellness and Butter Baby. He talks about how most people are more open-minded when it comes to cannabis and CBD these days and why he started these businesses.

20:50: Al named Viola Extracts after his grandmother. He convinced her to try cannabis to help with her health issues and it helped her a ton.

21:25: Al used CBD to recover from a handful of surgeries in his final NBA seasons. Now, he’s teaming up with NBA trainer Joe Abunassar and former Indiana Pacers orthopedic surgeon Sandy Kunkel on a study that tests the pain-relieving benefits of CBD cream on retired NBA players. Al discusses how this came together.

23:50: Al knows a lot of retired athletes who have had success using CBD and cannabis. He discusses his friends’ experiences with the products.

28:10: Since retiring from the NBA, Al’s had a lot of success with his CBD and cannabis businesses. He discusses how he managed to make a successful transition to the business world.

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