Jose Calderon discusses free agency, NBA career, future and more

Jose Calderon discusses free agency, NBA career, future and more


Jose Calderon discusses free agency, NBA career, future and more

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by 14-year NBA veteran Jose Calderon. They discuss Calderon’s NBA career, his free agency and what the future holds for him. Calderon also talks about Spain’s World Cup victory and the Toronto Raptors’ championship since he spent many years with both squads. Time-stamps are below!

1:20: Calderon shares what a typical day is like for him and what his training regimen looks like as he stays in shape for a potential 15th NBA season.

3:45: Many players don’t make it to 14 seasons in the league. Calderon discusses his keys to longevity in the NBA.

5:20: Calderon talks about how much the NBA has changed from the start of his career in 2003 to now.

6:10: Before suiting up in the NBA, Calderon played overseas for several years. He discusses his decision to enter the NBA and sign with the Toronto Raptors after going undrafted in 2003.

7:15: Calderon said he was thrilled to see the Raptors win the NBA title because he still has many friends working for the franchise and is close with some of their players.

8:10: Calderon talks about his experience playing in Toronto.

8:40: Spain’s national team – another squad that Calderon played on for many years – just won the World Cup. He discusses what it was like watching Spain win and how great it is to see so many countries fielding competitive teams.

10:50: Team USA had so many star players withdraw from the World Cup roster, which surprised Calderon.

12:20: In 2007-08, Calderon shot 50% from the field, 40% from three and 90% from the free-throw line, but he didn’t attempt enough free throws to officially join the 50-40-90 club. Still, it’s impressive. He discusses how difficult it was and whether he kept track of his numbers during the year.

14:20: Calderon is currently a free agent and provides an update on his situation.

15:30: If Calderon doesn’t get signed by the end of training camp, would he continue to wait for that NBA call or move on?

17:00: Calderon discusses what post-playing paths he may consider whenever his NBA career does come to an end.

18:20: If Calderon gets signed by a team, is he planning for this to be his last NBA season?

19:20: Many international players used to go back to Europe and finish their playing career there. Calderon admits that he would like to play a year or two in Spain and that he’d always planned to do that, but now he may not and he explains why.

20:35: Calderon discusses his non-basketball business endeavors.

21:25: Many players are forced to retire and they are upset when that time coes. Calderon discusses how he got the point where he’s able to be at peace with whatever happens.

25:15: Calderon knows what it’s like to go undrafted and then exceed expectations in the league. What advice would he give to fellow undrafted or overlooked players?

26:45: Calderon has always been a pass-first point guard and he discusses the older floor generals who influenced him. He also talks about which of today’s young point guards have impressed him the most.

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