Podcast: USA Today's Mark Medina on new-look Lakers, Clippers, Warriors

Podcast: USA Today's Mark Medina on new-look Lakers, Clippers, Warriors


Podcast: USA Today's Mark Medina on new-look Lakers, Clippers, Warriors

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On this episode of The HoopsHype Podcast, Alex Kennedy is joined by USA TODAY’s Mark Medina. They discuss how the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are fitting together and getting acclimated after undergoing many changes. Time-stamps are below!

2:05: Mark, who is based on Los Angeles, discusses what percentage of local fans support the Lakers versus the Clippers and what (if anything) the Clippers can do to close that gap a bit.

7:20: LeBron James shot down talk of Lakers-Clippers being a rivalry after the first game, but it does seem like this could become a pretty intense back-and-forth over the next few years.

9:25: Mark recently talked to Kawhi Leonard about what the Clippers did to bond and develop trust in each other early. He shares the Clippers’ approach to getting everyone on the same page and how it differs a bit from what other teams typically do.

12:50: Is it more difficult for players to bond with Kawhi and get acclimated around him because he’s so quiet and guarded? Or is it actually easier because he is so laid back and doesn’t have many prima-donna qualities?

15:30: Mark discusses the latest on Paul George’s recovery and how long it will likely take this Clippers team to get to full strength.

18:00: LeBron-led teams are very unique because there’s so much pressure to win and it sort of becomes a circus because everything is blown out of proportion. Mark talks about how the new Lakers are adjusting to LeBron and how certain players perform better in that environment.

21:40: Mark points out that LeBron rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way last season. Brandon Ingram recently opened up to USA TODAY, calling the New Orleans Pelicans “a better environment” and emphasized that “there are a lot of genuine people here.” Was that a subtle shot at LeBron?

25:10: Being a Laker comes with its own unique challenges. There’s an off-court adjustment that players must make on top of everything else because the Laker lifestyle is so different. Alex and Mark discuss what that’s like for players and how the new guys are handling the transition.

28:25: Anthony Davis got his wish by landing on the Lakers. How is he liking things in Los Angeles? And what can the Lakers do to ensure he’s happy and stays long-term?

33:00: With Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston and others gone or hurt, this Warriors team is very different. Has the perception of the Warriors changed among players?

36:00: Mark talks about whether D’Angelo Russell seems like he’ll remain with the Warriors for the long haul or if Golden State just added him so that they could use him as a trade chip when the time is right.

40.00: Stephen Curry is going to have the ball is in hands a ton with Durant gone and Thompson sidelined. Will we see Curry win his third Most Valuable Player award or does that seem like a long shot given how the Warriors plan to use him?

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