Remembering Kobe Bryant with his former Lakers teammate Mo Evans

Remembering Kobe Bryant with his former Lakers teammate Mo Evans


Remembering Kobe Bryant with his former Lakers teammate Mo Evans

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To look back on Kobe Bryant’s extraordinary life and legendary career, Alex Kennedy is joined by his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Mo Evans. Evans and Bryant were teammates for a year and a half, with Evans guarding Bryant in every practice. Evans discusses their time together on the Lakers, lessons he learned from Kobe, the impact that Kobe had on millions of people, how he’s processing this tragedy, Kobe’s growth as a person and much more. Time-stamps are below.

1:15: Evans shares how he learned about Kobe’s passing. Ironically, he was just ending a business call with a film company that had asked Evans to help them get in touch with Bryant about producing an upcoming project.

2:45: Evans shares his favorite memories of Kobe from their stint together on the Lakers and details what it was like playing with the legend.

6:38: There are many legendary stories about Kobe’s practices. Evans talks about being the person who guarded Kobe in every practice, and how it was an honor for him and allowed him to learn so much.

8:05: Evans talks about just how tough Kobe was to match-up against and how he was always able to elevate his game against other stars.

10:00: Kobe clearly impacted the lives of millions of people. Evans talks about why he resonated with so many people, including many he never met.

11:50: Evans talks about how traveling with Kobe was like being with a rock star and how sometimes he didn’t have a choice but to isolate himself from the world.

13:50: As Kobe got older, he seemed to let more people in, trust his teammates more and become more interested in various off-court endeavors. He also became a father, and his girls became the center of his universe. Evans talks about watching Kobe evolve as a person over the years and how his post-NBA success provides a blueprint for young players.

18:30: How would Evans like for Kobe to be remembered?

21:00: Evans shares lessons that he learned from Kobe on and off the court.

22:20: What are some misconceptions about Kobe or things that most fans would be surprised to learn?

28:00: Like Kobe, Evans is a 41-year-old father and he discusses how that has affected him as processes this tragedy.

30:50: Evans talks about Kobe’s legacy and how he’ll continue to impact the world for years to come, even though he’s no longer with us.

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