NBA Twitter the day Kobe Bryant died

NBA Twitter the day Kobe Bryant died

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NBA Twitter the day Kobe Bryant died

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TMZ broke the horrific news on a Sunday afternoon: Kobe Bryant, one of the finest basketball players in history, had died at age 41 along with his daughter Gianna and seven others in a helicopter crash.

Shock, denial, despair and immense sadness followed. Twitter was one of the platforms where that sequence of emotions was expressed more clearly.

Here’s what NBA players and media members tweeted that day. (It’s not an easy read).

I hope this isn’t true man!!! Not Kobe

Wow!!! 🤬🤬🤬 no no no!!

Please tell me this kobe news is fake please 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

There’s no way🤦🏽‍♂️💔

Please no. Please god no. It can’t be true.

This Kobe news can’t be real bruh

Kobe Bryant Has Died In A Helicopter Crash according to TMZ

Think ima really throw up

bro nahh ain’t no way…

No way. I have no words. No words. Please tell me this isn’t true.

Please don’t tell me this is true . Not Kobe

please let this not be true

This cannot be true. It just can’t. Kobe cannot be dead, not like this and not this soon.

This Shit Hit Different right now….

Plz tell me that’s not true

Every hooper around the world is hurting right now. Whether you played pro or, not! This one hurts to the core to hear 💔

I’m shook….. idk what to think right now

That’s not real bro

No…I’m at a loss for words. This is the absolute worst feeling

this can’t be trueee!!🙏🙏🙏

This shit can’t be real

This is the crash that reportedly included Kobe Bryant.

can’t be true NO😱 🤮🤮Kobe 💔💔

..No 🥺.. kobe tu no.. decirme que es mentira!!

Dag tomorrow really not promised to nobody….

RIP 8/24🧡🕊😔

Please say its not true, please say its fake news! 😢

Hell nah hell nah! Not Kobe!

This cannot be real.. no way no way

This can’t be real…. 💔

One of the greatest players of all time has passed away today 😔

This can’t be true …….


Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirms 5 dead in Calabasas helicopter crash. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was one of them, according to TMZ.

Nah man this cant be true

My heart hurts… this can’t be true

If the Kobe news is accurate, and I’m hoping it’s not, this is just not right. This will rock the world, not just the NBA world.

Nooooooooooo God please No!

No way. Just no way….

Lord tell me it’s not true plz plz plz tell me it’s fake.

This is not real right now

Not 8 😞😞🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I really don’t know what to say. I feel like crying. My sincerest prayers go out to Kobe’s family and the entire basketball world, which was also Kobe’s family.

Speechless 😔😔💔🕊

No no no please tell me this is not true. Not Kobe…. prayers to his wife, daughters and loved ones

With news breaking about the death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter accident in Southern California, the Spurs locker room has been closed to the media during pre-game. I can’t imagine what Pop, his staff, the players are experiencing. Pop spoke to reporters before the news broke.

Kobe Bryant is among those dead in a helicopter crash outside Los Angeles, a source confirms to ESPN.

Nah man🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Nooooooo cmon someone say it ain’t true… I’m sick to my stomach right now

🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♂️ RIP to a legend smh

This is the Biggest example that life isn’t promised to anybody…sad day😢
Prayers Up🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Can confirm legend Kobe Bryant has been tragically killed in an helicopter accident, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Nah This Not Funny.

This one hurts 😪 RIP Kobe

No no no… omg no please not be true 😭

Devastated for all those families. Last time I spoke with Kobe he was excited about the next chapter in his life with his girls.

Nahh this can’t be real man.. 😓

Gutted. Devastated for the families involved. Staring at my screen trying to comprehend this.

This is so shocking… I’m just stunned by this news. Truly an amazing competitor. #RIP

I’m in tears dawg fr 😢

RIP Kobe Bryant
• 5x Champ
• 2x Finals MVP
• 2008 MVP
• 18x All-Star
• 15x All-NBA
• 12x All-Defense
• 2x Scoring champ
• 1st in points, games, wins in Lakers history (regular season & playoffs)
• Only player with 2 numbers retired for the same team

Can also confirm Kobe Bryant has died. RIP

Unreal … Prayers to the Bryant family. To the world.

Every team has to retire 24

Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to religion in the NBA. Can’t believe it. Hands shaking as I type this

Rip to a legend man… #Mamba

BREAKING: #Lakers and #NBA great Kobe Bryant and others have died in a helicopter crash, per multiple reports including @wojespn. He was 41. Unbelievable and tragic news. #KSATsports #KSATnews #NBA

No not Kobe… this is unreal…

Heartbreaking. I still can’t believe it.

This can’t be true…

Don’t even know what to say 😢😢😭😭

this one hurt …

Ain’t no way bro. 😢

More then just basketball man he has 4 daughters… life is crazy. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Pray for his family

Rip Bean! This shit can’t be real!

Woj u so wrong for tweeting this… this is so so sad 😞 man… 💔#icantbelive #kobe4ever

Wowww! So unexpected … can’t even process it … just wow

Sad day for the basketball world!!

Never had the chance to meet Kobe but this one hits like it’s one of my own. bless his family man.

Enjoy every single day people, we are always too worried about things that are actually not that important. Life is precious and you never now when it’s gonna end.

All the Lessons
All the Advice
Every word you ever told me…
Will stick with me forever
Thank You Kobe🙏🏽❤️

Can’t believe this never got to meet you💔 I wear this 24 on my back because of you! I’m Sick!

No fucking way… no way, no way…….. No way……… No way……no way…… I love you Kobe…

Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant, dead at 41

Dry mouth. Pit in stomach. Wobbly knees. Hollow scrolling for about 20 minutes hoping the news will change. So sad.

Legend gone too soon…One of the most inspirational players of my lifetime and a person who’s dedication and drive can be translated to any part of life. Mamba mentality will live on forever and we’ll never forget…

I’ve never heard anything sound so unreal to me before. Hurts my heart😪

Nah I didn’t just wake up to this .

it feels like the only thing i can do right now is keep refreshing twitter

This one hurt right here, RIP To The Mamba🐍!

Regarding reported death of Kobe Bryant, Knicks-Nets will be tough to play tonight. Julius Randle former teammate.

Cancel the games today man

The Spurs locker room — every locker room around the league — is open after coach availability. It’s closed right now. The news has broken, and the look on everyone’s face out on the court says it all. This is devastating.

Such a sad day for basketball fans around the world. Kobe Bryant’s impact on basketball and the NBA will forever be felt. My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and four daughters. Such complete disbelief right now. This is when LIFE surpasses rivalries. RIP Kobe

There’s no way 🥺🐐

This one hurt! RIP legend ! Thank you for your legacy 🙏🏽 #kobe

I hope this isn’t true please don’t be true🙏🏾🙏🏾

Warriors were practicing when the news of Kobe Bryant’s death broke. They called off practice, canceled media availability. Like every emotionally rocked NBA franchise right now, a ton of people in the organization were connected to him in various ways.

Can’t believe this Kobe news! Life is so fragile!

This is devastating to not just his family but the world. My condolences to his family and loved ones. #ripkobe

The world is sick right now. #24

It feels like I’ve just lost a family member. This is how important he was for a game of basketball. RIP, Kobe #mambaout

No words. The news took my breath away. RIP Kobe.

Im really trying to hold back the tears right now. This hurts a lot. Like a whole lot. 😭

Peace and power to the Bryant family, and basketball lovers around the world. R.I.P @kobebryant 😢 #MambaMentality

NBA Soul Hurting 💔 #8 #24

Every game today needs to be canceled immediately. Life sucks. I’m sick

Kobe Bryant
Mamba, Vino, Laker, Legend

His final tweet. Feels like a punch in the stomach.

Words can’t describe the heartbreak. Kobe was one of the greatest players and winners in history. He has four beautiful daughters and a wife who all need him. This is so senseless and sad. Don’t even know what to do or how to feel. Totally gutted. Life is so precious.

The Daughters Too?!? This can’t be real…

Man I don’t even know where to start😭😭 I started playing ball because of KOBE after watching the 2010 finals. I had never watched ball before that and that finals was the turning point of my life. I WANTED TO BE LIKE KOBE. I’m so FREAKING SAD right now!!!!

Prayers to his family and all the families affected.. This hurt my heart.

Like many of the NBA’s current generation, the Thunder cut their teeth against Kobe Bryant. The Thunder’s first playoff series was against the eventual champion 2010 Lakers. He was a measuring stick and mentor for Westbrook, Durant and Harden.

Hug the people you love. Enjoy the life you have while you have it.

Can’t believe it… Twitter is the wrong forum for days like this but man…

Spurs struggling to come to grips with the devastating news about Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is dead. This was his last tweet yesterday. Game has lost a great one. So, so sad.

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant has passed away at the age of 41.

Hats off to the guys playing today.
Hard to imagine anything that would bring more collective pain to the NBA family than this.

Kobe Bryant’s death is a reminder that each day life is precious and not to be taken for granted. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those who lost their lives in the helicopter crash today 🙏🏼

I don’t know who needs to hear it but ,tell that person how you feel! Tell them you love em 🖤

RIP to an ICON!!!🙏🏾 Just devastating

How many people are doing what they are doing because of Kobe?
We could argue all day about his standing among the all-time greats. but who turned more people into basketball fans than Kobe?
Only MJ.

It seriously does not look like the Houston Rockets have ANY desire to be playing basketball today. They walked out from the locker room and are walking through warmups.
Nuggets look out of it too.
This just does not feel right to be playing a game at the Pepsi Center today.

Was his family on the plane? I’m hearin all different types of stuff rightnow

jus waking up in australia…🤧 mannnn this hurts a lot and don’t even feel real sending prayers and love out to everybody rn and if u reading this i miss/love you life is way to short not too 🤞🏼💕 R.I.P kobe #FOREVER24

Prayers up 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


Heartbreaking that this was last night.

Kobe Bryant’s final playoff game was March 21, 2012, in Oklahoma City.

Wake up everyday with a smile on your face. Never know when our time is coming. Real shit. Live life to the fullest. 🖤

A very emotional Austin Rivers was just shown on NBATV. Absolutely gut-wrenching league-wide.

I pray the other passengers were not family 🙏🏽

RIP KOBE 😥😥😥 I can’t believe this is true. I’m at a loss for words 😥

dropped phone out of my hand when picked it up and saw this. just cannot believe it. how insanely sad. 😢

you wit me tonight my guy 🥺
24 🐍 x 12 😴 @kobebryant

Absolutely devastated by the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant. We will all remember where we were and how we felt when we heard the news. One of the saddest days in sports history. Praying for his family and hugging my loved ones even tighter today.

This can’t be real 😭. We lost a legend The only time I got to go against you in my career. Thank you mamba

I’ll never forget how Kobe always gushed about Russ, KD & Harden in the early OKC days.
And how he specifically saw the Mamba blood in Russ.
Kobe compliments were hard to earn because his bar was so high. True honor to earn his respect.
I pray for his family. RIP to a legend.

Mannnnnn I’m sick right now. Cant believe what I’m hearing. Losing a ICON like this is tough. Kobe RIP

Such a sad day. RIP to a legend. He was an inspiration to so many including myself. Prayers to his loved ones right now. #mamba

Pepsi Center holding a moment of silence for Bryant. A few fans chanting “Kobe!” This still doesn’t feel real

Despite rumors about cancellations, a Grizzlies source says team has not heard anything about tonight’s game being cancelled. That is not definitive. But that’s the info at this moment.

The Nuggets observe a moment of silence prior to the #Rockets game.

I’m trying to process but I just can’t man💔

Devastated to hear the news about @kobebryant. He was the best to ever do it. Praying for the Bryant family during this difficult time. Your legacy will live forever, you inspired and transformed a lot of us 😢😥😔

The Pepsi Center broke into chants of “Kobe, Kobe!” after the moment of silence in memory of his life..

I’m sick to my stomach right now . All I ever wanted to be was just like you , nobody else 😫 somebody wake me up from this dream , I wanted to play in front of you so i could show you what you did for me. Man. RIP.💔

And regular-season road game. One of my favorite stories I’ve ever done was talking to fans who were flocking to OKC for that game:

Speechless on this plane ride home! A sad day bruh! RIP Kobe Bean Bryant! Prayers go to his family and loved ones 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 This doesn’t even feel real man..

Tyson Chandler clearly heartbroken. Not sure how these players are able to focus on the game. #Rockets

I’m numb and in tears. All I know about being relentless and never to give up, I learned it all from you, Kobe.

TMZ reporting that “reps for Kobe” have confirmed his 13 year old daughter GiGi was on board the helicopter 😔🙏🏼

NOOOO MAN!!!! Not his daughter 😥 i’m sick to my stomach.

There are no signs at all the game will be cancelled. Everything is proceeded as normal.

I want to sincerely apologize to all the Indiana’s fans and players for how I acted at the end of the game. I let my emotions get the best of me and it won’t happen again. I have nothing but respect for all Indiana’s fans and players. Please forgive me and I wish you all the best

The Spurs just entered the court for their pregame layup line. DeMar DeRozan is not among them.
Would not be surprised if he was allowed to sit this one out.

I’m still in complete shock & don’t know what to say. Your respect meant everything to me. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for the memories, thank you for the support. Love you Kobe. My ❤️ is with your family #RIP

Still in shock, thank you for everything you did for the game and so many others #RIPMAMBA 🙏🏼

Most people will remember you for your tenacity, all your unreal feats, and being the Black Mamba. But I’ll always remember you for taking time out your day when you seen me to ask how I was doing and how my mother…

Rip @kobebryant 😔 doesn’t feel real…. my heart goes out to his family and loved ones 🦋

No words. Rest in peace #KobeBryant

Rifling through all my conversations and interactions with Kobe over the years and thinking I’ll never have another one is impossible to accept right now. RIP, my friend. #KobeBryant

We always wondered “what would Twitter have been like when that thing happened”
Now we know.
Max & I will reminisce about our time with Kobe someday.
But this I know, he truly believed he had more to give in the second half of his life than the first.
An unspeakable loss.

This is truly beyond devastating. Praying for Vanessa and the family. Such a massive loss we’re all suffering through.

My wife spent this time with Kobe two months ago.

Sources: Kobe Bryant was on his way to a travel basketball game with his daughter Gianna when the helicopter crashed. Those aboard the helicopter also included another player and parent.

UPDATE: DeMar came out to the court following both national anthems. He is on the floor presently.

No matter how many reports I’ve seen and read confirming this … it just doesn’t seem real. Sad, sad day in the #NBA.

The tragedy of this is unbelievable.

A truly tragic day for which I am struggling to process let alone find the words. So I’m just going to share statements and quotes from others.
Here’s Ted Leonis:

I started because of you…. thank you Kobe. 🙏🏾

Beyond devastated… my big brother… I can’t, I just can’t believe it

I am beyond shocked that any NBA game is taking place right now. For the sake of the players who have to take the court, think this through right now @NBA #RIPMAMBA

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 this is so sad! RIP💔💔💔


…This S*** can’t be real… this the first moment I was able to meet Gianna Maria, she’s been to only 3 games this year… 2 of them were mine… She told me I was her favorite player to watch🙏🏽 I can’t believe this😢😭
Rest Easy Gigi❤️

Heart is absolutely broken for Kobe Bryant’s family. Hug your loved ones today. #RIPkobe 💔

Heartbroken for Kobe’s family, teammates, friends. Praying for wife & daughters (won’t report what’s Not confirmed). Reax I’ve heard from people who don’t like sports, shows depth & reach of Kobe’s impact on so many lives. This moment w his daughter was DAYS ago. Life is fragile.

Condolences to his wife and beautiful family. 🙏🏽

Spurs are observing a moment of silence for Kobe Bryant.

Kobe was obviously an incredible ambassador for the game of basketball, but he was also an amazing ambassador for being a dad. In his post career he was so present and invested in his daughters and I always found that so inspiring.

The last image many have of Kobe is him sitting courtyard with Gigi, showing her off and taking photos of her with other celebrities. Just an awful day.

I can’t imagine what Tim Duncan is going through after all those epic clashes with Kobe, All-Star Games, league functions, etc. Plus, the looming Hall of Fame induction.

The transition from the Kobe moment of silence at the AT&T Center to the announcement of starting lineups was surreal. Sort of can’t believe the NBA didn’t call this off.

Rest In Peace Kobe. Much respect to him and his family. 🙏🏽

Some seem Bigger than Life, but none are. RIP Kobe Bryant.

Rudy Gay just put his arm on DeMar DeRozan’s shoulder and patted him on the head before DeMar took the court. Tough, tough time for DeMar being an LA guy. I bet he’s grateful to have a good friend like Rudy next to him for this one.

#Spurs hold moment of silence for Kobe Bryant inside AT&T Center prior to tipoff of today’s game against #Raptors. Everyone is in a state of shock. #KSATsports #KSATnews #NBA

Raptors take a 24-second violation after winning the tip, in honor of No. 24. Entire arena applauds. “Kobe!” chants break out.

Spurs do it too. Now it’s a standing ovation.

Raptors win tip, both teams let 24-second shot clock expire in honor of Kobe Bryant’s number.

In an obvious tribute to Kobe Bryant, Fred VanVleet opened the game by holding the ball after passing halfcourt for a 24-second violation. Dejounte Murray is now doing the same for the Spurs. All of this going on as the fans rise, applaud and chant Kobe.

Classy move by Raptors to let 24 seconds shot clock expire.
Respect for fans to cheer for Kobe as MVP.
Spurs return form.

The best thing NBA players can do today to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant is play their behinds off, as he did.

Spurs and Raptors both commit 24-second violations as the crowd chants “Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…”

Raptors and Spurs both took 24-second shot clock violations to start the game in honor of Kobe.

The arena couldn’t be more quieter while referee Kevin Culter holds the ball the ball in front of press row for 24 seconds before handing it to Marc Gasol to inbound.

Kobe’s influence transcends far beyond basketball; he inspired football players, soccer players, ballerinas…He embodied a confident attitude and competitive spirit that changed so many athletes, and thus all of sports. There is, and will be, no one like him.

First the Raptors and then the Spurs let the shot clock run out in honour of Kobe Bryant. Gasol needs a little more time to compose himself before he inbounds the ball to get the game going for real.

I’m so sad right now! Not Kobe and Gigi! This is so tragic! Tomorrow isn’t promised by any means! One of the many reasons why I kiss and hug my wife and kids everyday I’m home and before walking out the door. #RIPKobeBryant

#Spurs and #Raptors both allow 24-second shot clock to expire in honor of Kobe Bryant. The #Lakers legend wore No. 24 for part of his career with LA. Kobe’s No. 8 was also retired by the franchise. #KSATsports #KSATnews #NBA #RIPKobeBryant

Thoughts are with Kobe’s family in light of this tragic loss. His parents, Joe and Pam were close friends back in early Clipper years in San Diego. I held 1 year old Kobe on my lap in 1979. His life transended sport. It hardly seems real.

Fascinating and appropriate tribute to Kobe Bryant at the Raptors-Spurs game today. Each team began with a 24-second violation.


The NBA has sent email to its employees confirming the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, @TheAthletic @Stadium has been told.

An absolute honor.. Rest In Peace Mamba

This was Kobe and his daughter Gigi last month in Brooklyn for Nets vs Hawks. Incredibly sad.

If that’s what you took from what I wrote, you got it wrong. That you felt the need to attempt to make me feel even worse at a time like this, man, I can’t begin to imagine what would inspire that. Just do me a favor: unfollow me. Please.

I just lost my basketball father, there is no one that has impacted my game more than you Kobe… so sad and tragic. #restinpeace #8 #24

I counseled scores of players on the days they played Kobe. No player demanded more focus, more prep, more attention, than he did. On both ends, for many years. And here is the scariest thing-he prepared just as hard for each matchup it seemed.

Alvin Gentry: “The minute we found out in the locker room, you could just tell. All the energy went completely out of the locker room.”

Interim Knicks coach Mike Miller made a statement about Kobe Bryant and didn’t take questions ahead of the Knicks game against the Nets: “He was not only a basketball icon, but a global icon and someone many in our locker room hold in high regard.”

Tragic tragic day, sending prayers to the Bryant family. Also praying for all the families involved. God Bless

Gentry said his memory of Kobe is from his last game in New Orleans, when he took time to sign every last piece of memorabilia, for everyone from coaches to ushers.

Praying for the Bryant family! Can’t imagine what they are going through now… Rest in Peace Kobe and Gigi… 💔💔💔

Coach Mike Miller says Knicks organization “is in mourning” over Kobe tragedy and adds “many in our locker room hold in high regard”. Hearing about tears in Knicks locker room. Again, NBA has closed locker room access pregame.

Alvin Gentry said he remembered Kobe staying in the locker room after his final game in New Orleans and signing every piece of memorabilia that came his way. “That’s the side of him people didn’t see.”

The Blazers have announced that locker rooms will be closed before tipoff and there will be no pregame player availability for tonight’s game vs. the Pacers.
But the game will be played as scheduled.

RIP to Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and those involved in helicopter accident. Tragic.

Pelicans’ Alvin Gentry on the passing of Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: “The minute we found out, you could tell all the energy went out of the locker room… There’s basketball but there’s also life, and this is real life.”

“ I drop 40 on ya double , then I drop 81 on another team”

No words 🥺💔 #MambaForever #Legend


Pelicans’ Alvin Gentry on memory of Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: “The last game he was here he stood right there in that locker room and signed every piece of memorabilia. That’s the side of him that people didn’t see. I took a picture with him because I really wanted to have that.”

Incredible, sad, poignant, powerful, overwhelming — all the feelings of this day wrapped into this moment

This was the #Spurs tribute video to Kobe Bryant before his last game in San Antonio in 2016. Truly a respect and admiration from Tim, Tony, Manu and Coach Pop. The words at the end of the video from Pop make today’s news just that much more tragic.

Will never forget I got to share this moment with Kobe after his last game when he scored 60. RIP. 🙏🏿

For those of you asking about the status of Knicks Nets game tonight, we are respectfully proceeding here at the Garden, with tip at 6p. Mood is somber.

Man its gonna be hard tonight

Words can’t express the emotions behind this. I pray for comfort and strength of the families affected by this tragedy. #RIPKobe

Brad Stevens,fighting back tears, on Kobe: “My favorite part had been watching him transition to a dad and a coach.”

Rest In Peace Kobe. A true legend. Thoughts and prayers to his loved ones. #kobebryant

The @TheNBPA released the following on the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant.

Celtics’ Brad Stevens on Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: “One of the guys who broke the hearts of the Celtics more than anyone who has played. In his last year, our guys were all sneaking around getting his shoes signed. I know a lot of our staff did too. It’s so sad.”

Nets coach Kenny Atkinson, holding back tears, makes a statement on Kobe Bryant: “As an organization we are devastated, our players are devastated… it is just a tough time for the NBA and for all of us. That’s really all I have to say.”

ALL NBA teams should retire the numbers 8 AND 24

Kyrie Irving is out for personal reasons. Should be noted he was very close with Kobe. #nets #knicks #nba

Nets’ Kyrie Irving will miss Sunday’s game against New York due to personal reasons. Irving and Kobe Bryant shared a close friendship.

Doc Rivers, fighting back tears in his pregame press conference: “I’m just really, really sad.”

Celtics’ Brad Stevens on Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: “Most of the guys in this league, the way I’d describe it… Kobe is their Jordan. We won’t say anything about the game [tonight], we’ll just talk about why the game matters.”

You were one of the biggest influences on me and so many others. From your hard work, to your swag, your mindset made you BIGGER than basketball. Unbelievable loss. My condolences to you and your beautiful family.
#mambamentality #MambaForever

Brad Stevens on Kobe Bryant’s passing:
“Most of the guys in the league, the way that I describe it being a 43-year-old is, Kobe is their Jordan. So we’re not going to say anything about the game, we’ll just talk about why the game matters.”

At L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles. People are putting flower against a fence that faces Staples Center, but many are wandering or just standing still looking up at the screens.

Kyrie Irving (personal reasons) will not play in Sunday’s against the Knicks, the team said. As part of Atkinson’s pregame statement, the coach mentioned Irving and Kobe Bryant were extremely close and the team’s thoughts are with Irving as well.

Celtics’ Brad Stevens on Lakers’ Kobe Bryant: “His dad recruited my best friend in high school. Kobe was playing open gym. My best friend came back and said, ‘I just played with the best 16-year-old I ever saw.’ He was right.”

The Lakers are going to land in Los Angeles soon, and found out about Kobe Bryant’s death during their flight back from Philadelphia. They were and are devastated and in shock.

#Rockets Assistant Coach Brett Gunning: “A lot of our guys had a great relationship with Kobe. I don’t even know how they’re doing it. Obviously we have a game to be played and they’re doing a heck of a job.”

prayers to his family 🙏🏿 #ripKobe

Kobe Forever
Mamba ForLife🙏🏾❤️


Brad: “Super sad. Ultimate competitor, great for the game, loved the game. My favorite part has been watching him transition as a dad to a coach and those type of things. So, really hard.”

Just an incredibly difficult day. Processing the shock of losing Kobe Bryant while trying to do an NBA game. Surreal, numb…. Another reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised. Tell those you love that you love them.

“KO-BE! KO-BE!” chant breaks out.

Monty Williams gave this statement during his pregame availability: “Obviously, today is a really tough day for a lot of people, and basketball is not really that important. On behalf of the league and the Suns and our players, our thoughts and prayers are with Kobe’s family…

Doc on Kobe: “He means a lot to me, obviously. He was such a great opponent. It’s what you want in sports. He had that DNA that very few athletes can ever have — the Tiger Woods’ and the Michael Jordan’s.”

The @NBA needs a new logo #24

Doc: “Looking at my young players and seeing how emotional they are. They didn’t even know [Kobe] and it just tells you how far his reach was.”

Words are tough to find right now. Truly heart broken and praying for each family involved. It was an honor to compete against you.

Kobe you were more than basketball. You were the greatest gladiator I have ever seen. Greatness personified. So much more knowledge to give. But enough to last me this lifetime. ❤️ Love

This isn’t right……..

Doc: “This is a great loss for the league. I thought he had so much more left to do. And he was starting to do it. I’ve never seen him happier.”

#Wizards Coach Scott Brooks on Kobe Bryant.
“It’s a tough day for everybody. He’s obviously one of the great sport legends of any sport. I pray for his family, his friends and all the fans across the world. It’s tough.”

I don’t know what DeRozan said to earn a technical there, but I’d cut him a break today. All players, really.

And to think I have a baby boy coming soon…. I can’t imagine man

This news today was gut wrenching. @kobebryant you were our Jordan of our generation. Thank you for the memories and for all that you instilled in today’s game. R.I.P. To you and everyone else involved today. Prayers to your wife and your family and kids.. #MambaForever

Doc “There’s times you should feel — you just feel sad, and this is one of them. And you know you have to get through it, we will, we all will. We all have to be strong. We laughed and joked about the Mamba Mentality, we’re all going to need it right now.”

Kobe Bryant
6-6 212 SG Los Angeles Lakers
Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers (4/13/16)
60 PTS 4 REB 4 AST

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji’un @kobebryant

Kyrie Irving was close with Kobe Bryant and will not play today against the Knicks. He arrived at MSG but left.

Doc: “I think everybody right now is a Laker fan. We’re all Lakers today. You feel for that community. For Jeanie [Buss] and everyone else.”

I always will remember Kobe’s last game in Milwaukee came the night of Giannis’ first triple-double in February 2016. Former Bucks coach Jason Kidd made sure Giannis got some private time with Kobe after the game at the Bradley Center.

That moment on draft night feels as if it happened hours ago. It’s simply a blink. What actually happened hours ago is so incredibly heartbreaking and surreal. Praying God’s hand of comfort over the Bryant family.

very few people actually transcend the word “iconic” and you are one of them. you will be missed #8 #24

I was thrown in the fire since day one of my rookie year. Toughest task of my career. Learned a lot. Thanks for what you instilled in me the drive, toughness the will to compete every possession. These times will never be forgotten Thanks #MambaForever #RIPMAMBA

It’s just so hard to comprehend the sudden death of Kobe Bryant. I just talked to him less than a month ago when the @dallasmavs were in Los Angeles. He was a great young man. Please pray for his family. RIP

Whatever it was you did, football, basketball, soccer, acting, whatever. Kobe inspired you to be better…

NBA commissioner Adam Silver statement on sudden death of Kobe Bryant.

Kevin Knox has a 17-year-old brother named after Kobe Bryant. He was an idol to a lot of these players.

Statement from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the death of Kobe Bryant:

Statement from NBA commissioner Adam Silver:

Statement from Nike (1/2):
“Along with millions of athletes and fans throughout the world, we are devastated by today’s tragic news.
We extend our deepest sympathies to those closest to Kobe, especially his family and friends…”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver released this statement. “For 20 seasons, Kobe showed us what is possible when remarkable talent blends with an absolute devotion to winning. He was one of the most extraordinary players in the history of our game.”

MSG ceiling is lit up in purple and gold

Garden’s exterior being lit up in purple and gold to honor Kobe Bryant.

Boston Celtics release statement on death of Kobe Bryant: “There are no words that can convey the heartbreak the entire Celtics organization feels … “

How many of us have wanted to be Kobe Bryant the basketball player, the son, the father? I hope we are able to celebrate so much accomplishment during a life that was cut off too short & try to emulate his best qualities, including that contagious smile. #RIPMamba

There were nine people aboard the helicopter, the pilot and eight passengers, according to a live press conference on CBSN

The inside and outside of Madison Square Garden are lit in purple and gold in honor of Kobe Bryant.

The Spurs Coyote is wearing a Kobe jersey with No. 8 on the front and No. 24 on the back.

A very young Kobe Bryant while in Italy where he followed his father playing there

Today, we lost one of the realest to ever do it. Sad to see you go. Happy to be apart of one of your biggest moments passing MJ in scoring. All respect to the Black Mamba! Fly high my brother. #RIPKobeBryant

Bob Myers said he just talked to Steve Kerr. Warriors were in the middle of practice when Kobe Bryant news broke: “Everyone in practice just stopped when they heard the news. They just stopped.”

Sixers GM Elton Brand on tragic death of Kobe Bryant:

Plaschke: How can Kobe Bryant be gone? His legend wasn’t supposed to end this way

Legend gone way too soon!! Thoughts and prayers to family and friends in this unthinkable day!! RIP Kobe 🙏🏾💔

Kobe Bryant played in New Orleans in his fourth-to-last NBA game. Afterward, Alvin Gentry remembered Kobe showing a side of himself people often didn’t see.

Statement from #Hornets owner Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan on death of Kobe Bryant: “Words can’t describe the pain I’m feeling. I loved Kobe — he was like a little brother to me.”

No opposing city had more of an impact on Kobe Bryant than Boston, as he made clear during this 2016 interview with the Herald. Now with a working link:

MJ on Kobe: “He was like a little brother to me.”

You gave me the shoes you were gonna wear on Christmas in Chicago. “If you aren’t working to be the best, then why do it at all.” These words have stuck with me ever since that day. #ripbean 🙏🏽

Kyrie Irving is not with the Nets for the game against the Knicks at MSG. He was here and warming up but left after the #KobeBryant news.

New BS Podcast: RIP Kobe Bryant (1978-2020)

Fans wearing Kobe jerseys inside Amway Center in Orlando being shown on video board. Fans giving applause each time another fan is shown wearing jersey.

We have been updating this story all morning.

The world’s most famous arena honoring one of the world’s most talented basketball players with 24 seconds of silence.

The Thunder has issued a statement on the passing of Kobe Bryant.

Russell Westbrook is averaging 32/8/8 on 52.5% shooting since the new year.
His 52.5 FG% is only second to Giannis over that span (min 200 attempts).
Mamba mentality.

After a 24-second moment of silence to honor Kobe Bryant, the MSG crowds erupts in “Kobe, Kobe” chant

Chants of “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” rained down inside Amway Center for 5-10 seconds between a moment of silence and the national anthem.

Chants of “Kobe! Kobe!” break out in Orlando after a moment of silence to honor Kobe Bryant.

…my 10 yr old son even does this in his room on the basket that hangs on his door 😭

This will never seem real.

A tribute to – and moment of silence for – Kobe Bryant. #nets #knicks #KobeBryant

Trae Young wearing No. 8.

24-second clocks ran down and then “Kobe” chants inside the arena.

Pelicans hold a 24-second moment of silence for Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

Grizzlies and #Suns take same approach as Spurs and Raptors by starting game with violations to honor Kobe — Memphis with 24-second shot clock and Phoenix with an eight-second backcourt.
“Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” chants ringing through the arena.

Grizz with the 24 second shot clock violation and Suns with the 8 second violation in tribute to Kobe before the game

The @LAClippers just opened tonight’s game with a 24-second violation to honor No. 24 Kobe Bryant. The @OrlandoMagic will now do the same thing.

In keeping with the Spurs and Toronto earlier today, the Nets and Knicks have committed shot clock violations to begin the game. 24 seconds to remember Kobe Bryant, No. 24.

On the first possession, the Clippers allowed the 24-second clock to expire. The Magic followed with an eight-second violation on the ensuing possession. Fans inside the arena stood and applauded.

The @OrlandoMagic did an 8-second violation in honor of Kobe Bryant’s first NBA number No. 8.

Nets and Knicks both take 24-second shot click violations for Kobe, as well, to start the game.

As game in Orlando begins — Clippers take a 24 second violation and Magic follow that up by taking an 8 second violation to honor Kobe Bryant as fans give a standing ovation.

The Grizzlies dribbled out 24 second clock
The Suns took an 8 sec violation
The crowd chanted “KOBE! KOBE!”

Kobe Bryant received a moment of silence for 24 seconds here at Madison Square Garden. Afterwards, fans chanted “Kobe” in his honor. Both the Knicks and Nets then took 24-second shot clock violations.

We started last week with these two. Now they’ve both gone. There’s not been many crappier weeks in the basketball world.

On a tragic day @adaniels33 reacts to the death of Kobe Bryant #RIPKobeBryant

Im sick right now man. Kobe really made feel like I could do anything. That I could control how great I want my life to be. Completely heart broken. Praying for his family and the family of the others involved❤️

Celtics and Pelicans each begin with 24-second violations to honor Kobe.

24 second violations to honor Kobe in New Orleans.

Celtics and Pelicans start the game with 24-second shot-clock violations in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Just this past Friday, Wiggins hit his patented fadeaway jumper and as basketball ritual I said “KOBE!” as so many of us have for two decades. Never going to stop yelling KOBE as I chuck my socks into the laundry basket or a crumpled piece of paper into the trash. R.I.P #Mamba 🐍

This is heartbreaking….can’t even put it into words….anyone that knows me knows how much Kobe means to me….blessed to have been able to call you a brother 🙏🏾 Rest in Power Mamba and Gigi. Praying for Vanessa, the kids and your whole family.

LaMarcus Aldridge has hit 37 threes (on 50% shooting) in the last 17 games.
That’s the same amount of threes he hit in 2014-15, his previous career-high season for 3PM.
Different animal, same beast.

I still remember interviewing Kobe Bryant after he played his last game in the Garden on Dec. 30, 2015. Here’s my story that ran in the next day’s Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

The large video board outside Chase Center

A true inspiration, yours and mine.

Pop on Kobe: “We all feel a deep sense of loss. … It’s just a tragic thing.”

Pascal Siakam scored 25 points in the first quarter of today’s win vs the Spurs — a Raptors franchise record.
Dominate quarters.

Rest In Peace to one of the greatest to ever play this game. You inspired us all. Grateful I got a chance to meet you. Prayers go out to his loved ones. This one hurts #MambaForever

Kobe Bryant’s death hit Walt Frazier ‘like a hammer’

Pop: “We all feel a deep sense of loss…It’s just a tragic thing. There are no words that can describe how everyone feels about it. We all think about the family and the process that they are going to going through now, and that’s where all our thoughts should be.”

This one hurts 😢! RIP MAMBA🐍

I wasn’t going to tweet this, but it only seems right in the wake of his rough start out there. Marko Guduric was actually openly crying throughout the pregame, seemingly had real trouble composing himself. I can’t imagine he’s in any state of mind to play.

Macus Smart has a right ankle sprain but is available to return, per Celtics.

Hurting. To say the least…. 😢😔 #MyHero

DeMar: “Man, no words. Words can’t explain it. Myself, learning everything I have learned basketball-wise from Kobe, what he meant to the game, the inspiration that he brought to the world. Not just that. His daughter. I’m a father. I can’t imagine something like that happening.”

DeMar on what Kobe meant to him growing up: “Everything. Everything. Everything I learned came from Kobe. Everything. Take Kobe away I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t have love, wouldn’t have the passion, drive. Everything. Everything came from him.”

DeMar on using the 24-second violations to honor Kobe:
“I think (Nick) Nurse came over and mentioned something to Pop. We all talked about it. I don’t know exactly who came up with it, but once we heard it, we respected it on both ends and that’s why we did what we did.”

Hurting badly. True role model! Not just for being a goat, or being one of the most Competitive athletes to ever compete. Not just because you were iconic in every form and defined excellence in so many ways…but because of how great of a father you were as well. True Icon. KB24

#Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich on the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the other victims of the crash: “Everybody is pretty emotional about the tragedy with Kobe. All of us knew what a great player he was, but he went beyond great play.” (cont.) #KSATsports

Kobe Bryant was a mentor and close friend to Kyrie Irving, who didn’t play tonight against the Knicks following Bryant’s death. Kobe shared a great story about the close bond they had.

He legit gave his whole life to the game! 😢 Will forever be my favorite of all time

Kobe Bryant’s death hit Walt Frazier ‘like a hammer’ before broadcast #Knicks via @nypostsports

Crowd loving the effort as #Pelicans grab a handful of offensive boards on the same possession and Hart cashes in with a corner three. NOP is 10/20 on threes in 1H

Pop has a gift – an eloquence – that makes him the ideal source on a wide variety of topics, including sadly this one.

Don’t forget either how tight Rob Pelinka and Kobe were. Pelinka was Kobe’s agent forever…

Heroes come and go LEGENDS live forever‼️ #8 #24

Just re-read this, brought tears to my eyes, but also smiles remembering all these amazing memories that so many people around him shared with me.

Lakers’ LeBron James on Kobe & Gianna Bryant (November 17, 2019)

Hard to put what you meant to so many people into words. I will miss a great person on and off the court. You always took the time to show my kids and family love and I will never forget that! RIP Kobe 💔

RIP KOBE…..the 🐐 🙏

RIP Kobe… we all going to miss you 😭😭😭🙏

Kobe scored his first career point at Madison Square Garden. Then one night he went for 61. I was lucky enough to cover both games. He was simply outstanding.

I was following him up to his house in the Malibu hills — and he just expected me to keep up. Which I did, barely. I’m realizing now just how many special glimpses he afforded me into his life. Writing about him for B/R tomorrow – first time reluctantly.

Kobe, I used to sneak to stay up and watch you play growing up, I woke up early mornings to check your stats and highlights from the night before! Shot paper into the trash yelling out “KOBE” every time! I had…

Magic Johnson on Kobe Bryant: ““There will never be another Kobe, man.”

Jerry West on Kobe’s death: “I want to go to bed and hope it’s a bad dream. It’s going to take a while for me to get over this one. I’m pretty good at getting over things because I understand how fragile life is. But Oh my God!. His daughter with him. My God!” This is not easy.”

Jerry West remembers the lasting impact of Kobe Bryant on the Los Angeles @Lakers franchise

An emotional DeMar DeRozan on Kobe Bryant: ‘Words can’t explain it. What he meant to the game. The inspiration he brought to the world. Not just that, his daughter, I’m a father. I can’t imagine something like that happening. It’s a very sad day.” (via @spurs) #NBA #RIPBlackMamba

Kobe Bryant was 19 when Bob Myers first met him. It was in Arn Tellem’s office. Kobe was wearing a Joe Montana throwback jersey. He told Myers he’d win 10 titles and then finish his career in Italy. Some quick Kobe reflection from the Warriors’ GM.

I am absolutely heartbroken. I am devastated. I will never be able to fully express the pain I feel. It doesn’t seem real to me. God Bless the Bryant family. Love you, Kobe. #RIPMamba

Magic on Kobe: “You never can believe it. This runs so much deeper. It hurts you to the core. Then the Hall of Fame is coming up too. It’s like you knew he was going to be hyped for that. It can happen just that fast.”

Jerry West on Kobe: ““To have been such, particularly when he was young, to be a part of his life and to watch his career grow, watch him grow, this is one of the most tragic days of my life. I know somewhere along the way I guess I’ll come to grips with it.”

(Brenda is a former ESPN The Mag editor.)Thank you- what a time that was. Going to empty the notebook of a few untold moments, but how I wish there was another reason. I don’t want to write. I don’t want to do anything. But then I picture Kobe’s wtf-dude-let’s go look. So I will.

Statement from #Hornets GM Mitch Kupchak, who was with Lakers for Kobe Bryant’s entire career.

Can’t stop crying. My hands are shaking. Just trying to wake up from this. I might never get over this one.

This literally just happened and we had no clue. Life is so precious. Go tell the people you care about the most how much you love them and be sure to give them a big hug too. I’ll be on ESPN Radio these next few hours co-hosting NBA Insiders to reflect on 🐍. 🎥: @Lakers 💛💜🙏

Not into the debates. Each generation claims their 🐐. He was ours. RIP Kobe 🐐 and Gianna. Condolences to his wife and daughters 💔

Rest In Peace Kobe and Gianna. My chest is aching and I can’t find the words to say. Love you all. ❤️

Thank you @kobebryant for everything!!!

Will never forget those conversations. #24/8 forever

There’s not been an official statement from the Lakers yet out of respect for Kobe Bryant’s family. It’s obviously also a very difficult day for everyone in the organization.

Earlier this season, I looked at James Harden’s scoring season vs Wilt Chamberlain’s ‘62 season and adjusted it for pace and was surprised to learn that neither had the top scoring season ever.
It was Kobe Bryant in 2005-06.

Stuart Scott loved Kobe.
Anytime a player dropped 30, Stuart would ask how many career 30-point games for him and then how many Kobe had and then would say “and that’s the 6th time he’s scored 30, only 425 more to catch Kobe.”
Eventually you’d just tell Stuart before he asked.

Kawhi Leonard finishes with 31 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists in 34 minutes. He’s on an unbelievable run right now — he can take over a game whenever he wants.

It’s easy to understand why Kyrie Irving couldn’t play today

Trae Young is the first player in NBA history to record five 40-point, 10-assist games before his 22nd birthday.

Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban announces that no player in Mavericks history will ever wear No. 24 again in tribute to Kobe Bryant

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do” I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers as well as all the other victims #blessed 🙏🏽

The Mavericks have retired No. 24 in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: “Our organization has decided that the number 24 will never again be worn by a Dallas Maverick.”

Trae Young started tonight’s game wearing Kobe’s jersey. He finished with:
45 PTS
14 AST
13-24 FG
6-11 3P

Doc Rivers said the Clippers players asked for the postgame media availability to be cancelled tonight in the wake of the Kobe Bryant news.

Taj Gibson on Kobe Bryant: “I feel like we lost a super hero.”

I wrote about Kobe Bryant, who took more last-second shots and made more last-second shots than anybody since the NBA began tracking in 2000. That is quintessential Kobe.

Julius Randle left locker room early without speaking to reporters. Kobe teammates for 2 seasons.

The news of your passing not only numbed my body, but everyone’s around me. I grew up idolizing you and wanting to just have the chance to meet you. Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I would not only meet you…

#Pelicans play solid game from start to finish, including this time in the minutes Zion Williamson is off the floor, en route to 123-108 home win over Celtics. Jrue 25 pts; Lonzo 15 ast; Zion 21-11 in 27 mins. Postgame wrap:

Monty says he believes tonight’s games should have been postponed or canceled. #Suns

Lonzo Ball has hit 90 threes in 2019-20 — tying his career high after only 39 games this season.

More DeMar DeRozan on what Kobe Bryant meant to him growing up in the Compton/LA area: “Everything. Everything. Take Kobe away and I wouldn’t be here.” DeMar, still very emotional, was the only #Spurs player to speak after the game. #NBA

The show went on for the Spurs and Raptors in the immediate wake of Kobe Bryant’s death, but nothing felt normal. Not one bit.
“It’s a sad, sad, very sad, sad day,” a devastated DeMar DeRozan said.

Kobe’s story, tragically unfinished

New: I spoke to a lot of people around the Celtics organization who shared touching memories of Kobe Bryant.

Pelicans’ Zion Williamson on the passing of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant: “Kobe meant a lot to me growing up. I had both jerseys — 8 and 24.”

Doc: “At the end of the day when you think about it Kobe is a winner. We told our guys, go win the game, we want to honor him and they did that. But it’s a difficult night. We’re not prepared for this. None of us were. I wasn’t before the game, I’m not now.”

The Lakers have created a space outside their training facility, but inside the security gates, for a vigil. Fans are signing a large white canvas. There’s a Lakers backdrop with flowers and candles in front of it. Some photos of Kobe.

Players recognize Kobe’s passing at beginning of game at Moda Center: Blazers open by taking a 24-second violation and Pacers follow by taking an 8-second violation.

A tearful Spencer Dinwiddie described the moment Kobe Bryant told him he was playing like an All-Star and why it meant everything to him.

Doc describing the emotions of the night: “Ty Lue was really struggling. You forget that Ty Lue was his teammate as well and I look over at Ty during the game and he’s bawling. A lot of emotion tonight, it really was a tough night. Just a tough night.”

Every night before bed, I read books to my daughter.
That’s our time.
Even though she’s in full blown “I’m 2 and I want mommy mode” 99% of the time, that is our 1%.
Tonight it felt different.
Hug your kids.
Hold them a little tighter.
Steal a few extra minutes.

“I don’t think any player on either team would have minded if we didn’t (play tonight). Being a father too, my heart is broken for his wife, other daughters … it was difficult.” – #Celtics Gordon Hayward

Watching some old Kobe playoff games. Picked this one for some reason — just a random 34-6-8 in a series clincher:

A couple more photos from the vigil outside the Lakers facility.

Jrue Holiday talked about how much Kobe Bryant meant to him as a kid growing up in Southern California. Jrue noted, “in my heart (I was thinking) Kobe would want us to beat the Celtics.”

RIP Kobe bean!! So much respect for you. Prayers up to his family and everyone else who lost their lives today. Real stepper!

Celtics’ Kemba Walker on the passing of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant: “I was blessed to meet him in high school. Just to see him, his presence had an impact on me. You always knew how hard he worked. His work ethic and mentality is what inspired me the most.”

Sneaker tributes were spotted all throughout the @NBA today.
On @J30_RANDLE’s Kobe AD:
“Legends Live Forever! 8
Goat! 24
Rest Easy Bro”

Marcus Smart on Kobe: “We still can’t believe that it’s true. I think in the back of our minds we’re still wishing and hoping that it’s not.”

Isaiah Thomas, who wears his heart on his sleeve, shared thoughts on this tragic day.
“It’s bigger than basketball. It’s hard to even talk about it. The NBA should’ve just canceled all the games today, for real.”

Marcus Morris: “Superman isn’t supposed to die. And to us, he was Superman.”

One of the most raw signs of emotion I’ve seen from a coach. The pain that @DocRivers is expressing, so many of us are feeling right now.

Lord plz be with his wife and the babies!!!! Your not supposed to question god but can’t help but ask why

One of my favorite professional moments. My question led to this Ron-Ron gold…

Aaron Gordon: “When something like that happens it makes you want to just quit, not do anything but the fierce competitor that he is I know he would want us to go out and play&give our heart to the game, not take it for granted. So we had to conjure up our own energy and use his”

Statement from R.C. Buford: “Kobe inspired all of us. In San Antonio, we were blessed to have enjoyed a front row seat to his greatness. He had an unmatched combination of determination, skill, competitiveness, personality, grace, passion and intelligence.”

“Part of why I picked up to play basketball was because of him. He inspired so much and I’m just so sad that I never got to shake his hand. … I was looking forward to that day.”

Bradley Beal revealed that he had an invite to the super-secret Kobe camp held last summer but had to pass due to the birth of his second son.
He finished his thoughts on the day by saying “Damn…. Damn.”

Gordon Hayward reflected fondly on the week he spent in Newport Beach training with Kobe Bryant in 2016.
“I still have all the emails saved.”
Kobe offered a lot of support when Hayward was coming back from ankle injury.

That one was for you…
Rest Easy Kobe🐍

As the father of two girls in middle school, I’m deeply saddened by Kobe and his daughter Gianna dying together today but inspired by his commitment to being an awesome dad.

Different Animal…Same Beast 🐍

#RIPMamba #RIPMambacita

Really don’t know how to feel! Speechless, numb, hurt, etc. no words can mount to the pain! But your passion, dedication, (MAMBA) mentality, love and knowledge both on and off the floor were exemplar! For that, I…

A lot of NBA players didn’t feel like competing today, the Celtics included. Gordon Hayward: “Man, some of us are still hurting and it was difficult to play today. Mentally there was a lot of guys that were not themselves because of the news, and I don’t blame them.”


“Every time you shoot into a trash can, you’re yelling, ‘Kobe.’ Every single time.”

Proud of all the teams that competed today💙 the NBA is a family and to see everyone supporting each other was great🙏🏾

Remembering Kobe Bryant, the force of his presence, and his impact in OKC. (No paywall) ->>

Talked this evening to two of the guys who guarded Kobe Bryant during the fiercest days of the Spurs-Lakers rivalry.
Sean Elliott: “He was immortal. He was one of those gods of the game. It doesn’t make any sense that he’s gone.”

I met Kobe when he was 16 at ABCD Camp. Was at 81, 65 and The Final 60. I was there when he tore his Achilles and at all 5 Championships. Countless other memories. Every time I asked him for a 1-on-1 interview he always said yes. It was an honor to witness his extraordinary life.

Daily News front page and back page

R.C. Buford, Manu Ginobili, LaMarcus Aldridge & other members of #Spurs family react to Kobe Bryant’s death. “He had an unmatched combination of determination, skill, competitiveness, personality, grace, passion & intelligence,” Buford said in a statement.

I’ll always respect players that never back down off a double team 🙏

U shared small piece of wisdom
to a kid from Las Vegas Nevada…
and it changed my life forever
Thank you Kobe. 💔 R.I.P

#Pelicans roster has numerous connections to Lakers, So. California (as well as UCLA). Several players gave tributes to Kobe Bryant during Sunday’s game (pictured: Lonzo Ball’s sneakers) and later spoke about what the legendary guard meant to them. Story:

Jerry West. Kobe Bryant. Memory lane. The good and the bad. Come along, and please know that – journalist objectivity and all – there were tears shed today. Kobe deserved more time to make his mark, at @TheAthletic

Kobe has to be the new NBA logo…..

My first @nytimes Kobe piece which runs under this moving @NYTSports cover in the wake of as tragic an NBA day as I can remember:

Can’t make this up…😢
He was with me tonight🙏🏽❤️

The tweet that sums it up as well as anybody’s …

Today we mourn the loss of a legend, one of the greatest basketball players to ever play this game has passed away along with his daughter Gianna. I have always respected Kobe not just as a player but has a friend…

Hard to put into words.. such a tragic and shocking day.. RIP Mamba 🙏🏼

Prayers go out to the Bryant family and other families affected by the accident 😔🙏🏼🙏🏼

Known Kobe 25 years. Damn, this is gonna be tough. Got a bunch of voicemails saved on my phone. No way I’m gonna be able to listen to them. If he said he was gonna call you at 10 o’clock. He would call you at 10 on the dot. Every time.

I have a ton of memories of Kobe Bryant.
Some that I’ll never forget involve his battles with the #Rockets, especially against @ShaneBattier
This game/sequence is one I always think about. It was a privilege to watch Battier defend Kobe all those years

Damian Lillard has 39 points, 12 assists and 6 rebounds and is averaging 49.0 points over the last three games.
*And there’s still 6:44 left tonight.

Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown, who coached Kobe in LA: “Kobe was one of most competitive players I have ever coached and his appetite for winning and excellence were unparalleled… (cont.)

.@Dame_Lillard is the first player in @trailblazers franchise history to score 40+ in three straight games. Only Lillard and Harden have done it this season. #RipCity

Damian Lillard now becomes the first player in Trail Blazers history with at least 40 points in three straight games

Fuck we lost the bean today dawg

Got some street food after the game. Didn’t have cash. Guy told me to go across the street and get him a double Crown and a beer as compensation. I really live here now.

.@Dame_Lillard has now scored 150+ points over his last 3 games. The last three @NBA players to accomplish that feat are Devin Booker (157, March 2019), James Harden (163, January 2019), and Kobe Bryant (175, March 2007).

Sobbing, but this is a must-watch. Amazing work Tom Rinadli.

Damian Lillard finished with 50 points, 13 assists and 6 rebounds and the Blazers beat the Pacers 139-129.
It’s the 3rd time this season Lillard has scored 50 or more and 3rd game in a row he’s had 40 or more (both franchise records).

Damian Lillard continues his torrid play with 50 points and 13 assists while leading Portland to 139-129 win over Indiana. He becomes first in franchise history to record three 50-plus point games in a season.

.@CJMcCollum on playing tonight after Kobe’s death: “It was really hard. A lot of emotions. Kobe was my favorite player, and a guy I modeled my work ethic after. My heart goes out to his family…I know Kobe as a competitor would’ve wanted us to go out and play tonight.”

Damian Lillard last 3 games:
61 PTS
47 PTS
50 PTS
Mamba mentality.

Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mamba Mentality’ is his legacy, but so is his mentoring of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and so many more ⁦@TheAthleticNBA⁩

Some Kobe Facts:
1. He was passionate about LA’s homeless and often visited Skid Row late at night.
2. He spoke 5 languages.
3. He wanted Quentin Tarantino to direct one of his Nike commercials.
4. When he left Adidas in 2002 he never spoke the word “Adidas” again in his life.

Tonight Trae Young and Devin Booker combined for:
24 shots
8 rebounds
81 points
Mamba forever.

Kobe went to Rucker Park in ‘02 because it was imp to him to play on such hallowed ground. It started raining, and didn’t relent. The crowd was worried he’d leave. Who could blame him? Kobe refused to sit, then pleaded everyone continue playing, to which they did. #MambaMentality

Three of the people who died in the helicopter crash today were Orange Coast College baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife Keri and his daughter Alyssa. From @MikeDiGiovanna

The Kobe mural is basically right next to Nipsey’s. Hug your loved ones everyone. As Kobe said, “life is too short.”

New: Hayward remembers the week he spent training with Kobe. Smart remembers the first time he guarded him. Kemba remembers Kobe sponsoring his high school team. Jaylen remembers the first time he asked his mom for NBA tickets, so he could see Kobe play.

I’m sorry I just can’t believe he is gone. I can’t believe Gigi is gone. That poor family aboard the helicopter with Kobe. This is all just surreal and sad and I’m a mess. Praying for these families. Last thing I’ll say tonight is choose love, not hate.

One of the hardest days of work I can remember in the @NBA. Hearts are heavy and will remain so. RIP to Kobe and the victims and families of this tragedy. Your life, legacy and spirit will soar as long as this game exists.

Carmelo Anthony just told us that’s the hardest game he’s ever had to play. Very emotional after the passing of his friend, Kobe.

This is painful!!!
I’ve known this man since he was 15 & I was 16. AAU teammates to competing against him for 18 seasons in the NBA. We were literally talking in these pics how I will enjoy retirement and that we would have a convo soon on how to go through it. Also how happy…

Momma, Kobe, Mambacita
I know y’all were watching and cheering us on tonight with a big smile on yalls faces🕊🕊🕊❤️❤️❤️.
Continue to look down on us and lift us up with all the love strength and Passion you have🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🕊❤️. #LifeDoesntBelongToUS😪

—true story. A lot of people never got to see that side of Kobe. He was so gracious! 💔

Kobe Bryant’s death at 41 hits people much like John Lennon’s death at 40 or Roberto Clemente’s death at 38. Gone too soon and through no fault of their own.

Lakers should name the floor after Kobe.

Kobe gave me this about 10 years ago. It’s a promotional item from Nike. It’s supposed to be a box you carry an actual black mamba in. I look at it every time I leave my house so I have the right Mentality.

My city New Orleans homecoming for Kobe. 👀👊🏿🙏🏿

“Superman isn’t supposed to die. And to us, he was Superman.”

Lakers players shocked and speechless after learning of Kobe Bryant’s death

All of today’s work by our entire staff at @TheAthleticNBA and writers from around the country are here. They do not require a subscription to read.

The Woj Pod with @ramonashelburne: Remembering Kobe Bean Bryant.

Most points in 3 straight games since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976:

Almost 7 years ago to the day I sat down with Kobe for one of his best interviews ever. It’s a fascinating look at who Kobe is. Lakers gave me 10 minutes. He talked for an hour.
His last answer is heartbreaking.

From the recent archives: David West, Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala, Kevin Durant, Zaza Pachulia, Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson give their most memorable Kobe stories

My brother 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Just remembered, last year when Kobe came to see the LeBron Lakers for the first time. If I recall correctly, in the loading dock at Staples @ReggieMillerTNT was trying to convince Kobe that Gigi should go to UCLA eventually. Kobe smiled and said she had her heart set on UConn.

“The initial goal was a fickle one…”

Knew something was wrong when my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Bad news always comes by phone. When I saw that first text that Kobe & Gigi were gone I collapsed to the floor. Tough day. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be brighter. Praying for the Bryant Family.

Jerry West couldn’t believe it. Metta World Peace called around hoping someone would tell him it wasn’t true. Lakers players struggled to control their emotions as they learned the news on their flight home. Lakers past and present were devastated today.

🙏🏻🙏🏻😔 #8 #24

The Loss of Kobe Bryant, a Myth and a Man by @RobMahoney

Kobe, your legacy will never die 🙏🏾❤️ 🐍 #MambaForever

I tried to be smart and thoughtful about Kobe Bryant, a man who dominated my life in sports. But it devolved into me crying onto my keyboard, and I have no idea if teardrops can type.

“I’m sad for Vanessa and those girls. That’s the deal. I’m just sad for them.”
On the day Monty Williams and the #Suns learned of Kobe Bryant’s stunning death, and then had to play in a basketball game (story is unlocked for anybody to read)

Ryan Kelly, a marvelous guy whose three seasons for the Lakers were Kobe’s final three seasons, is still getting after it. Piece of trivia: When Kobe checked out of his 60-point finale, Ryan was his sub.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes. It is much appreciated. Also a happy birthday to @WayneGretzky @TheEllenShow @SashaBanksWWE as well as my guy Joe Rogowski….. B E Z!!!!

Sometime life leaves you with no words. This is not right. This should never happen.

Shoutout to every team that took a 24-second shot clock violation. Classy organizations.

No way this supposed to be real 😭😭

“It probably was the hardest game I’ve ever had to play. Just… It was tough… Honestly knowing him, the way that I know him, he would’ve wanted me to play.” – Carmelo Anthony
Mourning the death of Kobe Bryant, Melo played in hardest game of his career:

Honor The Black Mamba.
Honor the Player.
Honor the Father.
Honor the Philanthropist.
Honor the Legacy.
Honor the Man.

The scene at the crash site, which authorities are closing to the general public. From @LAcrimes

This is the back cover of our Kobe special section today. It breaks your heart.

Science can tell us how but they can’t tell us why

Was heartbreaking to see, and hear, Carmelo Anthony deal with the loss of his friend Sunday.
On why he played and other stories about Kobe and the Blazers …

Some people sobbed and some people shouted and some people needed a drink. Our story at @TheAthletic from a difficult day as L.A. mourned the loss of Kobe Bryant.

God watch over their family angels way to soon 😭😭

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