Bob Pettit: 'My favorite player to watch is Kevin Durant'

Bob Pettit: 'My favorite player to watch is Kevin Durant'

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Bob Pettit: 'My favorite player to watch is Kevin Durant'

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Bob Pettit: My favorite player to watch is Kevin Durant. I consider myself a forward. He’s such an incredible player but I watch him because that’s the position that I played when I was playing basketball. I would not have wanted to have played against him, I know that. I think he would be as effective then as he is now. When the game gets on the line, he’s looking to take the shot. In any era, Kevin would have become an outstanding and wonderful player. But you’ve got all kinds of great players that just leave you in awe and you keep your mouth open when you’re watching them. It feels like every team has two, three or four great players on it who you can enjoy watching any night you watch them play.
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The Ringer @ringernba
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Anthony Puccio @APOOCH
I’m not gonna speak for Kevin Durant but the guy did just sign a 4-year extension with Brooklyn lol PM

Michael Gallagher @MikeSGallagher
Drive leaders from the last two nights:
Malcolm Brogdon – 28 (12 points, 6 assists off drives)
Ja Morant – 26 (18, 4)
Gordon Hayward – 21 (11, 2)
Brandon Ingram – 16 (6, 2)
Bradley Beal – 16 (8, 0)
Kevin Durant – 15 (16, 0)
DeMar DeRozan – 15 (10, 0)
Darius Garland – 15 (4, 3) – 12:10 PM
Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
The @San Antonio Spurs Joshua Primo is the youngest player to make a 3-pointer in his NBA debut (age in years-days):
18-300 Primo (last night)
18-314 Jonathan Bender (12/10/99)
18-344 Dragan Bender (10/26/16)
18-363 Devin Booker (10/28/15)
19-032 Kevin Durant (10/31/07) AM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Doc Rivers got asked about Kevin Durant in preparation for Friday’s opener.
“My first thought is, ‘Oh shit.'” – 10:37 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Doc Rivers says his 1st thought when he sees Kevin Durant is “Oh, shit” #Sixers10:36 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
The Nets have an even deeper roster than last season, so @Ryen Russillo thinks they don’t really need Kyrie, KD, and Harden to win the East. PM
Andrew Bogut @RogueBoguesPod
Basketball Pod Ep 38 – @andrewbogut and @HoopConsultants preview the @Brooklyn Nets season.
Listen to it here 👇
#LetsGetRogue #RogueBogues #NBA #Brooklyn #KD PM
The Ringer @ringernba
Based on his playoff performance last season, his Olympics performance, and what we expect him to do this year, KD should be the favorite for MVP. #TheAnswer PM

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