Ben Simmons feels people with the Sixers weren't loyal to him

Ben Simmons feels people with the Sixers weren't loyal to him

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Ben Simmons feels people with the Sixers weren't loyal to him

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I think Ben Simmons wanted to be traded. I feel like, he felt like how it was; people weren’t loyal to him. I do feel like he’s dealing with some stuff. I do. There were times last year that the 76ers were like making it seem like he was bothered by one thing, but they knew it was something else. I just feel like he feels betrayed. He feels like nobody really has his back, and it’s time to move on. Not only that. He also knows that the average Philadelphian wants him outta here. They don’t want him. There’s gonna be no more hostile place for Ben Simmons to play than in Philadelphia.
Source: Michael Tillery @ SportsKeeda

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Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
Tyrese Maxey is proof that Ben Simmons can definitely be the 3rd-best player on a championship team. – 2:58 PM
Tom Moore @TomMoorePhilly
#NBA column: If the #Sixers don’t trade Ben Simmons this season, would a few tweaks at the deadline be enough to help them make a long playoff run? #76ers PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Seth Curry, Tobias Harris, and Danny Green are all questionable for tomorrow’s matchup with the Warriors
Joel Embiid remains out with hopes of him returning on Saturday
Ben Simmons remains out #Sixers8:20 PM
Andrew Bogut @RogueBoguesPod
Basketball Pod Episode 43 – @andrewbogut and @HoopConsultants discuss the latest bombshell in the Ben Simmons and Philly situation from @Ethan Strauss Substack article.
Listen to it here 👇
#LetsGetRogue #RogueBogues #NBA #Philly #BenSimmons PM

Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
Looking back at the 2016 NBA lottery (5 years ago):
– Only players still with their original teams are Ben Simmons, Jaylen Brown, Jamal Murray (only Brown has played this season)
– 5 players (Bender, Dunn, Chriss, Maker, Papagiannis) are not under NBA contracts currently – 4:04 PM

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I think they gotta trade him, man. A lot of it will be predicated on how successful the 76ers are. I feel like if the 76ers are successful, and they have a chance of going deep in the playoffs, I can see them making a move and bringing somebody in. If the 76ers are struggling, and they decide to shut it down, then I can see them holding off until they can get somebody, maybe in free agency, in a sign and trade type of thing. I can’t see Ben Simmons being here and being a part of the team long term. Who knows? Never say never, but I don’t really see this marriage where you fine this dude, and you’re doing all this other stuff ,and he decides to all of a sudden come out and play. I can’t see that happening -via SportsKeeda / November 26, 2021
Asking around, some believe the Sixers will be happy to carry this through the full 2021-22 season and resume discussions again next offseason when a new set of opportunities will become available to them. That could take shape in the form of sign-and-trade possibilities, disgruntled stars finally asking out of their own problematic situations, or new management hires for other franchises wanting to take big swings on talent like Simmons. And publicly, the Sixers have certainly suggested an extension of this standoff is possible, with Morey going so far as to say he’d take this all four years of Simmons’ deal if that’s what it took to get the best deal. -via Philly Voice / November 20, 2021
There are opportunities to fill the void with rumors and suggestions about what the Sixers are doing and where trade talks are or are not heading. The answer right now is, well, not much of anywhere, as sources say the Sixers are mostly waiting for things to open up a bit more on December 15th. That’s the day, as I’m sure many of you know and have heard by now, that most players who signed contracts in the offseason can legally be traded, creating opportunities for larger deals around the league. -via Philly Voice / November 20, 2021

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