Daily statistical milestones: LaMarcus Aldridge moves past Mitch Richmond and more

Daily statistical milestones: LaMarcus Aldridge moves past Mitch Richmond and more


Daily statistical milestones: LaMarcus Aldridge moves past Mitch Richmond and more

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Here’s your daily recap of movements in the all-time lists for scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and three-pointers after yesterday’s games.

Kyle Lowry No. 16 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of JR Smith with 1,931 three-pointers. He’s now 19 away from JJ Redick

LaMarcus Aldridge No. 44 in points now

Moved ahead of Mitch Richmond with 20,508 points. He’s now 200 away from George Gervin

Andre Drummond No. 50 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of Vlade Divac with 9,327 rebounds. He’s now 56 away from Bailey Howell

DeMar DeRozan No. 57 in points now

Moved ahead of Dwight Howard with 19,366 points. He’s now 53 away from Jamal Crawford

Jrue Holiday No. 84 in steals now

Moved ahead of Brevin Knight and Tyrone Corbin with 1,230 steals. He’s now 18 away from Grant Hill

Khris Middleton No. 88 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Antawn Jamison with 1,166 three-pointers. He’s now 1 away from Quentin Richardson

Andre Drummond No. 92 in blocks now

Moved ahead of Robert Horry with 1,036 blocks. He’s now 7 away from Paul Millsap

Goran Dragic No. 108 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Rasheed Wallace with 1,087 three-pointers. He’s now 3 away from Dana Barros

Jimmy Butler No. 128 in steals now

Moved ahead of Sam Perkins with 1,107 steals. He’s now 2 away from Stephen Jackson

Kyle Lowry No. 144 in points now

Moved ahead of Richard Jefferson with 14,914 points. He’s now 2 away from Paul George

Justin Holiday No. 153 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Damon Jones with 945 three-pointers. He’s now 4 away from Michael Adams

Kevin Love No. 178 in points now

Moved ahead of Fred Brown with 14,021 points. He’s now 13 away from David West

Clint Capela No. 179 in blocks now

Moved ahead of Jonas Valanciunas and Jim McIlvaine with 692 blocks. He’s now 4 away from Kurt Nimphius

Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 189 in points now

Moved ahead of Bill Laimbeer with 13,791 points. He’s now 13 away from Deron Williams

Kyrie Irving No. 192 in points now

Moved ahead of Predrag Stojakovic with 13,669 points. He’s now 44 away from Thaddeus Young

Nikola Jokic No. 203 in assists now

Moved ahead of Richard Hamilton and Toni Kukoc with 3,127 assists. He’s now 9 away from Tom Henderson

James Johnson No. 205 in blocks now

Moved ahead of DeSagana Diop, Andre Iguodala and Spencer Haywood with 631 blocks. He’s now 1 away from Mickey Johnson

Jrue Holiday No. 206 in points now

Moved ahead of Jalen Rose with 13,231 points. He’s now 6 away from Al Harrington

Fred VanVleet No. 210 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Marcus Smart and Mario Chalmers with 759 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum No. 210 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Marcus Smart and Mario Chalmers with 759 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Fred VanVleet

Kelly Olynyk No. 228 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Charlie Villanueva and Tony Snell with 717 three-pointers. He’s now 6 away from Austin Rivers

Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 231 in assists now

Moved ahead of Bob Weiss with 2,934 assists. He’s now tied with Antonio Daniels

Seth Curry No. 239 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Bobby Jackson, Kent Bazemore, Garrett Temple, Mike James and Chandler Parrsons with 690 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Rodney Rogers and Gary Harris

Bogdan Bogdanovic No. 248 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Carlos Delfino, Danny Ferry and Jaylen Brown with 679 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Mickael Pietrus

Jaylen Brown No. 250 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Danny Ferry with 678 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Carlos Delfino

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell Dragic: “When you watch Kyrie, it feels like he’s in a video game. It’s just crazy how he moves and how he’s making those tough shots.” – 12:21 AM
Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis Goran Dragic admits he was gassed after six minutes and had to sub out. Adds he’s still learning the plays, but overall felt good. #Nets12:15 AM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Goran Dragic said he always has good chemistry with LaMarcus Aldridge. Knows he likes the pick-and-pop to get him mid-range shots and he plans to tap into that going forward. – 12:14 AM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Goran Dragic said he needed to sub out six minutes in because he was tired, but ultimately feels pretty good. – 12:13 AM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed Goran Dragic suggested he’s not fully in tip top game shape: “The first 6 minutes I had to take a sub. I was really tired.” – 12:13 AM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Khris Middleton, on the Bucks’ continuing 3rd quarter struggles:
“I think if I had the answer, it wouldn’t have happened. I mean, 43 points is way too much for any quarter, but yeah, it’s been happening way too many times in the third. Just gotta find a way to correct it.” – 12:06 AM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 I asked Jimmy Butler about the complete comfort when Bam Adebayo is the weak-side help, leading to a bunch of blocks the last two nights
Jimmy had a problem with the blocks part:
Just watch
@5ReasonsSports pic.twitter.com/HRljrCvghF11:54 PM

Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Steve Nash was impressed with Goran Dragic, given his layoff. Asked him if his former teammate called him coach. “No. That would be weird.” – 11:35 PM
StatMuse @statmuse Andre Drummond tonight:
17 PTS
12 REB
And a clutch block on Giannis. pic.twitter.com/ocE0EeKAaX11:26 PM

Nick DePaula @NickDePaula Jimmy Butler laces up a Big Face PE. pic.twitter.com/35lBdlXrhx11:23 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 I asked Jimmy Butler a schematic question on Bam Adebayo’s weak-side defending for this team:
Jimmy stops me to say Bam stole one of his blocks in that way, since they credited Bam when he tipped it
When I asked Bam if that was true:
“He’s JIMVP, so he’s gotta let me be DPOY.” – 11:11 PM
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria Two huge blocks for the Nets by Andre Drummond and James Johnson – 11:09 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds Bam on Jimmy Butler not playing the fourth quarter: “Jimmy’s elderly.” – 11:08 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Bobby Portis gets his corner 3 blocked by James Johnson and Drummond hits one of two free throws. Bucks down, 119-116, with 21.7 left.
Irving fouls Allen on a 3 on the other end. Three free throws to tie it. – 11:07 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Nets lead the Bucks 118-116 with 26.5 seconds left. Andre Drummond with a block on Giannis that might end up as game-saving. Bruce Brown finally got a 3 to go down on the other end. Can the Nets hold down the fort? – 11:04 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 I asked Erik Spoelstra about Jimmy Butler getting to the line 15 times, and how much of a legitimate skill that is:
“That’s Jimmy.”
“He’s almost an impossible player to keep out of the paint.”
@5ReasonsSports10:53 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Erik Spoelstra says Jimmy Butler was a bit sore in the 4th, but he also didn’t close because they wanted to ride out that young lineup – 10:46 PM
Matt George @MattGeorgeSAC Justin Holiday is going to be very important to the Kings’ success the rest of this season (and hopefully next season). – 10:41 PM
James Ham @James_HamNBA Justin Holiday having a nice game. 15 points. Hitting his open shots. – 10:40 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Bam Adebayo- 36 points
Jimmy Butler- 27 points
Tyler Herro- 27 points
Kyle Lowry – 10 assists
The Heat’s core are doing things – 10:39 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Bucks up, 109-103, with 7:17 left. Portis has 28/10. Antetokounmpo has 25/10/5. Middleton has 20/7/3.
Middleton and Antetokounmpo have been solid, but this one has been all about Bobby Portis’ hot shooting night. He’s 8-of-12 from deep now. – 10:38 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC Final: Grizzlies 116 Bulls 110
Ja Morant came to play with DeMar DeRozan on the other side. Morant scored a regular season career high 46 points. Grizzlies snap two-game losing streak and end the Bulls’ six-game winning streak. Big win. Lots of big performances. – 10:33 PM
Tony Mejia @MejiaDinero Ja Morant goes out and gets a career-high 46 points and DeMar DeRozan’s brilliant 35+ run ends with him ejected after scoring 31. MVP vote tiebreaker to Ja.. in Chicago too – 10:32 PM
StatMuse @statmuse Longest streak of 30-point games in Bulls history:
11 — Michael Jordan
10 — DeMar DeRozan pic.twitter.com/UANVgUPvmk10:31 PM

Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 🚨New Piece🚨
Five Takeaways from Heat’s Win Over Spurs
Bam Adebayo: 36 points
Tyler Herro: 27 points
Jimmy Butler: 27 points
@5ReasonsSportsfivereasonssports.com/news/five-take…10:31 PM
Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry Final: Grizzlies 116, Bulls 110.
DeMar DeRozan: 31/7/3 (10-28)
Zach LaVine: 28/4/6
Coby White: 15/4/5
Nikola Vučević: 11/13
Javonte Green: 12/2
The Bulls are now 39-22. – 10:31 PM
Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef Down three points with 14.9 seconds left, DeMar DeRozan set up an attempt to get a mid-post look off. Lost ball trying to finish through contact
Drew a tech shortly thereafter. Second of the game for him, so was ejected – 10:29 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer End of the third quarter: Nets lead the Bucks 96-93. Kyrie has 26, Curry has 17 and Brown and Drummond each have 12. Three Bucks’ starters are over 20. Nets have the edge in the paint and on second0chance points. As @MBayler said, the team that plays less sloppy likely wins. – 10:24 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski Khris Middleton had 9 points and 5 assists in the third quarter and the #Bucks trail 96-93 after three. – 10:24 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC Ja Morant vs. DeMar DeRozan. Two of the NBA’s best clutch scorers … let’s go. – 10:18 PM
Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef DeMar DeRozan vs. Ja Morant down stretch of a close game is proving to be very fun – 10:18 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Dragic probably doesn’t even hit 20 minutes tonight, but it’s hard not to like what he’s shown tonight. Not bad for a guy who hasn’t played since November. – 10:16 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Goran Dragic back in with 3:36 left in the third quarter. – 10:15 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC A close game against the Bulls is not where you wanna be with DeMar DeRozan hooping. Grizzlies have no answer right now. – 10:13 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC DeMar DeRozan time. Let’s see if the Grizzlies can step up and take the challenge. – 10:07 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski Six turnovers for Jrue Holiday. – 10:07 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Haven’t seen Middleton throw the inbounds lob to Antetokounmpo much this season, but it’s started to come back the last few weeks.
Big two hand slam for Giannis there. – 9:58 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski #Bucks point guard Jrue Holiday has passed Brevin Knight for No. 84 on the all-time steals list. – 9:58 PM
Matthew Tynan @Matthew_Tynan Pop said it’s time to start holding Primo accountable (meaning more planting time). In his 1st game post All-Star, Primo is running the second unit on offense, being tasked with guarding Jimmy Butler on the other end. Go get ‘em, kid. Unfortunately I’m now old enough to say that. – 9:55 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Jimmy Butler will be shooting his 14th and 15th free throw after this timeout
Keeping them alive through his attack – 9:50 PM
Paul Garcia @PaulGarciaNBA Fts made right now: Jimmy Butler 11, Spurs 11
Game tied at 82 all – 9:46 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Kyle Lowry just set up that whole possession in the back court
Waving for Duncan and Caleb to cross corners, then calling Dedmon up for the screen
Coach on the floor – 9:42 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Halftime: Bucks lead the Nets 59-53. Kyrie Irving has been brilliant. He’s got 17 points on 8-for-13 shooting. Raise your hand if you had Andre Drummond with a team-high three assists. BK continues to struggle from 3. Just 3-for-14. Tough to keep up w/the Bucks if they don’t fall – 9:39 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski #Bucks lead the #Nets 59-53 at the break. Kyrie Irving has 17. Bobby Portis & Giannis Antetokounmpo have 14 apiece and Khris Middleton has 11. – 9:38 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Bucks up, 52-47, with 2:45 left in the first half. Just haven’t been as sharp as you would want, but that sometimes happens in the first game out of the All-Star Break.
Portis with 14/7. Antetokounmpo with 12/5. Middleton with 11/2/2. – 9:32 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski Kyrie Irving has 13 points to lead the #Nets – Bobby Portis has 14, Giannis Antetokounmpo 12, Khris Middleton 11 for the #Bucks9:31 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski #Bucks guard Jrue Holiday has passed Tyrone Corbin for No. 85 on the all-time steals list. – 9:28 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm That right there is what the Bucks are hoping to get from Jevon Carter.
Pressed Dragic 94 feet and forced a backcourt violation after almost getting a steal. – 9:14 PM
James Ham @James_HamNBA Justin Holiday drops in a triple to open the scoring for Sacramento. 3-3. – 9:12 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA I love Cam Thomas. He just had the audacity to hold the ball and dribble into a very long two when he had Dragic, Mills, Curry and Aldridge on the floor with him. Kid’s confidence is overflowing. – 9:11 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer End of the first quarter: Bucks lead the Nets 32-25. Bucks led by as many as eight, but Brooklyn came back to tie it late in the quarter. Kyrie leads with seven, while Aldridge has five. Nets start just 1-for-7 from 3. – 9:11 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Jimmy Butler in the 1st half:
18 points
5 of 7 shooting
7 of 9 from the free throw line – 9:09 PM
Eric Patten @EricPatten Breen: “Dragic getting a chance to play NBA basketball once again”
Dude has had a chance. He CHOSE not to – 9:09 PM
Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis Goran Dragic on getting the Steve Nash’s system down: “The playbook is not hard. Most of the action is back from the day with the Suns, so I already got that covered. So it’s not going to be no problem.” He wasn’t lying. #Nets #Suns #NBA9:08 PM
Jim Owczarski @JimOwczarski The #Bucks Khris Middleton has passed former all-star Antawn Jamison for No. 88 on the all-time three-pointers list. – 9:08 PM
Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis Dragic doesn’t play rusty. #Nets9:05 PM
Nick Friedell @NickFriedell Dragic comes in and immediately knocks down his first shot from deep. He’s really going to help this team down the stretch. He’s calm, has hit plenty of big shots — and isn’t going to get swayed by the moment. – 9:01 PM
Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry Bulls first half in a nutshell…
DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine: 12 points, 4-for-18 shooting.
Javonte Green: nine points, 4-for-4 shooting. – 9:00 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Goran Dragic drains his first shot, a 3, as a Net. Game tied at 23. – 8:59 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Goran Dragic checks in with 3:28 left in the first quarter. He’s out there with Aldridge, Thomas, Johnson and Mills. – 8:58 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer LaMarcus Aldridge and Cam Thomas are Nash’s first reserves off the bench tonight. – 8:55 PM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed Show me Kyrie Goran Seth Kessler and LaMarcus on the floor at the same time – 8:54 PM
Eric Nehm @eric_nehm Jrue Holiday gets the scoring started tonight. – 8:41 PM
Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett DeMar DeRozan was 0-5 from the field in the 1st qtr – 8:40 PM
Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef Grizzlies lead Bulls 31-22 after first quarter
• Steven Adams had 9-11-2 in 9 minutes
• Grizz matched Bulls’ scoring with paint points alone (22)
• DeMar DeRozan (0-5), Zach LaVine (2-7) a combined 2-12 from field, but Nikola Vucevic (8 points, 5 rebounds) stabilized a bit – 8:39 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Jimmy Butler really was the offense for Miami in that first quarter, playing all 12 minutes
Pure low block dominance, and side pick and roll savviness
Heat down 40-28 though – 8:36 PM
Jason Anderson @JandersonSacBee Kings starters vs. Nuggets:
G – De’Aaron Fox
G – Justin Holiday
F – Harrison Barnes
F – Maurice Harkless
C – Domantas Sabonis – 8:32 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 What a move by Jimmy Butler
Owning that low block – 8:28 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Greetings from Milwaukee. It’s cold. Nets-Bucks tip shortly. Goran Dragić makes his debut tonight off the bench. Second unit has him with Patty Mills and LaMarcus Aldridge, a hint of the rotation come full strength. Is this the Nets’ last game before KD come back? Updates comin’. – 8:27 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305 Jimmy Butler getting to the rim with ease so far in this one
Two lay-ins
4 FTA – 8:25 PM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed Kyrie Irving will start tonight alongside Seth Curry, Bruce Brown, James Johnson and Andre Drummond.
It’s the Nets’ 34th starting lineup of the season. Yes, that’s a league-high. – 8:03 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Nets starters in Milwaukee: Irving, Curry, Brown, Johnson and Drummond.
This is Brooklyn’s league-high 34th starting lineup of the season. – 8:01 PM
Damichael Cole @DamichaelC DeMar DeRozan is lighting the league up. He has scored 35 or more in eight straight games. He had 24 points vs . Memphis on MLK Day.
Do the Grizzlies hold DeMar under 35 points today? – 6:46 PM

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