Draymond Green trolls on Twitter: Getting ready for Game 7 tonight

Draymond Green trolls on Twitter: Getting ready for Game 7 tonight

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Draymond Green trolls on Twitter: Getting ready for Game 7 tonight

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Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“No one has proven they can beat us whole.”
Draymond Green reflects on the journey this core group has been through
#DubNation | @Draymond Green | @Frank Isola | @Greg Anthony pic.twitter.com/Yq1qvbEONF4:46 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Getting ready for Game 7 tonight… 🔒in!!! Happy Father’s Day – 4:09 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Ja Morant, Draymond Green go back-and-forth in Twitter duel nba.nbcsports.com/2022/06/19/ja-…12:00 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
When it comes to Draymond Green talking all the sh*t possible to everybody possible, I want: pic.twitter.com/qIufJ05y3512:28 AM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 – 10:53 PM
Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“Once coach took me out of Game 4, I knew I had to come back in and respond.”
Draymond Green explains how his Game 4 benching helped turn around the series.
#DubNation | @Draymond Green | @Frank Isola | @Greg Anthony pic.twitter.com/X6YRI87xXO10:13 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
The only playoff series this year where Stephen Curry led the team in assists was the WCF
Draymond Green led Warriors in assists for other 3 series, including the Finals. And Green led Warriors in assists per game in both postseason and regular season – 12:35 PM
Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Draymond Green: Competitor in Curry wanted to show Durant what he left nba.nbcsports.com/2022/06/18/dra…12:10 PM
Sam Amick @sam_amick
ICYMI, I spoke to Draymond Green and Bob Myers about the pre-Game 6 plane ride that they’ll never forget and their partnership that perseveres, at @TheAthletic
theathletic.com/3370777/2022/0…9:31 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Thought this was an interesting quote from Draymond Green (i.e. Steph as competitor) https://t.co/vxGkKckjSB pic.twitter.com/GYw0OtuMey6:40 PM

Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
On the six-hour conversation Draymond Green and Bob Myers will never forget.
✍️ by @Sam Amick
https://t.co/txAxVAwTrV pic.twitter.com/jD9dTfhewo3:21 PM

Adam Mares @Adam_Mares
Absolutely LOVE this line from Draymond. 🎯 pic.twitter.com/OXRuzjKScO3:18 PM

Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“No one has proven they can beat us whole.”
Draymond Green reflects on the journey this core group has been through
#DubNation | @Draymond Green | @Frank Isola | @Greg Anthony pic.twitter.com/4nS6zw2ZR53:16 PM

Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee
Bob Myers deserves a big time raise. The past decade he’s: Drafted Draymond. Signed Steph to a $44M extension that made it possible for Iguodala & KD to come. Hired Kerr. Didn’t just let KD walk; traded him for what became Wiggins & Kuminga. Brought 4 rings to the Bay. Cha-ching. – 3:02 PM
Jason Dumas @JDumasReports
Let’s do a Draymond Green fit check 😂 pic.twitter.com/QZU1ZE6eRx2:53 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Grant Williams said Draymond Green is the “ultimate competitor” and that Green is always a player he idolizes. – 2:33 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Grant Williams on the message he took away from talking to Draymond Green after losing the Finals: “You’ll be back and when you get back, don’t allow the opportunity to slip again and just continue to improve.” – 2:32 PM
Jay King @ByJayKing
Grant Williams: “As I’ve always said, Draymond is a guy I kind of idolized growing up.”
Williams said Draymond told the Celtics they would be back, and that they should make sure they don’t let the opportunity slip next time they have a chance. – 2:31 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
The Draymond Green summer of clapbacks is about to rival your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper – 2:03 PM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
Extremely high level of basketball was displayed – 1:54 PM
Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA
From overnight: Lowe Post/Hoop Collective joint podcast: GSW reclaims the throne, Steph’s crowning moment + place in history, Klay’s journey, Draymond’s bounce back, team’s return from the abyss of injuries, more:
Spotify: spoti.fi/3xYPPD1
Apple: apple.co/3aVUlcm1:13 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
The Warriors still have not lost a series where Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green have started every game.
#MuseTakeover @WarriorsMuse pic.twitter.com/Gb8WgZ13Vi1:09 PM

Tim MacMahon @espn_macmahon
The plus-minus data on ⁦@Stathead⁩ goes back 25 seasons. In that span, only three guys are plus-four-figures in the playoffs:
LeBron James
Tim Duncan
Draymond Green pic.twitter.com/8OCGqXSHLW12:34 PM

Sirius XM NBA @SiriusXMNBA
“Once coach took me out of Game 4, I knew I had to come back in and respond.”
Draymond Green explains how his Game 4 benching helped turn around the series.
#DubNation | @Draymond Green | @Frank Isola | @Greg Anthony pic.twitter.com/4PRhQnaY2o12:24 PM

Krishna Narsu @knarsu3
Draymond doing the podcast in his jersey hours after winning a championship at the podium is hilarious – 11:58 AM
Chris Haynes @ChrisBHaynes
A @YahooSports story taking you behind the scenes of how Warriors rallied around Draymond Green amid the “F**k you chants” to turn series around and claim franchise’s fourth title in eight years. sports.yahoo.com/how-warriors-r…11:15 AM
Sam Amick @sam_amick
An inside look at how the Draymond Green-Warriors partnership persevered and a plane ride to remember, at @TheAthletic
They talked life, kids, marriage. And yes, even the Durant-Green pod that was a bigger deal than they’d let on at the time.
theathletic.com/3370777/2022/0…10:51 AM
Kevin O’Connor @KevinOConnorNBA
Great Warriors piece by @Logan Murdock written and reported postgame in Boston.
Draymond on Steph: “It’s such an incredible thing to have that guy as the head of your snake, face of your organization, the face of this dynasty.” theringer.com/nba/2022/6/17/…10:39 AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Greatest trios in NBA history:
Steph/Klay/Dray 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Timmy/Tony/Manu 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Jordan/Pippen/Rodman 🏆🏆🏆
Magic/Kareem/Worthy 🏆🏆🏆
Bird/McHale/Parish 🏆🏆🏆
Isiah/Dumars/Laimbeer 🏆🏆
LeBron/Wade/Bosh 🏆🏆 pic.twitter.com/bo2duflT7W10:20 AM

Steve Aschburner @AschNBA
Steph Curry and Klay Thompson grew up in the NBA life, sons of players. Draymond Green grew up raised with siblings by a single mother in Saginaw, Mich. His personality, his play, his edge have made their chemistry work for four rings. nba.com/news/draymond-…10:12 AM
StatMuse @statmuse
Best playoff win percentage of all time:
.703 — Draymond Green
.703 — Klay Thompson
.694 — Steph Curry
The greatest Big 3 ever? pic.twitter.com/Z2DjMPY6p09:51 AM

StatMuse @statmuse
Jayson Tatum shot 37.5% when guarded by Andrew Wiggins.
Jaylen Brown shot 29.4% when guarded by Draymond Green, 1-15 from three. pic.twitter.com/RvXDODLhi09:15 AM

Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee
A lot of folks don’t remember or know how bad the Warriors were before Steph, Klay & Dray came together. Run TMC broke up too soon. Had flashes with CWebb & We Believe. Fans were ready to riot when they traded Monta Ellis. They’ve now surpassed the Bulls in all-time championships – 9:07 AM
Draymond Green @Money23Green
The Energy Shifted
4X – 8:59 AM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
From The Draymond Green Show, four-time NBA champion @Andre Iguodala talks Heat: “Me going to Miami and experiencing the Miami Heat culture, that really helped me come back and accept the role I had. … I knew I could still be impactful.” – 8:40 AM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
On the epic and improbable journey to legend status for the Warriors’ trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green.
They’re in a new realm now.
https://t.co/YVs4JqxMUk pic.twitter.com/FZ4Xnn99Ip8:40 AM

Tania Ganguli @taniaganguli
Asked Draymond about the Warriors’ f-you Draymond chant in the locker room. “It’s beautiful. You embrace the tough times and that’s what we do and that’s how we come out on top. For us it was a beautiful thing. To hear my teammates chant that, it don’t get much better than that.” – 2:05 AM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Draymond says he has never heard a crowd chant “F you Draymond!” He says he had an “awful” Game 3 but “Game 6, I dominated… for me it was just about staying the course… for me, what better time to put it together tonight. I don’t think I heard F you Draymond tonight.” – 1:20 AM
Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Draymond Green: “I don’t think I heard, ‘Ef you, Draymond’ all night. They couldn’t.” – 1:19 AM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
3 observations from Game 6 of the NBA Finals, where Steph Curry added another accolade to a legacy that should’ve already been cemented, including:
– a massive turnaround
– Draymond delivers
– Boston’s biggest issue takes center stage
warriorswire.usatoday.com/lists/3-observ…1:19 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green: “Game 6, I dominated.”
He’s not wrong. – 1:18 AM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Draymond Green says he’s still doing his Draymond Green podcast and might have Steph, Klay and Poole on. He reminds everyone that they better not let the Warriors win a championship again. “They let us win a championship. And you’re going to hear about it.” – 1:17 AM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
Draymond Green: “Y’all gon’ get this podcast, all summer and next year, too” – 1:17 AM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green’s about to record the Draymond Green Show live from the NBA Finals. Says he might have Jordan Poole on, Steph Curry on, Klay Thompson on and maybe even his kids.
“It’s about to be an incredible episode.” – 1:17 AM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Draymond Green: “They gon get this podcast… They gonna get it all summer and next year, too!” – 1:17 AM
Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Draymond Green was asked if he’s going to record a podcast tonight.
“Tune in,” he said. “It’s going to be epic.” – 1:16 AM
Tania Ganguli @taniaganguli
Great point by Draymond Green that people get distracted by the Warriors “sexy offense” and forget about their defense. He notes they won this series because of their defense. – 1:16 AM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Draymond Green: “When you have such a sexy offense…it’s always going to be sexier and people are going to appreciate that more…but we beat them because of our defense.” – 1:15 AM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
“For us, it’s just about getting back to these moments.”
Draymond Green on the glue that keeps him, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson together.
(Watch the whole video to see some adorable moments from his kids). pic.twitter.com/k3tckKTgqn1:12 AM

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green on Steph Curry: “He carried us and we’re here as champions.” – 1:12 AM
Christos Tsaltas @Tsaltas46
Splash brothers strikes back! An amazing story for an amazing friendship! Steph and Klay (and Draymond Green of course) made the Warriors a powerhouse! A team that no one wants to play against. A championship-caliber team. #NBAFinals #GoldenState pic.twitter.com/bo85VoaJrk12:57 AM

Krishna Narsu @knarsu3
This was a vintage Draymond game. Looked like the best defensive player in the league. – 12:52 AM
Yaron Weitzman @YaronWeitzman
Kudos to Andre Iguodala for plugging his own podcast during his postgame session. Don’t let Draymond get all the shine – 12:48 AM
Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Kevon Looney on the Warriors chanting “Fuck you, Draymond” in the locker room after the game
“Draymond been yelling at us all year, too” he said, as both he and Otto Porter Jr. erupted in laughter. – 12:40 AM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
“**** you Draymond” was, indeed, being chanted in the Warriors’ locker room.
I believe this is his greatest moment ever. – 12:40 AM
Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
Radio Roulette SEASON FINALE is LIVE @UnderdogFantasy
#NBAFinals Game 6
– Steph Curry ascends to basketball immortality
– Draymond Pantheon game
– Mark Tatum the only Tatum to show up
– Wiggins :: Pippen
– Definition of a Dynasty, 90s Bulls
Join us!⬇️
youtube.com/watch?v=d9lr12…12:16 AM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
“F— YOU DRAYMOND!!!” roars from the Warriors locker room – 12:09 AM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
In the champs locker room, the chant goes, derisively but hilariously: “Fuck you Draymond!” – 12:08 AM
Marc J. Spears @MarcJSpears
Draymond and Kerr talking that talk pic.twitter.com/VmDbC5GUAq12:03 AM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
4️ NBA titles
4️ All-Star selections
2️ All-NBA selections
2️ Olympic titles
1️ DPOY award
1️ Podcast
Say what you want about him, but that’s quite a resume. – 12:02 AM
Dan Favale @danfavale
draymond on his next podcast pic.twitter.com/URaPnmorC411:59 PM

J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
Who got receipts from all those tweets clowning Golden St, Kerr, Draymond and Steph after they lost that play-in game to Memphis? Somebody gotta be petty enough to bring all that back. Twitter needs to give them all a scarlet letter 🤣 – 11:56 PM
Cody Taylor @CodyTaylorNBA
So, the reaction podcast from Draymond Green should be worth a listen. – 11:51 PM
Kevin Chouinard @KLChouinard
Congrats to Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for clinching their spots on the NBA’s 100th Anniversary Team. – 11:51 PM
Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
The Draymond Podcast should be live if possible tonight with the entire roster on as guests. Drinks flowing – 11:50 PM
Carl Steward @stewardsfolly
If they gave out MVPs for individual games, Draymond Green gets the trophy for the clincher. He set the tone, was absolutely everywhere. – 11:49 PM
Eric Koreen @ekoreen
“I didn’t learn anything about myself.” Bless Draymond. – 11:48 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
Draymond Green: “Welcome back to the Warriors Invitational.” – 11:47 PM
Yaron Weitzman @YaronWeitzman
The most important postgame question: will there be a Draymond podcast? – 11:47 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Draymond Green and Steve Kerr started this season with an Olympic gold medal. It ends with a world championship. – 11:42 PM
Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
Total number of NBA Finals games with more than 30 points, 5 made three-pointers and 5 rebounds:
Stephen Curry: 6
Every other player in NBA history COMBINED: 6
(LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Rashard Lewis and Kobe Bryant each have one such game) – 11:36 PM
Deonte Burton @DeonteBurton
I don’t hear the Draymond slander now!!!!showed up and showed out when it most counted and #30 is a 10 10 player of all time he didn’t even need the finals mvp to prove that he changed the game and now he has one! Book it – 11:35 PM
David Thorpe @coachthorpe
Dray was so locked in. Proves he can always be this guy when he wants. Impact player all game. – 11:34 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Draymond Green to Grant Williams:
“Y’all will be back, no doubt about it.” – 11:31 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
That’s a fourth NBA title for the Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steve Kerr core. Bolsters their legacies with what appears to be plenty left in the tank and a younger part of the roster layering under them. – 11:30 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
Draymond walking into his next recording pic.twitter.com/rrM0FukGrZ11:30 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Draymond Green just told several Celtics “Y’all will be back. No doubt about it.” – 11:29 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Game 6 Dray:
12 PTS
12 REB
2 3PT
Showed up when it mattered most. pic.twitter.com/1LQB1QmNPe11:28 PM

Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Warriors win 103-90 and have won their fourth championship in the last eight seasons.
Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are one of the greatest trios ever. This is one of the best dynasties in all of sports. Unreal. – 11:28 PM
Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Even during the middle of the Warriors’ dynasty run, they talked openly about trying to become this generation’s version of the Spurs. My piece four years ago from interesting perspective from Lacob, Kerr, Myers & Draymond https://t.co/tDvDixGdb2 pic.twitter.com/bTKdt3rHkh11:28 PM

Damichael Cole @DamichaelC
It was a bad breakup, but aye … Draymond Green was right about the Warriors not needing KD. – 11:27 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Steph Curry extremely emotional with 63 seconds left and title basically clinched. Draymond Green had to come over and remind him to box out on the free throw rebound. – 11:26 PM
J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
Steph did his thing. But Cs fans won’t like hearing this b/c but its true: Draymond Green took their heart from the opening tip. Absolutely gutted them #NBAFinals11:25 PM
TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
That is it. Game is over. Golden State is up 15 with 1:30 left and Boston has had no chance to slow the Warriors.
Masterful job by Steph Curry in every way. Wiggins was sensational. Draymond found his rhythm and put on a defensive masterclass.
That is 4 titles now. Amazing. – 11:24 PM
Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
And Draymond waiving bye to the fans headed to the exits. #Celtics #Warriors11:23 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
This really feels like one of Draymond Green’s greatest performances. He’s defending the Celtics drives like he knows what’s coming before they do. – 11:20 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
This qualifies as one of Draymond Green’s all-timers, considering matchup/moment. Sitting at 12 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks. Everywhere defensively. Three timely jumpers. Controlling the game late. Just had Kerr take timeout to get Curry a breather. – 11:18 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs
Draymond has come a long way from where he was after the first three games of this series. This is a Tour de Force performance tonight. 11 rebounds and seemingly all of them are grown man boards. Not to mention 10 pts, 7 assts, 2 stls and 2 blks – 11:11 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
Draymond’s next podcast is going to draw bigger numbers than Top Gun 2. – 11:10 PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
Celtics gotta cut off WiFi, 5G, LTE so Draymond can’t podcast from the locker room. – 11:09 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond with 6:47 remaining: 10 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists, two blocks, two steals. Massive impact – 11:09 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
Draymond Green is beyond special pic.twitter.com/9LvCjUMqus11:08 PM

Andrew Sharp @andrewsharp
Unbelievable Draymond game tonight, and just generally a hall of fame response after it looked like he was going to cost them this series. – 11:08 PM
David Morrow @_DavidMorrow
Draymond has been tremendous tonight. – 11:08 PM
Rob Peterson @ShotDrJr
Draymond’s podcast tonight – 11:07 PM
TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
What a monster rebound from Draymond on that near 3pt make by Boston. – 11:05 PM
Micah Adams @MicahAdams13
Draymond Green is on the verge of another triple-double in the NBA Finals.
The only players in NBA history with more in the Finals are LeBron Jame (11) and Magic Johnson (8). – 10:59 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Poole, Klay, GP2, Wiggins and Draymond to start the fourth quarter
No Steph. – 10:59 PM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Klay, Poole, Draymond, Wiggins and Payton II to start the fourth quarter for the Warriors – 10:59 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
After 3; Warriors 76, Celtics 66
-Warriors get sloppy, Celtics fight back
-Klay/Wiggins combined 10/32 FG
-Draymond: 10p, 9r, 7a, nasty D – best gm of the series
-Given BOS 19 points off 13 turnovers – 10:58 PM
Brady Hawk @BradyHawk305
Nah Draymond Green getting to do this in Boston right now is amazing lol
This should go well – 10:57 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
My dog Draymond shushed the crowd after a wide-open mid range jumper 😭 – 10:57 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Draymond telling the crowd to pipe down after an 18-footer…nearing triple-double range. 8-7-9
76-66 after 3. Still a ballgame – 10:56 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Grant Williams and Draymond Green definitely have beef lol – 10:55 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Death by Draymond jumpers is a hell of a thing. – 10:55 PM
Ohm Youngmisuk @NotoriousOHM
As TD Garden roared at its loudest, Draymond Green buries a deep jumper before motioning to the crowd to pipe down. – 10:54 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
Horford flexes. Draymond laughs at him. Hahaha. – 10:53 PM
J. Kyle Mann @jkylemann
it’s insane that for the past several years everyone alive has known what golden state’s secondary break is going to be
with draymond pitching to a relocating steph
and yet it continues to be this effective – 10:39 PM
Christian Clark @cclark_13
Draymond pod gonna be an all-timer. Finals MVP IMO. Most Valuable Podcaster. – 10:37 PM
Tyrese Haliburton @TyHaliburton22
Dray podcast bouta be crazy!🤣🤣🔥🔥 – 10:36 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Draymond Green is vibing to Jack Harlow sitting at the scorer’s table while Ime Udoka is laying into his team on the bench. – 10:36 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
It’s as if Steph, Draymond and Klay have been playing together for 10 years pic.twitter.com/IfBEvXd5SD10:34 PM

John Karalis @John_Karalis
Six 3-pointers for the Warriors to start the 3rd. 3 from Steph is what it is… 2 from Porter and 1 from Draymond just sucks the life out of a team – 10:33 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
This is an historic Draymond Green game – 10:33 PM
Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Good lord, that sequence from Golden State was just unreal. So fun to watch. The Kick out to Draymond, pass to Curry into a screen, dance around long three, just amazing. It’s normal for them but still amazing. – 10:33 PM
Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
No one pushes it off a miss like Draymond – 10:32 PM
Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Yeah, Draymond is feeelliinn it!! – 10:27 PM
Adam Lauridsen @GSWFastBreak
Draymond backpack meme for the ring. – 10:27 PM
Rosalyn Gold-Onwude @ROSGO21
Draymond Green nails 2nd three of this Game 6, now has 8 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists early in the 3rd quarter. Steve Kerr this is the impact he needs Draymond to have. – 10:26 PM
Zach Kram @zachkram
Draymond finally making 3-pointers is like Giannis finally making his free throws in the clinching Finals game last year – 10:26 PM
Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Late-clock Draymond threes are killers. – 10:26 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Two 3-pointers for Draymond Green
The Warriors are 34-7 all time in the playoffs when he makes at least two 3-pointers – 10:26 PM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Draymond Green has now made two 3-pointers in Game 6. You know what that means. – 10:26 PM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
is there a more deflating shot in the history of basketball than a late-clock three by draymond? – 10:26 PM
Gary Washburn @GwashburnGlobe
Draymond with another 3. It’s their night. #Warriors #Celtics10:25 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Five points, seven rebounds and five assists for Draymond in the first half.
And on defense: held Boston to 2-of-7 shooting as the primary defender, including a combined 0-of-4 from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. – 10:24 PM
Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA
Not a fan of never getting replays of bit end of quarter plays like that Draymond goaltend because the producer already has some “going into halftime” diddy lined up. – 10:22 PM
Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
The play where Draymond guarded Tatum one on one on the break and he stunted to his left to bait Tatum into the euro step and managed to go vertical without fouling to force a wild airball was one of the best plays of the postseason. He’s truly one of the best defenders ever. – 10:19 PM
Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
not sure i can ever remember seeing a team so lost in transition. tatum just flipped that shot over his shoulder. draymond has been ridiculous. – 10:07 PM
Christian Clark @cclark_13
Draymond told Steph to come off the screen. Celtics switched. Klay slips. Draymond throws a bullet to him. Will never get tired of watching these dudes play together. – 10:04 PM
James Edwards III @JLEdwardsIII
Is Draymond going to record drunk tonight? – 10:04 PM
Alan Hahn @alanhahn
#NBAFinals10:04 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
As the President, Vice President, CEO, CFO and CMO of “The Draymond Green Fan Club,” I am really enjoying this 1st half – 10:03 PM
J. Kyle Mann @jkylemann
unbelievable pass by draymond – 10:03 PM
Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
watch Draymond bait the Celtics into this. pic.twitter.com/40Fuj8oB2K10:03 PM

Reggie Bullock @ReggieBullock35
No kizzy DRAYMOND A PLAYER. Can’t hate – 10:02 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond right now: 5 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, +16 – 10:02 PM
John Karalis @John_Karalis
Wow that pass from Draymond was something else. Celtics up to 11 turnovers now – 10:02 PM
Tim Reynolds @ByTimReynolds
That’s an absurdly good pass. Draymond, man. – 10:02 PM
Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg
that Draymond Green pass was something else.. – 10:02 PM
Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
Six rebounds, five assists and a defensive clinic from Draymond Green in this first half. Called out the cut and then pinpointed that last pass to a cutting Klay Thompson to give the Warriors an 18-point lead. Largest of this first half. – 10:02 PM
Carl Steward @stewardsfolly
The awesome Draymond tonight. Simply awesome. – 10:02 PM
TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
That Draymond pass! My lord. – 10:02 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Peak Draymond. Defense, passing. Cutting. Celtics fans booing. 51-33. The life is leaving before halftime… – 10:01 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Draymond has wanted to showtime a couple times on the break. Playing like a Celtic with that turnover – 9:58 PM
Aamir Simms @EarlShmitty_
Yo Draymond Defensive IQ is freaking incredible – 9:58 PM
Jay King @ByJayKing
Draymond is just a special, special defender. Man he’s amazing to watch. – 9:57 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond is giving the Celtics the business – 9:56 PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
Al Horford plows over Draymond — the one call Green should be arguing about and he doesn’t say a thing. – 9:53 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
The first “Fuck you, Draymond!” chants have begun – 9:49 PM
Adam Spolane @AdamSpolane
Draymond should just record the podcast at halftime – 9:47 PM
J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael
Anybody still complaining about Draymond Green 🙄 – 9:45 PM
Patrick Beverley @patbev21
Draymond Green – 9:45 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
Draymond. Green. Is. Everywhere. Absolutely. Everywhere. – 9:45 PM
Tas Melas @TasMelas
Almost impressed with how Draymond Green was able to hit Tatum in the face when Tatum was called for hitting Green FROM BEHIND initially. – 9:43 PM
TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
Good Jordan Poole and a Draymond 3? Yeah we can move onto the second half now. No way Celtics lead heading into the second half. – 9:39 PM
Meghan Triplett @Meghan_Triplett
Well that was an interesting 1st qtr. Celtics come out with that energy and go on a run. A lot of whistles. Warriors respond with their own run. Draymond hits a three. – 9:37 PM
Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Celtics finish the quarter 3-13 with 4 turnovers.
Warriors get tough 3’s from Steph and Poole…Draymond knocks down his first of the series.
A 25-8 close and Golden State up 27-22 after 1. – 9:37 PM
Kendra Andrews @kendra__andrews
Draymond Green 3-pointer. Stephen Curry 3-pointer. Jordan Poole 3-pointer.
Warriors close the first on an 11-0 run to go up 27-22.
At one point, they trailed the Celtics by 12. – 9:36 PM
Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe
Draymond corner 3.
Curry transition 3.
Poole banked 3. – 9:35 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Warriors fall behind 12-2, storm back for 27-22 lead after 1 quarter.
-Tightened the defense
-Hammered the glass
-Moved the ball
-Draymond hits a 3, which tends to bring them luck – 9:35 PM
The Ringer @ringernba
Draymond after hitting his first 3 of the #NBAFinals pic.twitter.com/R4m1eJ9WWF9:35 PM

Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater
That was Draymond Green’s first made 3 of the series. He’d missed his first 12. It was part of an 11-0 Warriors surge to close the first quarter and jump up five. Draymond 3, Curry 3, Poole 3 in final 80 seconds of quarter. – 9:35 PM
Adam Himmelsbach @AdamHimmelsbach
Just a disaster of a finish to that first quarter for the Celtics.
Draymond hits his first 3 of series, Steph hits an impossible one, and Jordan Poole takes one with 18 seconds left on the shot clock and banks it in. – 9:34 PM
StatMuse @statmuse
Just putting this out there:
The Warriors are 19-1 when Draymond Green makes 1 three this season. pic.twitter.com/R0DBRnMQPl9:34 PM

TJ McBride @TJMcBrideNBA
Draymond hitting a 3 feels like one of those prophetic moments of the end of the series. Something that abnormal could only exist at the end. – 9:34 PM
Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps
After missing his first 12 3s to begin the series, Draymond Green buries one in the corner here late in the first.
And, after going up 12-2, Boston allowed the Warriors to close the first quarter with a 25-10 run, and the Warriors now lead 27-22 after 1. – 9:34 PM
Ben Golliver @BenGolliver
Warriors were 13-1 in the regular season and are 6-0 so far in the postseason when Draymond Green makes a three. – 9:33 PM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Draymond Green just hit a 3-pointer.
Uh oh… – 9:33 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
That’s Draymond Green’s first made 3 of these NBA Finals – 9:33 PM
Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS
Draymond with a corner 3. His first make in 13 tries from deep – 9:32 PM
Kerith Burke @KerithBurke
Kevon Looney is playing in his 104th game of the season (reg season & playoffs), tying Klay Thompson (2015-16) & Draymond Green (2015-16) for the most games played in a season in Warriors franchise history. – 9:32 PM
Drew Shiller @DrewShiller
Just watch Draymond here. He’s all over the place and disrupting everything pic.twitter.com/frvdo3wS6G9:12 PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
Celtics defense is now pressing up on Draymond with the ball after spending the series sagging off him to clog the cross-cuts in the lane. – 9:10 PM
Vincent Goodwill @VinceGoodwill
Steph sets up Draymond for the first bucket of the night. Game 6 is here, folks – 9:09 PM
Dalton Johnson @DaltonJ_Johnson
Draymond Green with the first two points of the night for the Warriors – 9:09 PM
CJ Holmes @CjHolmes22
Warriors starters for Game 6:
Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Andrew Wiggins
Otto Porter Jr.
Draymond Green – 8:36 PM
Sean Grande @SeanGrandePBP
Warriors at Celtics – TD Garden – June 16, 2022 – NBA Finals Game 6 Starters
Boston – Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford, R. Williams
Golden State – Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Otto Porter Jr., Draymond Green
OUT: Boston: None Golden State: Wiseman pic.twitter.com/9CSOXYU8cE8:36 PM

Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA
Celtics starters for NBA Finals Game 6:
Robert Williams
Al Horford
Jayson Tatum
Jaylen Brown
Marcus Smart
Warriors starters:
Draymond Green
Otto Porter Jr.
Andrew Wiggins
Klay Thompson
Stephen Curry – 8:33 PM
Alok Pattani @AlokPattani
With a win tonight (or Game 7), Steph Curry/Klay Thompson/Draymond Green will pass Larry Bird/Kevin McHale/Robert Parish for 2nd-most playoff games won by an All-@NBA trio (both trios currently have 92 wins). #1 such trio: Tim Duncan/Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili (126 playoff wins!). – 8:03 PM
NBA Math @NBA_Math
🗣NEW @HardwoodKnocks
📋 2022 NBA Finals: The End is Nigh w/ @MoDakhil_NBA
🔘 Celtics O (3:27)
🔘 Tatum (14:09)
🔘 Wiggins (17:26)
🔘 Dray (23:02)
🔘 Steph (28:05)
🔘 Adjustments (34:20)
🎧 https://t.co/uaK1Nrlr8l
🍎 https://t.co/PVUwW8PcMp
✳️ https://t.co/GN2ZwirRcT
MORE⬇️ pic.twitter.com/AQV1c1uKbR5:31 PM

More on this storyline

In 2012, Curry, then 24 and entering his fourth season, signed a four-year, $44 million extension with the Warriors. Speaking on “The Draymond Green Show,” Curry called that extension “maybe the most favorable in NBA history,” while laughing. -via Insider.com / June 19, 2022
“Let’s keep perspective here: $44 million over four years. More money than my pops had ever made in the league, because I had been around the league for 16 years watching my dad play,” Curry said. “I know how far the league has grown [since] when he played. That’s good money. Support my family. Got a lot of security. I just wanna be healthy. Let’s just focus on that, not what you’re leaving on the table.” -via Insider.com / June 19, 2022
“I tried to set that foundation for my mindset right then and there and never re-negotiate with myself afterwards, never second-guess, never come back to that moment, like, ‘I shoulda, coulda, woulda.’ Because that’s not how life works,” Curry said. -via Insider.com / June 19, 2022

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