Caris LeVert removed from starting lineup

Caris LeVert removed from starting lineup

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Caris LeVert removed from starting lineup

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Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Caris LeVert starting the second OT in place of Lamar Stevens. – 10:23 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
As part of the new rotation, #Cavs Caris LeVert replaces Darius Garland after the first stoppage. – 7:53 PM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
#Cavs Caris LeVert is the first guy off the bench tonight. He’s in for Darius Garland. – 7:52 PM
Bob Finnan @BobCavsinsider
Starting lineup for Cavs: Stevens, Mobley, Allen, Mitchell and Garland. It appears as if Caris LeVert is coming off bench. – 7:16 PM
Serena Winters @SerenaWinters
Jarrett Allen is back in the starting lineup as the Cavaliers get ready to face the Hornets on @BallySportsCLE.
Lamar Stevens remains in the starting lineup, and Caris LeVert will come off the bench.
Your #Cavs starters:
E. Mobley
Allen – 6:49 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
#Cavs new starting lineup for tonight and the foreseeable future, with Lamar Stevens replacing Caris LeVert, has played a grand total of zero minutes together this season. But Cavs want to get a good look at it and evaluate it, sources say…6:27 PM
Chris Fedor @ChrisFedor
In the nine games combined since erupting for 41 points in a massive road win against the Boston Celtics on Oct. 28, #Cavs Caris LeVert has totaled 94 points. That’s an average of just 10.4 points during that stretch. Gotta get more from such a capable scorer. – 11:38 AM
Danny Cunningham @RealDCunningham
Maybe it’s worth something, maybe it’s worth nothing, but Caris LeVert is not in a wine colored practice uniform. Garland, Mobley, Allen, Mitchell, and Lamar Stevens all are for the #Cavs. – 10:51 AM

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Why has this team fit you so well? You’ve said yourself that you’re playing the best ball of your career. Donovan Mitchell: I look at who I’ve been in my career — a guy who could score the ball. (But) I’m asserting myself on a different level defensively. Having another dominant guard (in Darius Garland) who can get you 30 (points on any given night) and also having ‘Vert (Caris LeVert), who can do the same, it relieves that pressure a little bit and allows you to be more engaged defensively, to be there and have the energy. And then on top of that, my coaches (head coach J.B. Bickerstaff and his staff) and my teammates allow me to just go, to be myself — whatever that means. -via The Athletic / November 12, 2022
Whammy speaks fondly of Jarrett Allen, who was sent to Cleveland in the failed three-way trade that briefly brought James Harden to Brooklyn. Years ago, Whammy introduced himself to the young big man. “I said, ‘Do you have grandparents?’ He said, ‘No, but now I do,’” said Whammy, a regular attendee at Nets games since they were based in New Jersey in the 1990s. “Isn’t that beautiful?” Whammy said he taught Allen to shoot foul shots, and shaky free-throw shooter Nic Claxton will be his next project. Caris LeVert, also part of that trade with the Cavaliers, was a hugger. “I’m a little depressed that I don’t get the reaction from this team,” said Whammy, who was close enough with Jason Kidd that he attended his 2018 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. “But in time they will.” -via New York Post / November 3, 2022

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