Ricky Rubio: ‘I don't have much left, two to three years’

Ricky Rubio: ‘I don't have much left, two to three years’

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Ricky Rubio: ‘I don't have much left, two to three years’

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He can’t wait to get back on the court but confessed that he doesn’t expect to play for too many more years in the NBA. “To be honest, I don’t have much left in the NBA,” the MVP of the World Cup 2019 noted and expressed his desire to reach the NBA finals with the Cavs. “When my son starts school, I want to settle in my house in Badalona. In two-three years, I would say I have left. I think I’ve found my place in Cleveland, I’m comfortable, and I want to reach the top with this project. I dream of living the experience of playing in the Finals“.
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Rubio about his NBA future: “I don’t have much left, two to three years” eurohoops.net/en/nba-news/14…6:41 AM
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Ricky Rubio has been sidelined for almost a year after tearing his ACL last season.
The player has taken the final official step to come back to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers 💪
basketnews.com/news-181973-ri…4:54 PM

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Cayleigh Griffin: J.B. Bickerstaff says Ricky Rubio played some “light” 3-on-3 for the first time yesterday, and has a doctor’s appointment coming up. -via Twitter @cayleighgriffin / December 2, 2022
Chris Fedor on Ricky Rubio’s return: ‘He needs to practice with the team, which can be difficult to do, because there aren’t as many practice days once the schedule gets really, really condensed in December in January and February. So yeah, he has taken positive steps, and every sign is good so far. But those are early signs. When it comes to these kinds of progressions, it feels like anyway, and my sources continue to tell me that the Cavs aren’t going to rush him back. They don’t feel like they need to rush him back, that there are enough guys internally that can do some of the things that he would do when coming back and he’s on the wrong side of the 30s and this is a second torn ACL. -via Apple Podcasts / December 2, 2022
Chris Fedor on Ricky Rubio’s return: Usually the recovery period for a torn ACL is 10 to 12 months, like about a year. Makes sense, especially for somebody like him. So if we take that the 12 month mark is the end of December, beginning of January. And then if the Cavs are going to be cautious with it, if they’re going to have a hard time finding these practice times, then you start thinking, okay, middle of January, end of January… So it’s just like really, really hard to get a specific gauge on this kind of injury because of all the different factors that that are going to go into it. But, like, from what you have seen, it looks good, he looks healthy and he looks like he’s moving well, yeah. But there’s a big difference between that and then going out and playing a real NBA game against some big time competition. -via Apple Podcasts / December 2, 2022

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