Kyle Kuzma on staying in Washington: 'It's all about my growth and how I can improve'

Kyle Kuzma on staying in Washington: 'It's all about my growth and how I can improve'

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Kyle Kuzma on staying in Washington: 'It's all about my growth and how I can improve'

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But Kuzma is keeping his options open as his career-best season chugs along. “Yeah, 100 percent, for sure,” Kuzma said when asked whether he could see himself returning to the Wizards should the right deal come along. “For me, it’s all about my growth and how I can improve. That’s the thing I’m always chasing — trying to get better. That’s the main, important thing.”
Source: Ava Wallace @ Washington Post

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Kyle Kuzma @kylekuzma
Great basketball talk with the great @Adrian Wojnarowski coming soon 🗣 PM

Kyle Kuzma @kylekuzma
Just a kid from Flint, Michigan on @ABCGMA3 tune in tomorrow for a surprise 👀🙏🏽 PM

Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Would Kyle Kuzma consider a “return” to the Wizards this summer after exploring free agency, despite the many (many) complicating factors on the team’s end?
“100 percent.”
Caught up with Kuzma this week:…10:55 AM
Wayne Cole @waynec0le
The Washington Wizards fall to the Golden State Warriors.
#DCAboveAll 118
#DubNation 127
Kristaps Porzingis led the team with 32, Monte Morris 17, Kyle Kuzma and Rui Hachimura each had 16.
Steph Curry led all scorers with 40 points. – 5:32 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Final: Warriors gets their fifth road win of the season, 127-118, and the Wizards register their fifth loss in six games.
Porznigis: 32p 5r
Morris: 17p, 10a
Kuzma had Hachimura had 16 each
Curry had 41, Poole had 32. – 5:31 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Final: Warriors 127, Wizards 118
Porziņģis: 32 pts., 5 rebs., 3 assts.
Kuzma: 16 pts., 11 rebs., 5 assts.
Morris: 17 pts., 4 rebs., 10 assts.
Curry: 41 pts., 7 rebs., 2 assts.
Poole: 32 pts., 7 rebs., 3 assts.
3-pointers: Warriors 18/44 (41%), Wizards 14/35 (40%) – 5:29 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Kyle Kuzma was 3-14 from the field through 3 quarters of Wizards-Warriors, but has knocked down back-to-back 3-pointers to start the fourth quarter. – 4:57 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
It’s 93-93 entering the 4th quarter between the Wizards and Warriors.
Kyle Kuzma has had a chance to beat the buzzer in all three quarters so far. He made one to end the 1st. Wonder if he’ll get a 4th attempt. – 4:53 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
End of the 3rd Q: Wizards 93, Warriors 93
Porziņģis: 28 pts., 3 rebs., 4 assts.
Kuzma: 9 pts., 9 rebs., 5 assts.
Curry: 29 pts., 4 rebs., 1 asst.
Poole: 29 pts., 4 rebs., 1 asst.
Lead changes: 12. Ties: 12. – 4:53 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Kyle Kuzma end of quarter half court heaves have been plentiful through three quarters of Wizards-Warriors, credit to him not worrying about his shooting percentages in a contract year
– Cash money in the first
– On a good line but short in the second
– Front rim in the third – 4:52 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Halftime: Warriors 69, Wizards 64
Porziņģis: 25 pts., 1 reb., 2 assts.
Kuzma: 7 pts., 5 rebs., 3 assts.
Wright: 9 pts., 1 reb., 1 asst.
Curry: 21 pts., 3 rebs., 1 asst.
3-pointers: Warriors 10/25, Wizards 7/16 – 4:11 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Kyle Kuzma beats the buzzer from halfcourt to end the 1st quarter against the Warriors. PM

Madeline Kenney @madkenney
Kuzma hit a 43-footer at the horn to close out the first quarter. Warriors lead 35-33.
Wizards clogging the paint and forcing the Warriors to score elsewhere. Stephen Curry leads Golden State with 17 points. Porzingis has 15. – 3:41 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Whew. Kyle Kuzma made his only bucket of the quarter count. A very nice three at the buzzer.
After one, the Warriors lead the Wizards 35-33. Porzingis has 15. Curry has 17. – 3:39 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Warriors lead the Wizards 35-33 after one. GSW is 6-14 3PT, Curry has 17 pts, Porzingis has 15 and Kuzma beat the buzzer with a halfcourt 3. – 3:39 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
The Washington Wizards’ starters this afternoon against the Golden State Warriors, with Bradley Beal out:
PG: Monté Morris
SG: Corey Kispert
SF: Kyle Kuzma
PF: Kristaps Porziņģis
C: Daniel Gafford – 1:24 PM

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