Joel Embiid on post-ups: 'You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s'

Joel Embiid on post-ups: 'You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s'

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Joel Embiid on post-ups: 'You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s'

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Rich Hoffman: Joel Embiid: “It’s funny when you’ve got these old guys always talking about posting up, ‘you need to spend time in the paint,’ and all that stuff. You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s like it used to be. So, they must not have any basketball IQ.”
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Gina Mizell @ginamizell
I asked Embiid about his effectiveness at the nail/elbow, and he took a swipe at Hakeem and the (excellent) SI story about the death of the post-up
“You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the frickin’ ‘90s or ‘80s…They must not have any basketball IQ”…10:13 AM
Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
Joel Embiid last night:
✅ 32 PTS
✅ 9 REB
✅ 12-22 FG
Embiid has scored at least 30 points on 50% shooting from the field in seven straight games, the longest such streak of his career and the second-longest such streak in @Philadelphia 76ers history.
Subscribe:…9:05 AM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
After a win up in Portland, Joel Embiid appeared to take a shot at Hakeem Olajuwon after his comments #Sixers… via @SixersWire7:49 AM
Sean Highkin @highkin
The Blazers are facing a season-defining stretch of the season with five “winnable” games, the final weeks before the trade deadline as the size issue was exposed against Joel Embiid tonight and Nikola Jokic on Tuesday.
Up now at @RoseGardenReprt…2:25 AM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
More Embiid dominance, another Harden triple-double, and the Sixers mostly cruised to a fourth win on their 5-game road trip:…2:05 AM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Joel Embiid: “It’s funny when you’ve got these old guys always talking about posting up, ‘you need to spend time in the paint,’ and all that stuff. You can’t win this way anymore. It’s not the fricking 90s or 80s like it used to be. So, they must not have any basketball IQ.” AM

Kendrick Perkins @KendrickPerkins
Joel Embiid and the 76ers are a LEGIT threat to the Celtics and Bucks in the Eastern Conference!!!! Btw Doc Rivers been coaching his ass off. Carry the hell on… – 12:38 AM
Accidental pass off the backboard ➡️ Fadeaway jumper
Joel Embiid’s 30-point streak is now up to seven games 💪 AM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
One win away from a 5-0 road trip out West. Another 30+ game from Embiid. Another triple-double for Harden. They cooled off in the second half, but still tons to be thrilled with watching the Sixers right now:…12:27 AM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
Last rebound got Harden a triple-double: 16/14/10
Embiid with 32, including this wild jumper.
Sixers 4-0 on a 5-game west coast trip. Sacramento on Saturday night. Really impressive trip, even if they haven’t faced a murderer’s row of West teams.
Philly has won 17 of 21. AM

StatMuse @statmuse
Joel Embiid tonight:
32 PTS
12-22 FG
7-7 FT
Tied for his fewest FTA in a game when scoring 30+ points this season. AM

Jason Dumas @JDumasReports
Shame Embiid likely retires without an MVP. He’s one of the most talented/ unique basketball players to ever live. Injuries, storylines/narratives, and Jokic being equally as special has contributed to him coming up just short constantly. Appreciate that dude though. He different – 12:24 AM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
FINAL: Sixers 105, Blazers 95. Sixers are now 4-0 on this West road trip, but surely won’t be happy with the way they let a 26-point lead slip in the second half. Embiid with 32 and 9. Harden with a triple-double with 16-10-14. Maxey with 15 off the bench. – 12:23 AM
Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen
Joel Embiid is a cheat code. – 12:19 AM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Nurk clearly wanted the ball to try to draw the sixth foul on Embiid (or have an easier finish if Embiid let up to avoid) – 12:18 AM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
It really is getting hard to put into words how good Joel Embiid is. He continues to defy any type of logic in terms of what a 7-footer should be doing on a basketball court. The guy is just terrific. #Sixers12:09 AM
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
man, what a 15 seconds of panic that was watching Embiid lol – 12:07 AM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen
I know it doesn’t really matter (I’m 1/100 out of 25% of the vote)… but I’m legitimately agonizing over the All-Star Starter vote.
2 of 3 of LeBron/Markkanen/Sabonis
3 of 4 of Tatum/Giannis/Embiid/Durant – 11:54 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Sixers 79, Blazers 65 at the end of a bad third quarter for the Sixers. They could use some microwave scoring from Maxey or Milton to start the fourth. Wonder how long until Embiid comes back in. – 11:51 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Blazers have gotten what was a 26-point deficit down to 75-57 late in the third. Embiid had come off the floor earlier than normal because of the four fouls. – 11:40 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Touchdown, Embiid.
(And Harden now with 12 assists to go with his 12 points) – 11:33 PM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
I think Harden screamed “LAYUP” at Embiid when he delivered the bounce pass to him in the shooting pocket on that last pick-and-roll. Joel hesitated and then knocked down the J. – 11:30 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Embiid is one shy of 600 career blocks. – 11:27 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Sixers lead 57-34 at halftime. Don’t think anyone outside of Maxey and Embiid (who slowed down a bit in the second) was super sharp offensively.
Good Sixers defense, but that was some tough stuff from Portland. – 11:10 PM
Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen
An awesome first half showing for the @Philadelphia 76ers, leading, 57-34, at the break.
Embiid: 17 PTS / 6 REB
Maxey: 13 PTS
Harden: 7 PTS / 5 REB / 9 AST – 11:09 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Halftime: Sixers 57, Blazers 34. Sixers didn’t even play that terrifically, but Blazers were baaaad offensively. Shot 31 percent from the floor, 1-of-14 from 3 and committed 12 turnovers that the Sixers converted into 13 points. Embiid with 17 and 6. Maxey with 13. – 11:08 PM
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
If Sixers weren’t cruising I would probably challenge that 3rd foul on Embiid. Looked like Grant just kind of tripped himself – 11:07 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Terrific first quarter for Philadelphia. They held the Blazers to 27.3% shooting and 0/6 from deep while getting 10 points from Joel Embiid and 6 off the bench from Tyrese Maxey. Philly leads it 26-14 after 1 quarter. #Sixers10:39 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Sixers 26, Blazers 14 at the end of the first. Portland made just 6 of its 22 shots, including 0-of-6 from 3. Lillard and Simons are a combined 2-of-11. Embiid with 10 and 6. Maxey with 6 off the bench. Harden already with 6 assists. – 10:37 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Maxey fakes like he’s gonna use that Embiid screen then hits a baseline tear drop PM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Harden-Embiid connection rolling, Maxey with some real juice off the bench, Sixers are cooking early – 10:32 PM
Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Once again, Joel Embiid is off to a terrific start on the offensive end of the floor. He’s up to 10 points on 4/6 shooting and he’s been a big deterrent on the defensive end at the rim. #Sixers10:27 PM
Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen
The @Philadelphia 76ers lead, 15-6, at the first break.
Joel Embiid: 10 PTS / 4-5 fg
The Trail Blazers: 6 PTS / 3-13 fg – 10:24 PM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
Sixers basically running a shell drill of their offense early, Embiid just doing whatever he wants around the nail.
Think it’s underrated that Harden isn’t afraid to thread the needle with bounce passes, esp. in transition. Worst case is a kicked ball, best case highlight dime. – 10:24 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Good start for Embiid and the Sixers defense. Joel is cooking, Nurkic has a couple fouls already, and Portland has just 6 points. Philly by 9. – 10:23 PM
Gina Mizell @ginamizell
Feeling like a broken record, but it’s another strong start for Embiid. He’s got 10 points on 4-of-5 shooting in six minutes. The rest of the Sixers are 1-of-8 from the floor. But the Blazers are even worse, and the Sixers lead 15-6 midway through the period. – 10:23 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Y’all are gonna be surprised by this one, but…
Embiid is off to a fast start yet again. – 10:22 PM
Sean Highkin @highkin
Nurkic in early foul trouble. They weren’t able to do much with Embiid even with him in. Without him it could get rough. – 10:19 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Some very very rapid MVP chants for Embiid at the stripe here in Portland – 10:18 PM
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Have loved seeing Embiid run the floor a bit more on this trip. Early seal of Nurkic, good Harden entry, two free throws. Easy money – 10:18 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann
Joel Embiid is a Kornet Kontesting madman right now. – 10:17 PM
Sean Highkin @highkin
Cheers for Embiid, boos for Harden. – 10:07 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Matisse Thybulle has the 4th highest On-Off on the team despite playing *over half his total w/o Embiid,* possessions that have been *impossible* for #Sixers to win over years. And Harden has only been out there 40 percent of that non-Embiid sample! Some small miracle. – 6:48 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly
Here’s how Embiid will be defended in the playoffs. At least 2 defenders, occasionally 3. Mostly fearless of a kick out for 3. PM

Dave Early @DavidEarly
Last June @Kevin O’Connor reported:
“Embiid and the Sixers hope he can become even more dynamic bringing the ball up the floor himself on the break and driving in the half court.”
Last game: PM

Justin Kubatko @jkubatko
📅 On this day in 2022, the @Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid had 50 points and 12 rebounds in 27 minutes versus the Magic.
It’s the fewest minutes played in a 50p/10r game in NBA history.
Klay Thompson is the only player to record less time in a 50-point game.
More:…3:20 PM
Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#Sixers’ Joel Embiid still fourth in Eastern Conference in fan voting for NBA All-Star Game… via @phillyinquirer – 1:48 PM
Cameron Tabatabaie @CTabatabaie
Next round of NBA All-Star fan voting is in:
Tatum with a big lead over Embiid for the third forward spot in the East frontcourt
Brown ahead of Harden but is far behind Mitchell for the 2nd and final backcourt spot
Reminder that fan voting is only 50% of the total tally PM

Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA
With a week until All-Star starters are announced, Jayson Tatum has grown his fan vote lead over Joel Embiid for the final frontcourt spot while Jaylen Brown has passed James Harden for the runner up backcourt spot. Fans count for 50% of total vote. Players/Media split other 50%. PM

Ben Rohrbach @brohrbach
Jayson Tatum now leads Joel Embiid by more than 200,000 fan votes for the third starting frontcourt spot in the East, which should help him in the aggregate. – 1:02 PM
Austin Krell @NBAKrell
Joel Embiid and James Harden both remain in fourth place for the frontcourt and guards, respectively, in the third fan return for the 2023 NBA All-Star game. PM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
Third fan vote update for All Star: Joel Embiid now trails Jayson Tatum by about 200k votes to start the game. Harden falls to fourth in guard voting behind Jaylen Brown PM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#Sixers’ Joel Embiid remains fourth among Eastern Conference frontcourt players in the third returns of the fan voting for the #NBAAllstar game. James Harden is also fourth among East guards. PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Joel Embiid remains 4th in the front court voting in the East. James Harden has dropped to 4th in the latest All-Star update. #Sixers PM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
Joel Embiid’s MVP candidicay, Sixers’ hot play and bracing for Dame Lillard via @YouTube12:48 PM
NBA Math @NBA_Math
Nikola Jokic has 364.68 TPA during the 2022-23 NBA season, and we haven’t yet reached the All-Star break.
Players who had more TPA during the whole 2021-22 season:
-Luka Doncic (375.01)
-Joel Embiid (423.53)
-Giannis Antetokounmpo (509.17)
-Nikola Jokic (691.16)
That’s it. AM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck
On the latest Clap Your Hands with @EliotShorrParks, we discuss:
—his terrible take on pizza / the Nick Sirianni Pizza Hut “controversy”
—Embiid and the MVP race
—Maxey sixth man effort vs. Clips
And more…9:38 AM

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Since he started playing basketball at the age of 15, Embiid certainly had to make up for lost time. He didn’t want to be a traditional big man, though. He wanted to be a big man who should space the floor out while also dominating inside. “I think my progression from the time when I started playing at 16 was — I still remember the first move I was taught was the Dirk fadeaway. So I was not a big where you got to go through a bunch of down posts, you got to play like a big. So I think I got lucky because from the time I started playing, I was allowed to shoot the ball, so I had to work on it. -via Clutch Points / January 18, 2023
“Obviously I mentioned that before as far as looking at my white people on YouTube. That’s how I learned how to shoot, is by watching white people on YouTube. But other than that, I always saw it as especially when you watch bigs from the past that was something I was missing. Whether it’s the perimeter game or shooting the ball. So I just wanted to be different. And I think it’s helped me a lot.” -via Clutch Points / January 18, 2023
Sharing NBA courts with his fellow Cameroonians, Koloko admits, it’s special. “I am very happy to have reached this level so far, and I am also very happy to have to share it with Pascal and Joel. So it’s a great time, that is for sure. We all know that a lot of people back home, and around the continent, follow our steps constantly, and we are very proud to be representing Cameroon in the world basketball scene. It’s a huge honor, and every time I step on the court or sit on the bench, I am always trying to make my fellow compatriots proud, and happy to see us in this great situation that we are in currently in. It’s important to inspire the youth, and Pascal, Joel and myself are trying to do so the best possible way.” -via FIBA / January 17, 2023

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