LaVar Ball on Lonzo Ball's injury: He's going to be fine

LaVar Ball on Lonzo Ball's injury: He's going to be fine

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LaVar Ball on Lonzo Ball's injury: He's going to be fine

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LaVar Ball: “Lonzo is going to be fine. He’s only 25 years old. He’s going to get his stuff together and then he’ll be ready to play and do his thing again. People just got to stay off that and thinking ‘Oh, you’re going to come back tomorrow, or next week, or next month.’”
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Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers
No disrespect to Bobby Marks, or to Lonzo (whose game I like), but re: scenario 1, if I’m taking on Lonzo’s contract, you’re giving *me* picks, not the other way around. Even w/LaVine (who I’m not wild about anyway) attached. At worst, they cancel out. AK…1:28 PM
KC Johnson @KCJHoop
Speaking on @gimmehotsauce21 podcast, LaVar Ball says Lonzo “is going to be fine” and said there was “debris in a nerve” but that’s OK now. Ball underwent a debridement in Sept. Last word from Bulls is that Ball is “nowhere near playing.” Ball said in Paris he remains upbeat. – 7:02 PM
Law Murray @LawMurrayTheNU
The Chicago Bulls will have a rest advantage over the Clippers tomorrow, and everyone who has played for them this season should be available except Javonte Green (out, right knee).
Lonzo Ball (out, left knee) hasn’t played since January 14, 2022. – 5:39 PM

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LaVar Ball: “I mean he had some debris in the nerve. That’s going to cause you to do some other things. That’s why he couldn’t get nothing done. It don’t allow you to stretch like that. But all that’s done now. So now it’s about getting your strength back and then getting your endurance.” -via Audacy / February 2, 2023
LaVar Ball: “Like I told him, do everything slow. Don’t be 70% and try to come out there, be 100%. So whenever you’re 100% come back and be ready to go. It ain’t about sitting out one game, 20 games. Worry about the money and stuff like that? Nah. Just make sure you’re healthy and good to go where you can play the same way.” -via Audacy / February 2, 2023
Daniel Greenberg: According to @JCowleyHoops on 670 The Score: 1) The Chicago Bulls don’t know why Lonzo Ball is still feeling pain in his knee. The medical staff doesn’t know why there is still pain. Lonzo and his camp also don’t know why. 2) Lonzo has had at least 6 opinions from doctors. -via Twitter / February 1, 2023

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