Plaxico Burress to Ja Morant: 'If you can’t learn anything, learn from me'

Plaxico Burress to Ja Morant: 'If you can’t learn anything, learn from me'

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Plaxico Burress to Ja Morant: 'If you can’t learn anything, learn from me'

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Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in 2008 at a nightclub in Manhattan less than year after catching the game-winning touchdown for the Giants in the Super Bowl. He spent nearly two years in prison, and his career never recovered. In March, he was asked about Morant in an interview on “The Carton Show.” “If I was speaking to him, it would just be, ‘If you can’t learn anything, learn from me,’” Burress said. “Just make better decisions because you really don’t want for him to have that label moving forward, being that he’s so young. He has the opportunity to be the face of the N.B.A. He’s that great of a player and you want to continue to see him, you know, mature as a person as his game is getting better.”
Source: Sopan Deb @ New York Times

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Eric Smith @Eric__Smith
From load management to concussions, mental health & more…hear from former #Raptors & #Grizzlies head athletic trainer Scott McCullough (28 yrs in the #nba). Plus, Alvin Williams on the latest w/ Ja Morant & the Philly native assesses the #Sixers & more… PM

Damichael Cole @DamichaelC
Former Grizzlies star Tony Allen says he contacts Tee Morant “every day,” and he has tried to reach out to Ja Morant.
“I been through some of everything of what he’s trying to portray. It can get rough.”
Story:…11:29 AM
Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
Lil Wayne with the worst take ever on Ja Morant. Says his problems are because he’s from a small town. Dude stop talking. AM

Peter Vecsey @PeterVecsey1
Ja Morant released a new statement:
NRA members buy sneakers too – 3:20 PM
Sopan Deb @SopanDeb
A piece on Ja Morant. Spoke with Gilbert Arenas, et. al about the fallout from yet another video, and what comes next for reputation rehab for @NYTSports:… PM

Tommy Beer @TommyBeer
Today’s pod is live
@EJ_Stewart and I discuss the lottery results, Ja Morant and Mitch Rob rumors…11:30 AM
Geoff Calkins @geoff_calkins
Ja Morant has the ability to cut gun violence in Memphis. Here is the plan:…6:43 PM
Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“Those guys are just, they’re just freaking idiots,” Charles Barkley said Wednesday of the Ja Morant defenders in the media.
They probably aren’t idiots. They are just choosing, for whatever reason, to ignore the obvious.
@DanWetzel ➡️ PM

Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
Nike’s website and app no longer feature Ja Morant’s signature shoes.
The ‘Hunger Ja 1,’ dropping May 25th is still on SNKRS but not Nike’s app.
(h/t @FOS) PM

Ball Don’t Lie @Balldontlie
“We got some idiots, some fools, some jackasses on television that really piss me off.”
Charles Barkley gives his stance on the Ja Morant commentary 😬 PM

Ethan Strauss @SherwoodStrauss
The Ja Morant PR challenge: How the ace media manipulators at HoS would have handled this latest IG Live mishap…1:00 PM
Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
Endless talk about 6-3 Bronny James being a lottery pick. With no clear skill set. In the last 10 drafts. 140 selections. There have been exactly five 6-3 under players selected in the lottery.
Three are generational players. All-Stars.
De’Aaron Fox
Ja Morant
Trae Young – 10:38 AM

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Tony Allen said he has tried to reach out Ja Morant, and he frequently contacts the two-time all-star’s father Tee Morant. Allen spent seven seasons with the Grizzlies and finished his career as arguably the most decorated defender in franchise history. He also spent time as a development coach for the Grizzlies’ G League affiliate, the Memphis Hustle. “I reach out to his dad every day,” Allen said. “I tell him, ‘Hey man, I’m in y’all corner. I’m around. I’m here if you need me.’ I been through some of everything of what he’s trying to portray. It can get rough.” -via Memphis Commercial Appeal / May 20, 2023
“I’ll definitely tell him the guns are not one of those things you play with,” Allen said while joining Kevin Garnett’s show, KG Certified. “… I just think if he got that fear of holding a gun, he should be in much need of security.” “More so than anything, you got to be properly planning in your movements,” Allen later added. “When you out and about man, and you definitely think you need a gun or you need places to go that you need a gun, you might not need to be going to those places. I say that from experience.” -via Memphis Commercial Appeal / May 20, 2023

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