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The relationship that really matters, however, is Westbrook’s and Donovan’s. Publicly, Westbrook has praised Donovan, crediting him for being “nothing but great” for himself and the organization. But I keep hearing rumblings that Westbrook’s faith has waned in Donovan, and close observers this season have caught several curious in-game moments between coach and star that make you wonder. If the relationship is fractured, Donovan’s done. It’s hard for any coach to survive three straight first-round exits, and if there’s trouble brewing between that coach and his biggest star then that coach has no chance of survival.
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Storyline: Billy Donovan Hot Seat?
Griffin, though, is staying positive, citing his relationship with Davis’ agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. Paul, of course, represents Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. The King and Griffin won the 2016 championship together with the Cleveland Cavaliers. “But I look at the situation with very good optimism and the reason is I have a very good working relationship with Rich Paul,” Griffin said on ESPN’s The Jump. “I think there’s going to be appreciation on his part for the fact that I would not have come here if it wasn’t for the fact that Mrs. Benson and her ownership team weren’t completely committed to winning. They very much are. Because of that, I think some of the concerns that Anthony probably had, we’re going to be able to alleviate. “I feel like there is reason to be optimistic that he’s going to be open minded to coming back. But the real question is, what does it look like and can we give each other what we really need and be the sort of expression of greatness for one another. I hope that we can. But it’s certainly not something we believe can’t happen.”
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Storyline: Anthony Davis Trade?
Luke​ Walton’s new​ job​ as​ head​ coach of the Sacramento Kings is​ safe –​ for​ now. According to​ a source​ with​​ knowledge of the team’s plans, they are in the process of working with the NBA to find the truth regarding the sexual assault allegations levied against him by his former colleague at Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum SportsNet), Kelli Tennant. As of Tuesday afternoon, the Kings’ focus was solely on the fact-finding aspect of the serious situation and the prospect of firing him appears to have no momentum at this time.
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Storyline: Luke Walton Case
To that end, it appears the early stages of the investigation have been delayed because all parties involved have had trouble securing copies of the lawsuit that was first reported by TMZ and later detailed by the Los Angeles Times. A spokesman from the Los Angeles Superior Court told The Athletic mid-day Tuesday that the case had yet to show up in their system. Nonetheless, it appears to only be a matter of time before the suit is formally processed. Tennant’s attorney, Garo Mardirossian, is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the allegations. According to the Times, the alleged incident took place at a Santa Monica hotel during Walton’s time as an assistant with the Golden State Warriors (2014-16).
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