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No extension coming for DeMar DeRozan?

According to the latest rumbles, San Antonio and DeRozan aren’t particularly close to a deal. But there is no looming deadline for veteran extensions like DeRozan’s — extension talks can go all the way up to June 30 as opposed to Monday’s deadline for rookie-scale deals — and the Spurs have lots to think about here.
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JR Smith on Lakers' radar?

NBA champion JR Smith has been out of the league since July, when the Cavs decided to waive him. The 34-year-old marksman has drawn some interest, but it’s the Lakers who are now intrigued. Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes recently joined Brandon Robinson on the Scoop B. Radio Podcast. Amid their discussion, Haynes reported the Lakers are giving Smith “a serious look:” “I think the Lakers are giving him a serious look,” Yahoo Sports’ Haynes told Robinson on the Scoop B Radio Podcast. “I think they want to go into the season with the roster they have,” Haynes added. “(They want to) check the first 10, 15 games, see how things are going, check the list of numbers and percentages and see what they lack before they decide what they’re gonna do.”
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Davis, who averaged 25.9 points, 12 rebounds, 2.4 blocks and 1.6 steals in 56 games with the Pelicans last season and who this observer deems the best co-star James has ever had, has a player option for next season worth $28.7 million. And every time he’s asked to discuss his long-term future with the Lakers, his answer remains unchanged. “I just want to focus on this year,” he’ll say (or something close to it). As one person close to him said when asked to explain how people should see the Lakers’ chances of retaining Davis here, “Just don’t f*** it up.”

DeRozan, Spurs far apart on extension talks

A source with knowledge of the situation says the Spurs and DeRozan have continued to discuss a possible extension, but the two sides remain quite a ways apart. (As our Shams Charania recently reported, a max extension for DeRozan would be four years, $150 million; a deal can be agreed upon up until the start of free agency). For San Antonio’s purposes, a two-year deal would be preferable as a way to maintain future flexibility while securing a player in DeRozan, who – if he opts out – would be the best wing scorer on the market. If the 30-year-old DeRozan picks up the option, however, he could reap the benefits of a 2021 summer in which the cap is expected to spike to approximately $125 million (looming China factor notwithstanding).
This rumor is part of a storyline: 6 more rumors