Anthony Davis has the best PER in NBA playoffs history

Sample size is important to note here, as is Player Efficiency Rating’s (PER, for short) well-known affinity for high-rebound big men who shoot high percentages from the floor, but it’s still absolutely crazy that Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis currently owns the highest PER in NBA playoff history.

At 28.7, Davis possesses a better mark than Michael Jordan (28.6), George Mikan (28.5) and his own teammate LeBron James (28.3) through 23 career playoff games.

Also interesting: The No. 5 PER in postseason history belongs to another All-NBA-level big man who’s currently dominating the playoffs, Nikola Jokic, who’s 27.3 PER is just ahead of Shaquille O’Neal (26.1) for the fifth-best ever in the postseason.

For the full gallery of the highest PERs in playoff history, just scroll down through the list below.

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