The NBA players with the most money left on their contracts

The NBA players with the most money left on their contracts

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The NBA players with the most money left on their contracts

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It’s no secret that right now, NBA players are getting enormous, borderline unfathomable amounts of money now through the contracts they sign with their teams.

For the 2024-25 campaign, for example, the Golden State Warriors are already locked into paying Stephen Curry $55.8 million while the Brooklyn Nets will owe Kevin Durant $51.2 million. It’s not that either franchise would complain about that, as both players are perennial MVP candidates and more than worth it.

Rather, it’s still somewhat shocking to see how rich some of these NBA player contracts have gotten.

Below, check out the NBA players with the most total money left on their contracts, led by Curry, who is owed $261.1 million from Golden State.

1. Stephen Curry (Golden State)

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

$261,134,628 until the 2025-26 season

2. Joel Embiid (Philadelphia)

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers

$261,117,760 until the 2026-27 season

3. Kevin Durant (Brooklyn)

Kevin Durant attempts a free throw

$239,675,808 until the 2025-26 season

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee)

mvp rankings 2020-21 giannis jokic lebron embiid curry doncic

$228,200,420 until the 2025-26 season

5. Jimmy Butler (Miami)

$220,065,531 until the 2025-26 season

6. Luka Doncic (Dallas)

$217,234,391 until the 2026-27 season

7. Rudy Gobert (Utah)

$205,000,001 until the 2025-26 season

8. Trae Young (Atlanta)

Trae Young

$180,876,471 until the 2026-27 season

9. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Oklahoma City)

nba trade rumors rankings 2021 draft day night shai gilgeous alexander lakers kyle kuzma ben simmons bradley beal damian lillard

$178,045,532 until the 2026-27 season

10. Paul George (LA Clippers)

2020-21 nba playoff mvp rankings rumors paul georeg giannis kevin durant paul george dribbles playoff p

$176,265,152 until the 2024-25 season

10. Kawhi Leonard (LA Clippers)

$176,265,152 until the 2024-25 season

10. Damian Lillard (Portland)

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers

$176,265,152 until the 2024-25 season

13. Jamal Murray (Denver)

Jamal Murray, Denver Nuggets

$166,984,200 until the 2025-26 season

14. Bam Adebayo (Miami)

Bam Adebayo tries to save the ball

$163,000,300 until the 2025-26 season

14. De'Aaron Fox (Sacramento)

De'Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings

$163,000,300 until the 2025-26 season

14. Donovan Mitchell (Utah)

$163,000,300 until the 2025-26 season

14. Jayson Tatum (Boston)

$163,000,300 until the 2025-26 season

18. Anthony Davis (LA Lakers)

$157,161,600 until the 2024-25 season

19. Ben Simmons (Philadelphia)

Ben Simmons

$146,684,160 until the 2024-25 season

20. Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee)

Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee Bucks

$145,292,373 until the 2024-25 season

21. Julius Randle (New York)

Julius Randle, New York Knicks

$138,869,280 until the 2025-26 season

22. Brandon Ingram (New Orleans)

Brandon Ingram, New Orleans Pelicans

$130,968,000 until the 2024-25 season

23. John Collins (Atlanta)

John Collins, Atlanta Hawks

$125,000,000 until the 2025-26 season

24. Klay Thompson (Golden State)

$121,800,240 until the 2023-24 season

25. Khris Middleton (Milwaukee)

Khris Middleton, Milwaukee Bucks

$113,844,828 until the 2023-24 season

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