Ranking the players moved on trade deadline week

Ranking the players moved on trade deadline week


Ranking the players moved on trade deadline week

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A slow start to the week of the 2020-21 NBA trade deadline was not a precursor of what was to come on the actual day of the deadline, as we saw an astronomical 16 trades take place over the final 15 hours before the market closed.

Just this week, a grand total of 46 players were dealt, which, not including two-ways or 10-days, means that around 10 percent of NBA players have been traded since Monday, an almost hard-to-fathom number.

As always, we were in store for some surprises on trade deadline day, like Nikola Vucevic being dealt to the Chicago Bulls and Aaron Gordon being traded to the Denver Nuggets, along with other moves which have been theorized for months, like Victor Oladipo to the Miami Heat, making for an overall very exciting 15 hours of action dating back to late Wednesday.

Just to get in on the fun, we decided to rank every player who was traded on the week of the 2020-21 NBA trade deadline. The cut-off date for that was last Monday, so players like PJ Tucker and Trevor Ariza, traded last week, don’t count for this exercise.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Mfiondu Kabengele

Traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Sacramento Kings, who will reportedly waive him.

The first player dealt on trade deadline week is also the least impactful of the bunch. However, the big man does have some potential as a shot-blocker and three-point shooter, he just might have to head overseas to hone those skills some more.

For the latest Mfiondu Kabengele rumors, click here.

Ignas Brazdeikis

Traded from the New York Knicks to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Energetic forward whose career so far includes just 13 games of NBA action and 19 total points scored. Solid complementary skill set as a spot-up shooter and off-ball cutter.

For the latest Ignas Brazdeikis rumors, click here.

Vincent Poirier

Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the New York Knicks, who will reportedly waive him.

Energy big man who sets strong screens but is very lacking in the athleticism department, which has relegated him to a deep bench role in his NBA career.

For the latest Vincent Poirier rumors, click here.

Chandler Hutchison

Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Washington Wizards.

Oft-injured swingman who is already about to turn 25, making it unclear if he’ll ever live up to his status as a former first-round pick.

For the latest Chandler Hutchison rumors, click here.

Isaiah Hartenstein

Traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Big 7-footer who can put the ball on the floor and handle the rock, but one who struggles mightily as an outside shooter. Will need to develop his outside shot to earn a legit NBA role, as his athleticism is lacking compared to other frontcourt players. To his credit, he does play with a lot of energy and cleans up on the glass well.

For the latest Isaiah Hartenstein rumors, click here.

Gary Clark

Traded from the Orlando Magic to the Denver Nuggets.

Dirty-work forward who is better defensively than on offense. He can clean up messes down low and score that way, but cannot be counted on to get buckets in any other way.

For the latest Gary Clark rumors, click here.

Daniel Gafford

Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Washington Wizards.

An analytics darling despite not carving out a huge role with the Chicago Bulls this year. If we did these rankings based solely on Box Plus/Minus (BPM), he’d actually rank in the Top 15 of players traded on deadline week. Plus-rebounding and shot-blocking potential.

For the latest Daniel Gafford rumors, click here.

Luke Kornet

Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Boston Celtics.

Big man with great size at 7-foot-2 who can do some outside shooting and is a threat protecting the basket for his team. He’ll get a shot with Boston, too, who are without Tristan Thompson for the time being.

For the latest Luke Kornet rumors, click here.

Chris Silva

Traded from the Miami Heat to the Sacramento Kings.

Energy, dirty-work big man with surprising athleticism. He’s a solid finisher out of the pick-and-roll, really battles on the glass and can do some shot-blocking. Very limited shooting ability.

For the latest Chris Silva rumors, click here.

Terrance Ferguson

Traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the New York Knicks.

He hasn’t come close to living up to his upside, but the 2-guard is an athletic freak who has shown in the past he has some three-point shooting ability. Just not recently.

For the latest Terrance Ferguson rumors, click here.

Wesley Iwundu

Traded from the Dallas Mavericks to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Poor outside shooter but he can do some scoring as a slasher. Solid defender thanks to lateral athleticism and effort.

For the latest Wesley Iwundu rumors, click here.

Nicolo Melli

Traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Dallas Mavericks.

Athletically limited big man who is the prototypical floor-spacing European power forward. Can do some ball-handling, too. The problem is, his outside shot hasn’t been nearly accurate enough to warrant a huge role on a good team.

For the latest Nicolo Melli rumors, click here.

Troy Brown Jr.

Traded from the Washington Wizards to the Chicago Bulls.

After a promising sophomore season, he has struggled mightily this year, shooting roughly 37 percent from the floor and just over 30 percent from three. Has some upside as a wing who can do a bit of everything, but he’s got to start putting it together soon.

For the latest Troy Brown rumors, click here.

Al-Farouq Aminu

Traded from the Orlando Magic to Chicago Bulls.

Has spent most of the last two seasons on the injury report, but when healthy, he’s a solid 3-and-D piece on the wing with outstanding length and decent outside shooting touch. He can also provide some scoring off of one or two dribbles.

For the latest Al-Farouq Aminu rumors, click here.

Marquese Chriss

Traded from the Golden State Warriors to the San Antonio Spurs.

Elite frontcourt athlete who can legitimately jump out of the gym. His game remains raw at this point, however, besides catch-and-finish plays, and missing pretty much all of this season with injury raises huge concerns about his future. He’s already almost 24.

For the latest Marquese Chriss rumors, click here.

Jeff Teague

Traded from the Boston Celtics to the Orlando Magic, who will reportedly waive him.

With his once-elite quickness diminished, he’s no longer the player he was in his prime, but he can still do some scoring and playmaking in a reserve role. And he may not have shot a ton of threes this season, but he has hit over 46 percent of his threes this season. With the Magic expected to buy him out, it’ll be interesting to see if a contender goes after him in the coming weeks.

For the latest Jeff Teague rumors, click here.

Matt Thomas

Traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Utah Jazz.

Off-ball shooting specialist in a point guard’s body. Limited athletically but does give good effort defensively. Hitting an absurd nearly 46 percent of his threes over 67 NBA games. The Jazz really have a plethora of riches as far as elite outside shooters.

For the latest Matt Thomas rumors, click here.

Moritz Wagner

Traded from the Washington Wizards to the Boston Celtics.

Big man who plays with bundles of energy, sets hard picks and doesn’t mind doing the dirty work. However, he’s not much of a three-point shooter at this stage of his career, which many thought could have been a strength of his coming out of college. He’ll get a chance to carve out a role with the frontcourt-needy Celtics.

For the latest Moritz Wagner rumors, click here.

Terence Davis

Traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Sacramento Kings.

2-guard with upside who is a solid shooter, good athlete and has good scoring instincts. The Kings did well to pick him up as they’ll be able to give him a more consistent role than he had in Toronto. 

For the latest Terence Davis rumors, click here.

Tony Bradley

Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Played relatively well in Joel Embiid’s absence recently, averaging 7.8 rebounds and 6.8 rebounds over his last eight games (seven starts) before getting traded. The Thunder will get a long look at what they have in the 23-year-old former late first-round pick now.

For the latest Tony Bradley rumors, click here.

Moe Harkless

Traded from the Miami Heat to the Sacramento Kings.

Defensive-minded wing who wasn’t able to crack the rotation in Miami after getting injured. Inconsistent outside shooter but does have a good nose for defending thanks to length and instincts.

For the latest Moe Harkless rumors, click here.

Brad Wanamaker

Traded from the Golden State Warriors to the Charlotte Hornets.

Backup point guard who can run the offense, get guys to their spots and do some playmaking, but a limited overall player due to poor athleticism and very inconsistent shooting.

For the latest Brad Wanamaker rumors, click here.

Cory Joseph

Traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Detroit Pistons.

Very experienced reserve point guard who can be a spot starter at times. Not much of an outside shooter or playmaker, but his rock-solid defense makes up for that a bit. Very tenacious on that end of the floor.

For the latest Cory Joseph rumors, click here.

RJ Hampton

Traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Orlando Magic.

It was difficult deciding where to put him on these rankings due to the fact that he’s averaging fewer than three points per game this season. At the same time, he’s still just 20 years old and a former first-round pick merely half a season into his NBA career. His upside is relatively high as an off-ball scorer and playmaker, making him a solid get by the Magic, who are initiating a major rebuild right now.

For the latest RJ Hampton rumors, click here.

Rodney Hood

Traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Toronto Raptors.

Hasn’t looked the same since returning from the major Achilles injury, which is unfortunate because he was playing some of his best basketball before going down. Can still do some scoring off-the-dribble from the midrange and three.

For the latest Rodney Hood rumors, click here.

Austin Rivers

Traded from the New York Knicks to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Experienced guard who is tenacious on the defensive end, but struggles with his efficiency as a scorer due to poor shooting marks. Could be a buyout candidate, as he would have interest from contenders needing perimeter toughness.

For the latest Austin Rivers rumors, click here.

Avery Bradley

Traded from the Miami Heat to the Houston Rockets.

Limited to 10 games this season due to injury, but he provides a positive impact on the defensive end thanks to a bulldog mentality – he really gets into opposing ball-handlers bodies – and quick feet. Adept outside shooter with his feet set. Another buyout candidate, as the Rockets really have no use for him while contenders might covet his defense.

For the latest Avery Bradley rumors, click here.

Nemanja Bjelica

Traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Miami Heat.

After having his best NBA season in 2019-20, he’s struggled this year, coming in and out of the lineup for the Kings. When in top form, he’s a floor-spacing power forward who can do some scoring off the dribble and be a secondary playmaker. He should be a solid fit next to the more paint/midrange-bound Bam Adebayo.

For the latest Nemanja Bjelica rumors, click here.

James Johnson

Traded from the Dallas Mavericks to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Versatile player on both ends of the floor, who can ably cover multiple positions on defense and do some ball-handling and off-the-dribble scoring on offense. The Pelicans undoubtedly picked him up to help improve their toughness along with their defense, which ranks third-worst this season.

For the latest James Johnson rumors, click here.

Gary Harris

Traded from the Denver Nuggets to the Orlando Magic.

Injuries have plagued him over the past few seasons, but when healthy, he’s a solid off-ball guard who makes a positive impact as a spot-up shooter and as a slasher. Also a plus-defender with some playoff experience, so Orlando could help him get healthy before flipping him for something of value this offseason.

For the latest Gary Harris rumors, click here.

JJ Redick

Traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Dallas Mavericks.

Getting up there in age, but still shooting over 36 percent from three this year, a number the Mavericks probably expect to improve playing on a team with a superstar like Luka Doncic running the show and Kristaps Porzingis spacing the floor from deep.

For the latest JJ Redick rumors, click here.

Kelly Olynyk

Traded from the Miami Heat to the Houston Rockets.

Despite his awkward style of play, the advanced analytics still grade him out as a positive player. A solid passer, outside shooter and ball-handler for a big man, and though he provides next to nothing as a paint-protector, he can move his feet well enough to cover more mobile frontcourt opponents.

For the latest Kelly Olynyk rumors, click here.

Rajon Rondo

Traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Clippers took a fairly big gamble trading for him considering his play this season (he’s averaging fewer than four points and four assists), but they probably expect his play to improve playing on a contender again. Plus, looking at their roster, they likely do need a playmaker at point guard and not another perimeter scorer.

For the latest Rajon Rondo rumors, click here.

JaVale McGee

Traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Denver Nuggets.

Savvy pickup for the Nuggets, as he has championship experience and is still a top-tier rim protector who should provide some defense off the bench and could even play in lineups next to the perimeter-oriented Nikola Jokic.

For the latest JaVale McGee rumors, click here.

Daniel Theis

Traded from the Boston Celtics to the Chicago Bulls.

Floor-spacing, rim-protecting big man who established himself with the Celtics as a solid role player. The Bulls were wise to bring him in to help shore up their paint defense and bring playoff experience to the locker room now that their sights are set clearly on the postseason.

For the latest Daniel Theis rumors, click here.

Otto Porter

Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Orlando Magic.

Swingman with good size and skill who can do some scoring, rebounding and playmaking, as well as get buckets from the outside and even post up on smaller opponents. Contenders are probably wondering if the Magic will buy him out, as he’s on the final year of a huge deal and better-suited to be on a playoff-level team and not one that just started a huge rebuild.

For the latest Otto Porter rumors, click here.

Delon Wright

Traded from the Detroit Pistons to the Sacramento Kings.

If we were basing this ranking solely on the aforementioned BPM, he would actually rank as the third-most-impactful player traded this week. Of course, advanced metrics don’t tell the entire story and common sense needs to be applied to them. Even so, he was a great pickup for the Kings, who signaled with that trade that they’re going to try to make a playoff run this very year. He’s a solid scorer, rebounder and playmaker for a role-playing guard.

For the latest Delon Wright rumors, click here.

Wendell Carter Jr.

Traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Orlando Magic.

Great get for the rebuilding Magic, as despite being in his third NBA season, he still hasn’t even turned 22 years old and has big upside as a modern big man. He has missed a lot of time in his career due to different injuries but nonetheless has also shown very impressive flashes of potential as a face-up big man with three-point shooting ability and above-average instincts as a defender.

For the latest Wendell Carter rumors, click here.

George Hill

Traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Philadelphia 76ers.

It always appeared like he was headed towards finishing this season on a contender, and to no one’s surprise, that’s what happened when the Thunder shipped him to the 76ers. He may not fill the void for another playmaker Philadelphia has, but he’s an excellent spot-up shooter and solid backcourt defender.

For the latest George Hill rumors, click here.

Lou Williams

Traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Atlanta Hawks.

His play is finally starting to look like that of a player who is almost 35 now, but he’s still good for some perimeter bucket-getting and solid outside shooting off the dribble. His biggest question mark has always been: Does his regular-season impact translate to the playoffs? Nevertheless, the Hawks probably just want to make the playoffs this year, so as long as he helps them get there, they won’t care about the answer to that question.

For the latest Lou Williams rumors, click here.

Gary Trent Jr.

Traded from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Toronto Raptors.

A 40-plus percent three-point shooter for his career, he’s used to playing with an elite point guard with a high usage rate, so he should be a solid fit in Toronto playing off of Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam

For the latest Gary Trent Jr. rumors, click here.

Evan Fournier

Traded from the Orlando Magic to the Boston Celtics.

Smooth scoring swingman with playmaking ability who can help somewhat fill the hole left behind by Gordon Hayward, who the Celtics have clearly missed this year. The French guard can score off the dribble from all three levels and should be a good fit alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, who will help mask his defensive deficiencies. He might even be able to fill out a role as a sixth man for Boston, which could be where he’s best-suited to play these days.

For the latest Evan Fournier rumors, click here.

Victor Oladipo

Traded from the Houston Rockets to the Miami Heat.

A two-time All-Star who the Heat did well to land for a relatively cheap package. Injuries have hampered him over recent seasons, but he’s still a top backcourt defender and putting up a 20-5-5 stat line along with 1.3 steals per game. His efficiency leaves something to be desired this year, but playing with Adebayo and Jimmy Butler should help him improve that, as he won’t be expected to do as much scoring and playmaking. It was no secret that he wanted to end up in Miami one way or another, so now he’ll get the chance over the coming stretch run of the season to prove to the Heat he’ll be worth a long-term investment this offseason.

For the latest Victor Oladipo rumors, click here.

Norman Powell

Traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Portland Trail Blazers.

It’s been beyond impressive watching him blossom from purely a 3-and-D role player into the sharpshooting nearly 20-point-per-game scorer he is now. A nearly 44 percent three-point shooter this season, he’ll be able to give the Blazers more off-the-dribble scoring than Trent did, as well as better defense. Portland now has the legit wing they have been lacking for some time to play with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, making them a very interesting team to watch come playoff time.

For the latest Norman Powell rumors, click here.

Aaron Gordon

Traded from the Orlando Magic to the Denver Nuggets.

For years, we’ve heard that he would be a better fit on a contender where he could play purely a secondary role, focus on defense and not have to do so much individual scoring and playmaking. Now, we get to find out how true that is, as with the Nuggets, he’ll be a complementary piece to an MVP candidate in Jokic and to the high-scoring Jamal Murray. Defensively, this pickup is exactly what Denver needed, too, as his switching ability and raw athleticism will fill the huge hole left behind by Jerami Grant.

For the latest Aaron Gordon rumors, click here.

Nikola Vucevic

Traded from the Orlando Magic to the Chicago Bulls.

The best player traded on deadline week is also the one who was the biggest surprise, as almost all reports prior to today had the Magic keeping their All-Star big man. Now, the Bulls will have an elite center to plug into a lineup that already has a star guard Zach LaVine, as well as promising young pieces like Lauri Markkanen, Coby White and Patrick Williams. Chicago, 19-24, is already in position for a play-in game spot, but now, will surely have their eyes set on something more, as their big trade deadline acquisition is good enough to take them to a higher level by himself. On the year, the big man ranks 11th in BPM league-wide as well as eighth in Value Over Replacement Player.

Great job by Arturas Karnisovas and Co. to acquire the best player traded on deadline week.

For the latest Nikola Vucevic rumors, click here.

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