Trade rumor rankings: James Harden, Tyrese Maxey and more

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Trade rumor rankings: James Harden, Tyrese Maxey and more


Trade rumor rankings: James Harden, Tyrese Maxey and more

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It is with much sadness that we arrive at the final NBA Trade Rumor Rankings article of the season, as the trade deadline arrives tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 10 at 3:00 pm ET.

Will we see the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets pull off the move of the year? Or will talks fall apart at the 11th hour? What other All-Stars might we see moved, after yesterday’s trades involving Domantas Sabonis, CJ McCollumTyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield, among others?

We won’t have to wait long to find out.

Below, for our final installment of this fun series, the 20 players who have appeared most often in trade rumors over the past day-plus.

Malik Beasley (Minnesota)

Our own Michael Scotto reported yesterday that the Minnesota Timberwolves might be willing to part with Malik Beasley for a first-round pick.

Considering Beasley is averaging 12.4 points on 11.6 nightly field-goal attempts this year, that might be a lofty expectation by Minnesota.

For the latest on the Malik Beasley trade front, click here.

Jakob Poeltl (San Antonio)

Scotto reported recently that the Toronto Raptors are targeting their own former big man Jakob Poeltl while Marc Stein reported that the San Antonio Spurs rejected an offer from the Chicago Bulls for the defensive-minded big man.

For the latest on the Jakob Poeltl trade front, click here.

Talen Horton-Tucker (LA Lakers)

Talen Horton-Tucker hasn’t taken the leap some expected this season, with the young southpaw averaging just 9.4 points and 3.2 rebounds while shooting 24.8 percent from three. As such, his trade value is nowhere near what it was at this time last year, with Dan Woike reporting recently that rival teams don’t see Horton-Tucker as much of a trade asset. Chris Mannix did divulge that the Los Angeles Lakers might be willing to swap struggling guards with the Washington Wizards, with Spencer Dinwiddie potentially heading to L.A. for Horton-Tucker.

For the latest on the Talen Horton-Tucker trade front, click here.

Kemba Walker (New York)

In a report that should surprise no one, Fred Katz shared yesterday that the New York Knicks have made Kemba Walker available since his benching back in December. Teams aren’t exactly lining up to take on Walker’s contract, however, which will pay him $9.2 million in 2022-23.

For the latest on the Kemba Walker trade front, click here.

John Collins (Atlanta)

There have been a couple of reports on John Collins today, with one, via Quinton Mayo, indicating that the Wizards and Atlanta Hawks have discussed a trade for Collins and the other, courtesy of Stein, sharing that the Hawks have tabled Collins trade talks until the summer, which makes sense considering the team’s improved play of late.

For the latest on the John Collins trade front, click here.

Christian Wood (Houston)

With the Houston Rockets rebuilding and looking like potential sellers at the deadline, Christian Wood has seen his name pop up in trade rumors lately, including on HoopsHype, and isn’t a fan of it, as he wants to stay put in Houston:

But Wood, 26, is the Rockets’ leading scorer and rebounder and just entering his prime. “I try not to think about it,” he said. “I’ve been seeing it. We’re all human. I’ve gone on Bleacher Report or HoopsHype and see my name. I don’t really think too much about it. […] “This is my first year being in trade rumors. I’m not really a fan of it. I don’t want it anymore. This is my home. This is where I want to be. I’ve told (Stephen) Silas and Tilman (Fertitta) and Pat (Fertitta) and Raf (Stone), and they have the same feeling about me.”

Luckily for Wood, and Rockets fans, it doesn’t appear he’ll be going anywhere by tomorrow, as there haven’t been substantial reports about him in trade scuttle lately.

For the latest on the Christian Wood trade front, click here.

Harrison Barnes (Sacramento)

It remains unclear whether or not the Sacramento Kings are done dealing after their major swap for Sabonis, though Harrison Barnes is a name to keep an eye on, as Mannix reported that the Kings are looking to offload his contract while Marc Berman shared that the Knicks have asked Sacramento about his availability. Barnes’ defensive versatility, shooting touch and veteran experience could make him a coveted piece by playoff contenders.

For the latest on the Harrison Barnes trade front, click here.

Josh Richardson (Boston)

Boston Celtics swingman Josh Richardson, on a cheap contract and playing better of late, has become a player of interest ahead of the trade deadline. According to Mannix, the Utah Jazz have registered interest in him while Jake Fischer recently divulged that the Lakers also have their eye on the two-way guard.

For the latest on the Josh Richardson trade front, click here.

Dennis Schroeder (Boston)

Another Celtics guard drawing interest on the trade market has been Dennis Schroeder, who’s in a contract year and playing relatively well in his role with Boston. Per Brian Robb, the Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks have all shown interest in Schroeder, though the Celtics won’t be willing to part with him for cheap, especially considering the team’s much-improved play of late.

For the latest on the Dennis Schroeder trade front, click here.

Damian Lillard (Portland)

As if things weren’t clear before, we have yet another public statement from Damian Lillard stating that he does not plan on asking for a trade from the Portland Trail Blazers, even as the team is broken up around him (via

Damian Lillard: For me, my heart is Portland Trail Blazer. I want to win it. I know that I have a plan that’s going to put me on my best level when I come back to play. And I want our team to fit that. I’m a huge fan of Chauncey Billups. I love Chauncey, we’ve got a great relationship and I think he’ll continue to grow into the head coach that he wants to be. And I’m a Joe Cronin fan. In his position I think it takes being bold and doing bold things, doing what you see fit and standing on it. He’s told me that our plan is to build a winning team, not to rebuild. Because we had a prior relationship to him becoming GM, I trust his word.

Mannix further reported recently that the Blazers have no plans to trade the All-NBA guard.

For the latest on the Damian Lillard trade front, click here.

Myles Turner (Indiana)

With Sabonis now out of the picture as a member of the Indiana Pacers and the team’s frontcourt logjam cleared up, Myles Turner is widely expected to stick with the team past the trade deadline. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Turner is excited about the idea of playing with the newly-acquired guard, Haliburton, once he’s back and healthy.

For the latest on the Myles Turner trade front, click here.

De'Aaron Fox (Sacramento)

Likewise with the Sacramento Kings, now that Haliburton has been traded and the team’s backcourt is not as jam-packed, De’Aaron Fox is no longer as likely to be traded by the deadline. Even so, Brian Windhorst reported yesterday that the Kings aren’t being super clear on whether or not Fox is available for trade. Meanwhile, Jordan Schultz reported that the Knicks, Pacers, 76ers and Jazz all showed interest in the athletic point guard.

For the latest on the De’Aaron Fox trade front, click here.

Matisse Thybulle (Philadelphia)

Things on the Matisse Thybulle trade front aren’t complicated. If a mega swap between his team and the Nets goes down, he could very well be on the move. If it doesn’t, he isn’t going anywhere, as Philadelphia clearly values him highly thanks to his elite defense. Thybulle likely wouldn’t be as much of a dealbreaker in such a trade, however, as his 21-year-old teammate who will come up at No. 3 on these rankings.

For the latest on the Matisse Thybulle trade front, click here.

Julius Randle (New York)

Despite the Knicks’ struggles this season and the struggles of their best player, Julius Randle, teams are still interested in him as we approach the trade deadline. That’s according to Ian Begley, who wrote:

Sacramento is likely out of that sweepstakes now, but it’s interesting to note that other teams might still be after the big left-handed Kentucky product.

For the latest on the Julius Randle trade front, click here.

Seth Curry (Philadelphia)

The haggling between the Sixers and Nets is obviously going to get complicated, with the teams having to decide what the right complementary pieces to send each other in the trade centered around two superstars. One player who the Nets covet and who Philadelphia might be more willing to part with, as opposed to a young piece, is Seth Curry, according to the Philly Voice:

Among Philadelphia’s most valuable players, sources indicate Seth Curry is the most likely candidate to juice up an offer to Brooklyn, though a team source indicated that even that is a dubious proposition. There’s time to spare between now and the deadline, but to this point, the Sixers are attempting to hold a high line.

Curry’s shooting is sorely needed in Brooklyn with Joe Harris out, though it appears unlikely Philadelphia is entertaining any other outside offers for the sharpshooting guard.

For the latest on the Seth Curry trade front, click here.

Jerami Grant (Detroit)

Although Jerami Grant has been a bandied-about name on the trade market basically all season, as of now, it doesn’t appear the Detroit Pistons have an offer they’re ready to accept. What’s more, according to Wojnarowski, they’re in rush to trade Grant, either:

Adrian Wojnarowski: Let’s start with Jerami Grant in Detroit and remember he’s got another year on his contract. This is a Detroit team that is perfectly willing to wait at the draft, into the offseason with Jerami Grant. If the trade deadline were in an hour, I’m told they don’t really have anything right now that they’d be ready to move on.

Mannix added just today that the Blazers have their eye on the versatile swingman as we approach the trade deadline:

Buzz among NBA execs is that the Blazers will turn their attention to Pistons swingman Jerami Grant. Grant’s salary ($20 million) fits into the trade exception, he’s under contract for next season and a Lillard/Grant/Anfernee Simons trio on the perimeter is a decent foundation to build on.

We’ll see if anything goes down here, but for now, the only traction towards a Grant trade appears to involve the Blazers.

For the latest on the Jerami Grant trade front, click here.

Eric Gordon (Houston)

Eric Gordon has been a hot name on the trade market recently, with obvious reason, too, as he’s a veteran on a rebuilding squad with a skill set that contenders covet.

One such contender that has shown an interest in Gordon are, according to Scotto, the Jazz.

With contenders reportedly being willing to give up a first-round pick for Gordon, expect to see him moved in the next 24 hours.

For the latest on the Eric Gordon trade front, click here.

Tyrese Maxey (Philadelphia)

One of the main sticking points preventing a blockbuster trade between the Sixers and Nets, apparently, is the availability of Tyrese Maxey.

We shared in the last Trade Rumors Rankings piece that, according to Kevin O’Connor, Maxey is off the table, even if it means Philadelphia landing their coveted bearded superstar.

Dumas also reported today that Maxey is not being included in trade talks:

We’ll see if the 76ers are bluffing or not, but for now, it looks like Maxey is staying put in Philadelphia.

For the latest on the Tyrese Maxey trade front, click here.

Ben Simmons (Philadelphia)

Now, we get to the names everyone is waiting for – the players who could be involved in one of the biggest trades we’ve seen in recent memory.

We start with Ben Simmons.

ESPN is going back and forth on the Simmons trade front, with Windhorst sharing this morning the following major report:

Appearing on ESPN’s Get Up, Brian Windhorst said things are “trending” in the direction of the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers working out a deal: “The teams are absolutely engaged in trade discussions. I know that there’s people saying things on the record, trying to act like that’s not happening, but it is absolutely happening. There is definite motivation from both sides to make this fall into place. The Sixers were out there yesterday having trade negotiations with other teams looking to clear roster spots, looking to move other players on their roster – including Tobias Harris – in what looks like ancillary moves to support a James Harden arrival.”

That was then refuted by his coworker, Wojnarowski, later in the day:

Salman Ali: Woj on a potential Harden/Simmons deal: “Right now there’s no negotiation going on between Philadelphia and Brooklyn… The idea that they’re going back and forth that’s been surmised by some, I don’t think there the accurate thing.”

It’s obviously impossible to know if this posturing or legitimate or which reporter is leaking things for which team, but at least we’ll have clarity on the matter in the next 24 hours.

Keith Pompey shared that the two teams were in negotiations as late as Tuesday:

Multiple sources said the Nets and Sixers engaged in trade discussions Tuesday and bickered over pieces to add to a potential deal.

More on this in a second.

For the latest on the Ben Simmons trade front, click here.

James Harden (Brooklyn)

No matter who you believe, it seems unlikely that the Nets and Sixers aren’t at least talking about a swap involving Simmons and James Harden.

The Athletic’s Sam Amick reported that the two sides are talking, but that talks aren’t getting far… not yet, at least:

If nothing changes before Thursday’s trade deadline, and if the Nets continue to keep the Sixers at bay in Harden-Ben Simmons trade talks that sources say have gone nowhere between the two teams, then those would be two extremes among the possible outcomes.

Either way, things as volatile as the NBA trade market can change at a moment’s notice, so no matter what Wojnarowski, Windhorst and Amick report, this is still a situation to monitor for the next day.

Might we see Harden and Daryl Morey reunite, forming a monster tandem between the bearded one and Joel Embiid? Or will the Nets try and make things work with their tumultuous superstar trio, go for a championship and then try to re-sign Harden?

We’ll know more in just one day.

For the latest on the James Harden trade front, click here.

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