Trade rumor rankings: Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball and more

Andre Drummond, Cleveland Cavaliers

Trade rumor rankings: Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball and more


Trade rumor rankings: Andre Drummond, Lonzo Ball and more

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The NBA trade market is trekking along at a steady pace, and though we haven’t seen an actual trade come to fruition in weeks, based on the latest intel, that could change soon.

One name, in particular, started to come up more and more in recent trade rumors, and that’s former league MVP Derrick Rose, who was finally on the move to the New York Knicks from the Detroit Pistons on Sunday.

Below, we have taken the five players who have appeared the most often in our Trade Rumors Page over the previous week and rank them by order of appearances.

Andre Drummond (Cleveland)

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond is enjoying a strong season, averaging 18.6 points and 14.2 rebounds while putting up 1.6 steals and 1.2 blocks.

Naturally, that has led to his name coming up in trade talks, particularly after the team acquired Jarrett Allen, who is extremely talented in his own right and is a more logical fit, age-wise, with the rest of Cleveland’s roster.

However, Drummond being on the final year of his current contract, which pays him $28.8 million this season, will make moving him tricky, especially to contenders who usually don’t have that kind of salary to move around. Here’s what league executives told our own Michael Scotto about the prospects of a Drummond trade recently:

With the March 25th trade deadline less than two months away, HoopsHype spoke with eight NBA executives for their thoughts on Drummond’s trade value. Four of the executives polled felt Cleveland could get one or two second-round picks in exchange for Drummond. Last season, Cleveland gave up a 2023 second-round pick as part of the compensation to acquire Drummond. “He’s a premier rebounder,” one Eastern Conference executive told HoopsHype. “However, on the flip side, he’s an impending free agent making $28 million. Therefore, a contender needs to send out multiple players (likely dead weight) and an asset (a second-round pick or possibly two).”

The Cavs buying out Drummond is also a possibility, as ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski recently mentioned, and if that does happen, the big man-needy Brooklyn Nets could be a strong suitor for his services.

Regardless, expect to keep hearing about the prospects of a Drummond trade over the coming weeks, as he’s playing well for a 10-14 Cavaliers team that has a promising player at the same position who’s much younger that they’d like to unleash.

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Lonzo Ball (New Orleans)

Lonzo Ball‘s form has improved lately, as has the play of the New Orleans Pelicans as a whole.

The Pelicans have now won three games in a row, and in those outings, Ball has averaged 18.0 points, 7.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists while shooting 59.1 percent from three, marks way up from his 12.6/3.8/4.8 stat line and sub-33 percent three-point shooting rate from his prior 16 games.

Ball’s better recent play could be looked at in one of two ways: It could convince the Pelicans to decide to keep him, as Ball is a good fit for the up-and-coming roster, or it could instead lead to New Orleans moving quickly and trying to trade him while his value is improved.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst recently mentioned the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors as two teams who could have interest in a Ball trade while his co-worker Tim Bontemps reported that he’s heard Ball’s name has been discussed in potential trades.

Ball may be a frustrating talent, but there’s no doubting his abilities and promise on both ends of the floor. As such, the Pelicans shouldn’t have a problem moving him for some decent assets if they do decide to take that route.

For more on the Lonzo Ball trade front, click here.

JJ Redick (New Orleans)

Another guard the Pelicans are reported to be shopping is JJ Redick, who, after a slow start to the season, has hit 70.0 percent of his three-point attempts over his last three games, which couldn’t have come at a better time for New Orleans.

The main teams being mentioned in the Redick sweepstakes at the moment are the Nets, Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics, with Redick’s preference being a trade back to the northeast.

Brooklyn, in particular, could be an interesting suitor for Redick, though The Athletic’s John Hollinger has a hard time seeing what the Nets could offer that would entice the Pelicans:

Hollinger: I don’t really see what the Nets are offering to bring New Orleans to the table. It has to involve Dinwiddie’s expiring contract, but that has near-zero value for the Pelicans — he’s out for the season and leaving in free agency once it ends. The Nets gave up all their good draft assets in the James Harden trade, so what are they baiting the hooks with? Landry Shamet, who is basically Redick but a decade younger? Nic Claxton? It’s just hard for me to see how Brooklyn gets this to the finish line.

Nevertheless, based on reports, it appears New Orleans is engaged with several teams on the Redick front, as moving him would open up playing time for their younger guards, so expect to see things heat up with Redick soon.

For more on the JJ Redick trade front, click here.

Derrick Rose (Detroit)

After a productive season and change with the club, Rose’s time with the Pistons appears close to over, as reported most recently by The Athletic:

The Derrick Rose era in Detroit is nearing a resolution, as the two sides are working to sort out his future. The New York Knicks are engaged in active talks to acquire the Pistons guard, a move that would reunite the former league MVP with head coach Tom Thibodeau, sources tell The Athletic. The Pistons and Rose mutually agreed that a trade would be best for both sides, per sources.

That it came to this between the two parties is not surprising, as Rose is a proven commodity playing for the team with the worst record in the league right now, so obviously, his name was going to come up in trade discussions.

The New York Knicks, meanwhile, are currently 11-13, good for seventh in the East, and could use another bucket-getting ball-handler in their rotation, as well as someone with the veteran leadership abilities of Rose.

Nevertheless, a Rose move to New York isn’t a done deal quite yet, and other teams could sneak in at any given moment to secure his services. One such team could be the Los Angeles Clippers, as theorized by Scotto:

Those Early Bird Rights could appeal more to a team like the Clippers, given their salary cap situation. The Clippers are right at the hard cap, so they either have totrade equal salary or decrease salary in a trade. A potential offer of Lou Williams and Mfiondu Kabengele theoretically could make sense from a salary cap perspective. The Clippers also have three of Detroit’s second-round picks from 2024-26, which they acquired in the Luke Kennard trade.

Regardless, we almost certainly will never see Rose suit up for the Pistons again. And according to Shams Charania, a deal could be made by the end of Super Bowl Sunday:

UPDATE: Derrick Rose headed to New York

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Bradley Beal (Washington)

Despite the extremely low likelihood of a Bradley Beal trade actually occurring this season (or at any point prior to his contract expiring), the Washington Wizards star will continue to lead the way in these rankings for obvious reasons, primarily, his standing as one of the best players in the league while toiling away on a 5-14 club with little hopes of making the playoffs in 2020-21.

League executives were adamant in speaking to ESPN this week that Washington would not trade their superstar 2-guard this season:

Another West exec was even more adamant when asked the same question. “Zero,” they said, referring to the chances Beal is dealt before next month’s trade deadline. “That’s what they keep saying. They’ve been adamant they’re not moving him.” […] “I think it would have to be pressure from him and his agent to do so, and it sounds to me like that won’t happen until after the season, if at all,” a Western Conference executive said.

Beal is currently leading the league in scoring at 33.3 points per game while chipping in 5.0 rebounds and 4.6 assists nightly, numbers so impressive that they’ll keep teams hounding Washington to trade him, even if the Wizards show no proclivity to do so.

For more on the Bradley Beal trade front, click here.

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