Trade rumor rankings: Victor Oladipo, Blake Griffin and more

Blake Griffin, Godon Hayward, Victor Oladipo, Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal Trade Rumors

Trade rumor rankings: Victor Oladipo, Blake Griffin and more


Trade rumor rankings: Victor Oladipo, Blake Griffin and more

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With the offseason fully upon us and the NBA’s popular trade season set to open up at some point over the coming weeks, we thought it would be a good time to resume our Trade Rumor Ranking series, where we rank the five players who have appeared most in our Trade Rumors page by order of recent appearances.

Players finding their ways onto these lists doesn’t mean they’re a lock to get traded, but where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, so it’s something to keep track of for fans of those players.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics

The player with the fifth-most appearances in our Trade Rumors Page recently is Boston Celtics swingman Gordon Hayward, coming off another campaign marred yet again by injuries but one where he did show flashes of his old self.

According to one report, Hayward is seen as damaged goods league-wide, so Boston will likely run things back with their current team next year. However, as if often the case with trade rumors, another report came out this week refuting that one, which stated that the Pacers are one team interested in the Butler product.

It’s unclear what a potential trade between the two teams might look like, though the Celtics do need big men and Indiana has two of them in Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis whose fit is far from seamless, so perhaps there’s something they could work out there with one of the two young centers.

Nevertheless, after coming just short of reaching the Finals three of the past four years, it would not be shocking to see Boston attempt to swing a big trade this offseason in an effort to get over the hump.

For more on a potential Gordon Hayward trade, click here.

Bradley Beal

The rumor machine started churning when Washington Wizards 2-guard Bradley Beal reportedly purchased a home in Los Angeles almost a month ago, but since then, most of the smoke about Beal indicates that he doesn’t have plans to ask out of Washington anytime soon… if ever.

Beal himself basically said as much himself when he recently joined the On The Road with Buck and Phil podcast, where he told the two hosts that he legitimately wants to be with the Wizards and that he thinks they’ll be able to build a winner there soon.

In Beal’s own words:

Beal recently joined the On the Road with Buck & Phil podcast and discussed his future with the Wizards after signing his two-year, nearly $72 million extension with Washington last October. Here’s part of what he had to say when asked what it would mean for him to stay in D.C. for his entire career: “That would mean the world, man. I’m a loyal guy. I want to be here. I’m here. I’ve signed my extension. And that will mean the world to me. That honestly would you know, being able to finish your career in one place? You know, you don’t see that in today’s game.”

Regardless, the Wizards will have to eventually start winning some if they want Beal to spend his whole career in Washington.

If they don’t turn things around soon, we might see the All-Star shooting guard change his tune.

For more on a potential Bradley Beal trade, click here.

Andre Drummond

Cleveland Cavaliers center Andre Drummond is the player with the third-most recent appearances on our Trade Rumors Page, and for good reason.

The center, by most reports, is likely to opt into the final year of his deal with Cleveland, which will pay him like a Top 35 player next campaign, but with the Cavs still early on in the rebuild process and paying another veteran big man, Kevin Love, a ton of money, it would make sense for them to see if they can get anything for Drummond while they still can.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Chris Fedor, Drummond and the Cavs aren’t that close in extension talks, making the rebounding machine a prime trade candidate:

“They don’t want to commit to an unfriendly deal that could limit future moves, not after an eight-game sample size. Drummond, meanwhile, wants to be compensated for bypassing a chance at 2021 free agency, when many teams will have significant cap space. Given the differing, current monetary views, an extension seems unlikely.”

Drummond may not be the most popular player in the analytics community, but there’s no doubt his rebounding and finishing ability in the paint would make him a solid pickup for a contender lacking size – like the Celtics, for example – especially with merely a year left on his contract.

For more on a potential Andre Drummond trade, click here.

Blake Griffin

With the second-most appearances in our Trade Rumors Page recently, Blake Griffin is another All-Star to keep an eye on as far as a potential move this offseason.

Griffin played in just 18 games this past season due to injury and did not look like his outrageously good 2018-19 self, but he’s said to be fully healthy now and ready to contribute at a high level again.

Regardless, teams who may be interested in Griffin – particularly contenders – probably are going to want to see how he looks next season before committing to such an expensive move, as the 31-year-old still has two years left on his contract worth nearly $76 million.

Griffin is projected to be the eighth-highest paid player in the league next year, and if he has another campaign like his 2019-20, his performance won’t even come close to living up to that deal.

Nevertheless, multiple reporters have apparently heard of there being a market for Griffin, so that’ll be something to watch this coming offseason. ESPN’s Zach Lowe said the following on a recent podcast:

“Enough people have asked me what I’ve heard about Blake Griffin and how he’s looking, that I think Detroit is gonna have a [trade] market for him. I don’t think it’s gonna be strong, but I think there is still interest in what he can do to help you win.”

If Griffin does regain his former top-tier form early on next season, he could be a game-changer for any contender who decides to trade for him.

For more on a potential Blake Griffin trade, click here.

Victor Oladipo

The player with the most appearances on our Trade Rumors Page over recent weeks is Victor Oladipo, who has been the source of a ton of scuttle for months now. The smoke has been so heavy that it’s to the extent he appears to be the star player likeliest to get dealt this offseason.

Just over the past seven days, there was a rumor saying that the Miami Heat may not be as interested in Oladipo as previously thought, though that the player does have eyes for the 2020 Finalist, another one surprisingly connecting Oladipo to the Milwaukee Bucks and yet another one indicating that the All-Star does indeed have interest in being traded by the Pacers.

If, when and where Oladipo gets traded to remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that there’s something going on here behind-the-scenes between the stud 2-guard and Indiana, something that became abundantly clear when Oladlipo nearly opted out of playing in the bubble before even getting there.

Oladipo hasn’t looked like his All-Star self in almost two years now, however, so it’ll be interesting to see if a contender does trade for the player with just a year left on his contract and what a potential return for the Pacers might look like.

Keep an eye on Oladipo and Indiana.

For more on a potential Victor Oladipo trade, click here.

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