Trade rumor rankings: RJ Barrett, Tyler Herro and more

Trade rumor rankings: RJ Barrett, Tyler Herro and more


Trade rumor rankings: RJ Barrett, Tyler Herro and more

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As we enter a waiting period on the next major move that might shift the landscape of the NBA, the trade rumors continue to come in at a lively rate.

The next domino to fall should be either with regards to Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell, be it trade announcements or reports that they’ll be staying put with their teams, but until then, the rest of the NBA market appears to have frozen.

Regardless, below, you can check out the 10 players who have appeared most often in trade rumors over the previous week.

Evan Fournier (New York)

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The aforementioned holding pattern on the Mitchell front has had a particular effect on rumors coming out of New York City since the Knicks are one of the primary rumored landing spots for the explosive Utah Jazz 2-guard.

Well, if Mitchell does wind up getting traded to New York, Evan Fournier is reportedly one of the players who could see himself traded to Utah, according to Andy Larsen:

In order to complete a trade, the Jazz would need to acquire a larger salary back from the Knicks as well. Julius Randle, though, would likely not be that piece – Evan Fournier or Derrick Rose are more likely, a source said.

Although Fournier is owed $18.0 million next season and $18.9 million the year after, the 2024-25 campaign of his deal – one that will see him owed $19.0 million – has a team option on it.

The French guard is coming off a solid season where he averaged 14.1 points and shot 38.9 percent from the floor.

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Immanuel Quickley (New York)

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Another player in a similar situation filled with uncertainty is young Knicks guard Immanuel Quickley, although he is far likelier to remain in New York for the foreseeable future than Fournier.

Regardless, when it comes to landing a talent like Mitchell, nearly everyone is on the table, even Quickley. According to Tony Jones of The Athletic, Quickley was offered up as a part of a package for Mitchell, though the Knicks seemingly got cold feet and backed away from the proposal:

The New York Knicks are hot after Donovan Mitchell, but they have to be careful not to end up bidding against themselves in trade talks with the Utah Jazz. We know Danny Ainge has a history of asking for, and often getting, the world, and indeed, Ainge recently asked the Knicks for a king’s ransom in exchange for Mitchell. According to Tony Jones of The Athletic, Utah offered Mitchell to New York for six future first-round draft picks plus Quentin Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin and Miles McBride, but the Knicks “backed away” from that proposal.

That’s not the only rumor connecting Quickley to a potential Mitchell trade from this week and that should come as no surprise, as Utah looks to be headed toward a complete rebuild, so young pieces on rookie-scale contracts like the former Kentucky standout are the exact types of assets the Jazz are likely targeting.

Quickley is coming off a campaign that saw him average 11.3 points and 3.5 assists, showing upside as a score-first lead guard with deep range on his jumper.

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Max Strus (Miami)

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite already being 26, Max Strus has some value as a trade chip thanks to the fact he’ll be on a minimum deal this season, one paying him $1.8 million for the 2022-23 campaign.

Strus truly broke out last campaign, averaging 10.6 points and shooting 41.0 percent from three while having a few standout performances throughout the Miami Heat’s deep playoff run.

As such, there has been some speculation that Miami could look to shop him for draft capital to send to the Brooklyn Nets or Jazz in a potential Durant or Mitchell deal.

Even so, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported yesterday that the Heat aren’t currently shopping the sharpshooter for draft assets:

The Heat has said to people behind the scenes that they’re not looking to move Gabe Vincent and Max Strus to get other picks to try to up the pick bounty to compete with New York

For what it’s worth, Strus recently talked about what it would like to play with Durant, calling the former league MVP one of the greatest to ever do it on the hardwood:

Miami Heat guard Max Strus addressed the uncertainty Tuesday during a visit to the team’s youth camp at FTX Arena. “I try not to get into it,” Strus said after speaking to his attentive audience and posing for pictures for those at the camp run by former Heat broadcaster Tony Fiorentino. “I try not to get too into it. Obviously you see it, and people ask you about it. But I’ll wait until it happens. If something happens, it happens. If something happens, it happens. But, yeah, how can you not want a guy like Kevin Durant? He’s a once-in-a-generation type player and great player in the game and one of the best of all time. I’m excited to see what happens and I hope the best for him and the best for our team. That’s all that really matters.”

We’ll see if the Durant-Strus partnership ever does come to fruition, but for now, it looks like both the superstar and top role player will be staying put with their respective teams.

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Quentin Grimes (New York)

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

If recent reports are to be believed, it’s not Quickley who the Jazz covet from the Knicks most in a Mitchell but second-year guard Quentin Grimes, who averaged 6.0 points last season on 38.1 percent shooting from beyond the arc.

According to one Jazz beat writer, it’s Grimes who was the holdup on a potential Mitchell trade last week, along with more draft capital headed Utah’s way:

The same was reported by The Athletic, who said Grimes is a player of interest for the Jazz in a potential Mitchell swap:

The Knicks possess eight future first-round picks –  four of their own and four acquired via trades from other teams – to use in a package. New York has also stockpiled young players, such as Quentin Grimes who is believed to be of interest to Utah, sources said.

With Grimes on his rookie-scale deal through 2025-26 and possessing solid upside as a scoring guard, it makes sense why Utah would covet him more than the other young pieces on New York’s roster. We’ll see if the Jazz and Knicks can come to an agreement on such a swap.

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Tyler Herro (Miami)

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Despite coming off a Sixth Man of the Year campaign that saw him put up an impressive 20.7/5.0/4.0 stat line, a poor playoff run – partly due to injury –  and the fact he’s due an extension this offseason both hurt Tyler Herro’s value on the trade market.

That’s particularly brutal for a Heat team that reportedly badly covets a Durant trade but is lacking in assets. According to a recent report, the Nets are lukewarm on a trade package for Durant that centers around Herro:

Robinson already signed his extension and has four years, $74.4 million left on it (the last year is a player option). In the case of Durant, the Nets want an All-Star and the buzz from league sources is they are lukewarm on a Herro and Robinson package, even with more picks. Never count out Pat Riley. He has a way of making the unexpected – and seemingly impossible – happen. And there is a reason the Heat are in the mix for both players.

Add in that league executives believe Herro and Miami are headed towards a big extension (via Fischer)…

Both Barrett and Herro are expected to command maximum paydays. By all accounts, it seems unlikely Barrett will find a new deal in the interim. And regardless of the trade outcomes, there’s a greater sense of optimism among NBA executives that Miami will come to terms with Herro prior to the 2022-23 campaign. ‘”They always seem to pay their guys,’” one assistant general manager said.

…and Miami may not be able to rely on its reserve stud, who wants to be a start next season, as a huge trade asset this offseason.

Still, for what it’s worth, a report last week indicated that a member of the Jazz front office prefers Herro as a trade target in a potential Mitchell deal over the Knicks’ own extension-eligible player.

For the latest Tyler Herro rumors, click here.

Russell Westbrook (LA Lakers)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In what has been a very uncertain offseason with regards to Russell Westbrook’s future with the Los Angeles Lakers, the latest reporting on the matter is making it look like the Lakers have Westbrook in their plans for next season. And that doesn’t just mean Los Angeles’ front office but the team’s star players, too.

According to Chris Haynes, Westbrook recently had a phone call with LeBron James and Anthony Davis where the star trio expressed their commitment to each other as we approach the 2022-23 campaign:

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Big 3 of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook huddled up on a phone conversation the first weekend of NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with each expressing their commitment to one another and vowing to make it work, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The team’s Big Three also talked about being on the same page in a chase for next season’s championship:

While the uncertainty of Westbrook’s future with the Lakers remains, the conversation was organized to make sure all three were on the same page as long as they’re joined together in their pursuit of a championship, sources said. Westbrook has never requested a trade from the Lakers, sources said.

That report came after ESPN shared that talks between the Lakers and Nets about a Westbrook-for-Kyrie-Irving swap have not been progressing as of late:

Los Angeles has engaged Brooklyn in trade talks in recent weeks to attempt to acquire Irving in a deal that would send Russell Westbrook to the Nets, sources told ESPN. Thus far, those talks have not progressed toward an agreement.

With the Nets in no rush to trade Durant, talks surrounding Irving likewise seem to have hit a holding pattern. We’ll see if that changes but for now, it’s looking likelier that Westbrook and Irving both stay put in 2022-23.

For the latest Russell Westbrook rumors, click here.

RJ Barrett (New York)

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Although Barrett would make some sense as a trade target for the Jazz in a theoretical Mitchell swap, it appears New York would rather keep him… and that Utah isn’t all that interested in him anyway, especially not with the swingman extension-eligible this offseason.

The latest from Fischer says that the Knicks are confident they’ll be able to keep Barrett even if they do pull off a Mitchell acquisition:

Knicks personnel have projected confidence, sources said, that they will ultimately be able to land Mitchell without sacrificing Barrett. Likewise, league sources have indicated that Utah isn’t enamored by becoming the franchise that coughs up a sizable extension to Barrett.

Zach Lowe reported similarly earlier last week, stating in a podcast:

Zach Lowe and Tim MacMahon appear to be in agreement that their reporting suggests RJ Barrett won’t be a dealbreaker in the Utah Jazz discussions on a Donovan Mitchell trade with the New York Knicks. “The Jazz desire to get him is unclear to me,” said Zach Lowe. “He might not be the dealbreaker people think it is.”

Barrett has improved every season of his career thus far and is still just 22, so it makes sense why the Knicks would like to keep him around. But has he improved to the point could be signed to a max extension without becoming a negative asset?

That’s tough to say, but the Jazz seem to believe the answer to that question is no.

For the latest RJ Barrett rumors, click here.

Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn)

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned above, it’s starting to look like Irving could be staying put this offseason barring a change over the coming days and weeks.

The latest on the matter indicates that one reporter would find it surprising if he’s not with the Nets in 2022-23:

I really do think Kyrie Irving at this point in time that Brooklyn is the overwhelming favorite for his place to be playing next season. I think he wants to go to Los Angeles but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t go back to Brooklyn and plays the whole year out. […] I’d be surprised if he doesn’t still prefer the Lakers in free agency next summer at this point, it just doesn’t seem likely that he’s going to be a Laker this season.

What’s more, it appears that even Irving has accepted that it’s unlikely he’ll be traded this summer:

Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving “know” a trade is unlikely and have accepted the reality that they may not be dealt anytime soon. “They know behind the scenes that it’s difficult, that it’s unlikely to happen,” a league source said, adding that “the Nets also knew that they’re going to make it so hard in the sense of the demands they’re looking for in return, no one’s going to meet that.

Still, just two days ago, Adrian Wojnarowski gave a glimmer of hope to Lakers fans, as he stated that talks between the two teams aren’t completely deal yet:

This situation has been tumultuous all along, so don’t be totally shocked if we get an Irving trade out of nowhere. However, if the latest scuttle is to be believed, that is nowhere near as likely as it may have seemed even just one week ago.

For the latest Kyrie Irving rumors, click here.

Kevin Durant (Brooklyn)

The Rudy Gobert trade seems to have really hurt Durant’s chances of having his trade request fulfilled, as the massive haul Utah received for the limited offensive center means that a team is going to have to come through with a gargantuan offer to land Durant.

As such, talks for Durant have reportedly slowed to a trickle with the Nets no longer being aggressive in making outgoing calls on that front:

What’s more, Durant and his camp appear to have gone dark on Brooklyn once again. Could he come back and rescind his trade request? The Nets are certainly hoping that is the case:

As far as actual trade scuttle, the latest report tells us that with regards to a potential Durant swap to the Heat, Brooklyn isn’t interested in a Miami offer that doesn’t include All-Star big man Bam Adebayo:

And with Kevin Durant, I mean, just from my conversations with people around the situation, I just don’t see Brooklyn having any real interest in any Miami package that doesn’t bring back Bam Adebayo.

And with league rules stating that the Nets can’t have Adebayo and Ben Simmons on the same roster due to the nature of their most recent contracts, that would require a lot of effort and a third team to likely be involved.

Things on this front can change quickly but as of now, Durant trade talks look to be nearly silent.

For the latest Kevin Durant rumors, click here.

Donovan Mitchell (Utah)

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Likewise, on the Mitchell front, things have come to a near standstill, with Wojnarowski preaching patience, most recently reporting that a potential Mitchell trade is going to take time:

Brian Windhorst reported similarly later in the morning, stating that the Mitchell situation has hit a stalemate and that the talented 2-guard isn’t pushing anything quite yet:

Still, if and when Mitchell does get traded, the Knicks remain the strong frontrunners according to all of the latest reporting thanks to their treasure trove of draft assets and variety of solid young role players to offer in a potential deal.

According to Marc Stein, the holdup right now is that Jazz shot-caller Danny Ainge wants seven to eight first-round picks while New York is hoping to give up merely four or five:

Marc Stein on Donovan Mitchell: My intel has been that the Knicks are trying to do this only surrendering four or five firsts. But someone I trust told me today that they think that Danny (Ainge) was going for seven of the eight firsts.

We’ll see if the two sides can come to a happy medium prior to training camp or if Mitchell and the Jazz are destined for an awkward reunion when the team gets ready for the 2022-23 season.

For the latest Donovan Mitchell rumors, click here.

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