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Al Horford
Al Horford
Position: C-F
Born: 06/03/86
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $28,928,710
Bill Simmons: “When did you realize that Stevens was a coaching freak and that he could drop magical inbound plays out of thin air and do all these crazy things that he does during games? Was that right away or was that like halfway through a season? Like ‘Oh, my God, this is unique.'” Jayson Tatum: “Right away. But my favorite play is when we played Philly Game 3.” Simmons: “The Al Horford play?” Tatum: Yeah, even the play before that when, I think it might’ve been before overtime, or it might’ve been in overtime, but I was taking it out by our bench. And we were doing some cuts and I threw it over the top to [Jaylen Brown], and he caught it and laid it in. But Brad, the Al Horford play, he just knew—I remember I was at the block and he knew Philly was switching everything. So, whoever set the pick for me, I ran to the corner, their man switched on me, and Al set a pick for [Brown] so that made [Joel] Embiid switch, and [Brown] ran to the other side of the court so we wanted Embiid away from the basket. And we knew, once they switched, he was going to be on top of them. So he said, ‘All you gotta do, Al, is seal them. You’ll be wide open.’ And when it worked just how he said it was going to work, I was like, ‘Wow. That was crazy.” Like, everything worked exactly how he said it was going to work, and it won us a game.'”
Sometimes Williams would become frustrated with his inability to quickly grasp certain schemes and concepts and skills. “And I’d say, ‘Robert, Al Horford didn’t learn it all in one day,’ ” Meikle said. “He had to work at it. He had to practice. He had to do individual work and then eventually he would gain that confidence that would allow him to do it in a game. I wanted him to understand that Al brought it every day, every practice.”