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Alec Burks
Alec Burks
Position: G
Born: 07/20/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $2,320,044

Storyline: Orlando Bubble
President of basketball operations/general manager Bob Myers provided the following anecdote during a podcast appearance on “The TK Show” with Tim Kawakami of The Athletic: “The night we traded (Alec) Burks and (Glenn) Robinson — that was a little bit of a gut-wrenching thing for the people on the team. Those guys were good players and good guys and did everything we asked of them. “And I had a moment, too. I started questioning. We’re really kind of ripping our fabric apart here. And (assistant general manager) Mike Dunleavy — who played 15 years — said, ‘Here’s the other side of that coin: The fact that guys are in tears — and we’ve only won 10 games or 12 games and don’t want to leave — says something about what you guys have created.’ “So I’m proud of that part … it sucks to lose. But what makes it good or bad are the people.”
From a contract standpoint, Glenn Robinson is in the same boat as Burks — a veteran wing on an expiring minimum deal. But there’s a sense within the franchise that Robinson is a more likely fit as a ninth man next season than Burks, who is seeking a larger free-agency payday, one source said. Robinson could help some contenders as a capable 3-and-D option for 25 minutes a night. He’d fit great in Houston. But unless the Warriors are blown away on an offer, it could be more beneficial to keep a wing you want to retain in the program, getting adjusted to Curry, feeling a part of the franchise’s long-term outlook.
Warriors coach Steve Kerr acknowledged as much late Friday night. “It’s an awkward situation for us, because Ky and Damion are coming up on their limit,” Kerr said. “And they’re two of our top seven players in our rotation. And yet the rules are that we only have them for another nine or 10 days each. Everybody is aware of that. We don’t know how it’s going to play out.”
Burks’ ability to get buckets in the half-court makes him their most attractive available player. Today’s NBA is about wings, and several contenders have a need. The Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Clippers, Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors are all evaluating their rosters, and each would welcome a solid, fearless, veteran wing.

Alec Burks on the move?

Other teams, specifically contenders, also desire those assets. One Western Conference scout told NBC Sports Bay Area last week that he’d be surprised if Burks remains with the Warriors beyond the Feb. 6 NBA trade deadline. “He’s healthy, he’s playing very well and he’s cheap,” the scout said. “That makes him very attractive to teams that believe they need one more piece, a guy who can come off the bench and give them something.”
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Five months into a one-year contract with the Warriors, Alec Burks occasionally allows himself to gaze beyond this tortured season. Those glimpses have seduced the veteran wing into wanting more. “I love being here,” Burks told NBC Sports Bay Area after practice Sunday. “I want to be here.” The Warriors like him, too. They see the benefits of having someone who is reliably low-maintenance and generally productive.
Adrian Wojnarowski: Cleveland and Utah have worked together on three trades since February of 2018, including that trade deadline three-way with Kings that included Jae Crowder and Rodney Hood. Jazz acquired Kyle Korver for Alec Burks and two second-round picks last November. The Jazz will send Cleveland a 2022 (via San Antonio) and 2023 (via Golden State) second-round picks, sources said.
He’s eligible to be traded in mid-December, and if he can repeat even a fraction of Wednesday’s performance with regularity, Burks could become an attractive February deadline target for a playoff team in need of some bench punch. Because Burks is on the minimum, salary matching isn’t necessary. Teams could just absorb the rest of his deal without sending back a player. If anyone becomes willing to part with even a second-rounder to get Burks, the Warriors — in asset-collection mode and eventually in need of a roster spot, for either Damion Lee or another younger option — would have to listen.