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Allonzo Trier
Allonzo Trier
Position: G
Born: 01/17/96
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Salary: $3,551,100
Allonzo Trier has been friends with Kevin Durant since the second-year Knicks guard attended high school in Oklahoma City. Asked about Durant’s decision to join the Nets, Trier said, “I’m his friend, first and foremost. I respect whatever decision he made. He wanted to go play basketball there, good for him. How am I going to be disappointed in a decision he makes?”
“I think we’ll be a top-ranked [bench] after the Clippers with Lou [Williams] and Montrell Hazell — that’s pretty strong. With our bench we have really good weapons in me, Marcus [Morris], Taj [Gibson], Allonzo Trier, Wayne Ellington. The list goes on. We have a quality rotation of guys in the league for a while now. That’s being slept on and not really talked about. People are living in the past with the Knicks. We’re not part of that. We have to create the now and present.”
What are some of those key elements in your story you want folks to really understand? JB: I want them to understand my process. I’ve been a lot of different places, traveled to so many different schools just to get here. I went to prep school. I went to Montrose Christian School where I was teammates with players now in the NBA like Allonzo Trier and Patrick McCaw. Then I went to school in Massachusets after that. A lot of people go through it which allowed me to stay encouraged. I liked everything I did and it allowed me to get here now. I know I’m able to show my skills to everybody, which is so cool to me. Hard work pays off, even though I’m not in the door yet but my time will come.