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Amare Stoudemire
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Born: 11/16/82
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Earnings: $165,683,566 ($192,289,755*)
Amar’e Stoudemire will not be taking any wine baths in preparation for suiting up for the Knicks again. The team has decided not to make a move for Stoudemire, according to an NBA source. Stoudemire staged a workout for 15 teams, the Knicks among them, in Las Vegas on Monday. Stoudemire, 36, is attempting to make a comeback and said Tuesday on “MSG 150” he is down to his lowest-ever playing weight at 236 pounds. The eccentric former All-Star used to take wine baths to keep himself fresh as a Knick.
“My body feels amazing, so we’ll see if the opportunity becomes a reality,” Stoudemire told “MSG 150.” “A lot of the teams have a lot of young players and a lot of players that can learn how to train, how to become professionals and how to become great basketball players. And leadership goes a long way with teams in order to get from a playoff team to a contending championship team. From that standpoint I have a lot to offer. And also as a basketball player, I still have a lot of game left. I can help a team in any way they need.”
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Stoudemire feels his “leadership quality’’ will be key to joining an NBA squad. The Knicks may not have an open roster spot if they sign both Reggie Bullock, whose physical raised a red flag, and Marcus Morris. “My body feels amazing, so we’ll see if the opportunity becomes a reality,” Stoudemire said on the show. “A lot of the teams have a lot of young players and a lot of players that can learn how to train, how to become professionals and how to become great basketball players. And leadership goes a long way with teams in order to get from a playoff team to a contending championship team. “From that standpoint, I have a lot to offer. And also as a basketball player, I still have a lot of game left. I can help a team in any way they need.”
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Appearing on MSG Network’s “MSG 150’’ show Tuesday night, Stoudemire, in excerpts obtained by The Post, said, “For me I got down to 235 [pounds], which is my lowest weight I’ve ever played at. I got as strong as I could possibly be. “I worked on physical therapy and my physical training to the point where I took every exercise very seriously and critiqued every single workout and exercise, so my body as a result has been feeling great.”
Earlier in the day Amare Stoudemire posted on Instagram a message to the Hapoel Jerusalem fans that this may be his last home game for the club which raised eyebrows throughout the Israeli Basketball world. What was the post about? Is he retiring? Is he going to another team? Will he go and learn Torah full time? Who knew! The Sports Rabbi had to find out and find out we did as we were able to speak to STAT following the game beneath the PAIS Arena stands. “It is what it is. Whatever I posted that’s what I was thinking. I was just reflecting on the great times I’ve had here in Jerusalem and I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get a deal done with this team. But I’ll be playing for sure next year.” Would Amare like to potentially play in the Euroleague? “It’s always about competing at a high level. There’s always minicamps in the NBA and there’s always Euroleague teams, there’s always high level basketball and to challenge myself to play at a high level is always the goal.”

As confirmed by the Israeli Minister of Interior, Aryeh Deri, Hapoel Jerusalem center Amare Stoudemire will be given the Israeli citizenship. “Amare’s contribution to Israeli sports is unquestionable. He is one of the greatest athletes to ever play in Israel, and he wants to connect his destiny with Israel. Therefore, I have decided to use my authority according to the citizenship rule, and hand him the status of an Israeli citizen.
Hapoel Jerusalem center Amar’e Stoudemire is going to be granted Israeli citizenship. The decision to give the six-time NBA All-Star an Israeli passport was taken by Israeli Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri. “Amar’e’s contribution to Israeli sports is unquestionable,” Deri said in an official announcement. “He is one of the greatest athletes to ever play in Israel, and he wants to connect his destiny with Israel.”
For the player who competed in the “BIG3” tournament last summer. it’s obvious that he still has enough gas in the tank, even for an NBA return: “I was very close to returning to the NBA, many teams were interested, but I did not want to wait any longer. There can always be teams in the NBA that will need me, and I’m always ready. If I stayed in the US and waited, it would have happened and I would have gone back to the league. Now the training camps are starting and I wanted to continue practicing and playing, so I came back here. I have an opt-out option in my contract which can be used during the season”.
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Stoudemire, who is hoping to make an NBA comeback, pushes himself up off the floor, settles into a leather armchair and launches into how he wound up playing for a fledgling 3-on-3 summer league after a short stint in Israel. Now 35, he wants it known that his body feels better than ever. Even so, he is quick to issue warnings to his fellow players when he is asked about his experience with the once-popular microfracture knee surgery, which has become nearly obsolete in recent years.
Clyde Drexler says the BIG3 league is packed with at least 12 dudes who have a real shot at NBA glory in 2018 … telling TMZ Sports he expects his league to launch those guys back to The Association. Drexler just took over as the commish of Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 league and says he’s been blown away by guys like Amare Stoudemire, DeShawn Stevenson and Andre Owens.
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Here’s what the six-time All-Star also said about European basketball and his experience in Israel. On possibly playing in the ACB: “I would love to play in the Spanish League because it’s very competitive. It’s possible if a team is interested. In Spain, there are many young people who want to play in the NBA. And the atmosphere is incredible. I played with Hapoel Jerusalem in the EuroCup semifinals in Valencia and the fans were incredible. Then I said I wish I could play there someday. I thank the Spanish fans who have followed my career.”
It’s telling that even in a world where everyone wants to slow down Harden, he can drive around a Capela screen against the majority of opponents and waltz all the way to the rim. You may think of Capela as a sort of decoy in those scenarios. You would be wrong. “Decoy, in a sense of if they take him away, then he’s a decoy,” Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said. “But if they don’t take him away, no, he’s a main thrust of what we do. He has the ability to be able to put pressure on the rim with lobs and bounce passes and finishes. Sucks the defense in—that gives our three-point shooters shots. He makes our offense go.” […] “Steve Nash had Amar’e and John Stockton had Malone,” D’Antoni said. “You know, you can’t have one without the other.”
Goran Dragic on Udonis Haslem continued: “A lot of guys in this locker room need leadership like UD, especially Hassan [Whiteside]. I think UD can provide that. He’s there where usually some guys would not be, in the toughest moments, when you need something, he’s there. That’s why everybody loves him. I played with a lot of veteran guys who had successful careers — like UD, Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Amare Stoudemire — [and Haslem] is number one in my books as a player and a leader and a friend.”
Six-time All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire talked about the wine baths he took during his NBA career while on TNT’s show Players Only on Tuesday night. With Chris Webber, Isiah Thomas and Baron Davis on set, the questions went from “How did the wine baths help you?” to “How about the recovery in the morning, you ain’t have no hangover in the morning?” to “Do you drink your own bath water (from the wine bath)?”
Frequenting parties at Stoudemire’s West Village penthouse, Anavim met art collectors and celebrities — new clients. Before long he had stopped his graphic design work to focus solely on mixed-media art. The dozens of paintings on Anavim’s apartment walls convey the Jojo worldview. Blond women blow pink chewing gum into gleaming juicy bubbles. A rainbow-colored astronaut floats above the Paramount Pictures logo. Coca-Cola bottles, Marlboro cigarette packages and Marilyn Monroe are recurring images.
“My first advice is to listen to your coaches,’’ Stoudemire said before the Knicks hosted the Lakers. “That’s the first advice. Because they’re the ones who will give you a true mindset, true information on what it takes to be great. If that’s your goal to be great, coaches are the ones who will get you there. Anyone on the outside, family, friends, media, you have to put that to the side. You have to focus on our craft and sport. Everything’s going to grow from there.’’
After 14 years in the NBA, the six-time All-Star Stoudemire played this past season for Hapoel Jerusalem — a team he had partially owned — and it has opened up his world even more to tech investing as Israel is a sports technology hotbed. He said he has done speaking engagements and attended seminars there. In April, he hosted a food and bar crawl in Jerusalem in conjunction with Forbes’ Under 30 Summit for entrepreneurs and walked down the streets wearing Snapchat Spectacles.
Stoudemire participated in a $2.25 million seed funding round for e-commerce platform Tapiture in 2014, and the company announced a year and a half later it was shutting down. But he’ll continue to look into tech investing. “It’s smart because there are so many things that can happen,” Stoudemire said. “There’s so much room to improve, and if you’re onto something that’s really big, you’ve got a chance to have a big payday at the end, which is the ultimately goal for all of us. But you have to build your platform up.”
It’s easy to forget how those close draft-day decisions can be history-changing years later. The Suns thought they were on the verge of acquiring the draft rights to Curry, who grew up in Charlotte and starred for Davidson. Eight years later, Curry is a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and just celebrated the Warriors’ second NBA championship with him as point guard. Yet Curry was so close to being a Sun, instead. He might well have been had veteran forward-center Amare Stoudemire had healthier knees.
According to one source, the Suns even considered suggesting Curry skip an introductory news conference in Oakland, perhaps to nudge the Warriors to making that trade. Stoudemire did fine after that, making two more All-Star appearances and extending his NBA career with the New York Knicks. The Suns advanced to the Western Conference final in 2010 before losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.
Stoudemire will explore three options, and retirement is one of them. The 34-year-old still has pangs for one more go-round in the NBA. “To play and win a championship my first year there, I could just call it quits and leave as a champion,’’ said Stoudemire, who never made it to the NBA Finals. “That could be an option. Another option is maybe to play with a team that needs quality veteran leadership here in the NBA. That could be an option. Or I could go back and defend the title for a back-to-back. I have time to think about it. Those are my three options.”
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Just hours after the Golden State Warriors held a parade to celebrate their 2017 NBA championship, former Phoenix Suns five-time All-Star forward Amar’e Stoudemire led a championship celebration of his own roughly 7,500 miles away. The 34-year-old Stoudemire, who spent the first eight of his 14 NBA seasons with the Suns, led Hapoel Jerusalem B.C. (a team he co-owns) to the 2017 Israeli Basketball Premier League championship on Thursday. Fittingly, Stoudemire’s former Suns teammate, Steve Nash, won his first NBA championship three days earlier, as a player development consultant for the Warriors.
The star of Hapoel Jerusalem issued the following apology today: “I want to apologize for my offensive comments against the LGBT community. These remarks were taken from a larger interview where a reporter was asking me hypothetical questions, and all my answers had a comedic undertone. The answers I gave were meant to be taken as jokes & I am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I am open to creating a dialogue to assist the fight the LGBT community encounters daily and will continue focus on playing basketball”
In keeping with kosher tradition, Stoudemire doesn’t eat pork or shellfish, and he sports a menorah tattoo on his left wrist. Then again, his premeal blessing includes a thank you to Jesus, and body art is considered by some rabbis to be a violation of Jewish law. Bottom line: Stoudemire says that he’s committed to “holy living” and that in Jerusalem, “I’ve never felt more at home, more tied to a place where I’m playing.”
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The big adjustments for Stoudemire have come at his workplace, where he often plays in small gyms for less than 1,000 fans. Even as a veteran of international competition, he is still picking up on the rules and nuances of Euro-ball, the niceties of officiating, an Italian coach who speaks mostly with his hands. And Stoudemire’s teammates are . . . “Let’s put it this way,” he says, after searching for diplomatic words, “it’s more of a teaching situation. Like, Here’s where you go on a pick-and-roll.”
He’s the great American hope for Hapoel, which sees the basketball star as the key to finally squashing long-time rival Maccabi Tel Aviv on the road to national and European-league success. “There has never been a player at Amar’e’s level come to Israel before,” says Eran Soroka, NBA analyst for Israel’s Sport5 network and chief editor of the Nana 10 news site. “Even if he doesn’t end up as their top scorer, he’ll be the marquee player for Hapoel this season.”
What a thunderous way for Hapoel Jerusalem to begin the new season. The rising power in Israeli basketball made a serious point in the Winner Cup final by defeating rivals Maccabi Tel Aviv 77 – 62 and getting the trophy in their bags. Curtis Jerrells paced the winners with 19 points, while Tarence Kinsey added 12 along with 6 rebounds. On the way to celebrating his first title in Israel, Amar’e Stoudemire dropped 9 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in the 25 minutes he spent on the floor.
Casspi was joined by NBA players Chris Copeland, Rudy Gay, Shawn Marion, Donald Sloan, Beno Udrih and Amar’e Stoudemire, who recently signed a two-year deal to play in Jerusalem. Joining them on the trip were WNBA players Mistie Bass and Alysha Clark, UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, actor Jeremy Piven and pro poker player Maria Ho.
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“I understand the police officers are faced with life-threatening situations,’’ Stoudemire said. “If we learn to comply, we’ll be OK. But you just have some officers who are bad officers. And even when you do comply, you still face danger. The officers have been taught going through the academy to provide safety. An officer’s job is not to kill. It’s to provide safety. If you’re a criminal, your job is to apprehend [them]. For guys not doing anything life-threatening, why go to a use of force when use of force is not required in that instance? The government and state has to start holding officers accountable for not relying on their training.
Stoudemire: I may be retiring from the NBA, but I’m not saying goodbye to basketball just yet. My next step is playing for Hapoel Jerusalem, one of the top teams in Europe. This isn’t about collecting a paycheck overseas, though; it’s a spiritual journey, too. The Scripture speaks about Jerusalem as a holy place, and I can feel that whenever I’m in the city. This is a chance for me to be a better husband and a better father, to help me lead my family into righteousness. The opportunity to play there, and grow as a player and person, is a blessing. As my father used to tell me, “The sky’s the limit.”