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Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond
Position: C
Born: 08/10/93
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Salary: $28,751,774

Andre Drummond still the Cavs starting center

Altman received a text message from Drummond on Wednesday, with the burly center congratulating the GM on a great trade. With a relationship that goes back to when Drummond was 16 years old playing for Team USA, the two spoke again the next morning. Altman’s message: Stay locked in, keep the same enthusiasm, play like an All-Star and help Allen get acclimated. Altman also informed Drummond that his short-term role wouldn’t be changing. It’s his starting center spot. He earned it.
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A little more than 24 hours after the Cavs traded for Taurean Prince and Jarrett Allen, in the face of noisy gossip about what Allen’s arrival means for Drummond and how an early exit is now imminent, the two-time All-Star showed why the front office should pause before sending him away. Even with up-and-coming Allen, who fits this roster and style perfectly, Drummond wouldn’t be easy to replace.

Andre Drummond addresses trade rumors

Instead of sulking with his successor standing on the sidelines in street clothes, Drummond gave everyone — Cleveland’s front office, Bickerstaff, the rest of the NBA — something to think about, even if he didn’t enter the night specifically looking to prove a point. “I play the same way each and every night,” Drummond said. “The trade, it is what it is. There’s nothing I can do about that. If I do get traded, I don’t control that either. I’m just here to play basketball with whatever jersey I have on. That’s all I can focus on right now.”
This rumor is part of a storyline: 134 more rumors