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Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond
Position: C
Born: 08/10/93
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Salary: $25,434,262
Joel Embiid​ doesn’t​ want​ to​ go for the win. He wants​ to leave​ the​ opposition in​ smithereens.​ Unleash​​ damage like a monster truck while playing the joyful music of an ice cream truck. Destruction with a dash of devilish charm. That’s why Embiid couldn’t just settle with claiming the upper hand last week in his second battle of the season with longtime nemesis Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons by outscoring him in the first half, 32-0. No, he also had to declare before a locker room full of cameras, microphones and recording devices that Drummond and his backup Zaza Pachulia — who both came within one foul of disqualification — were no match. “I kicked both of their asses.” Embiid then had to hop on his personal Twitter account and claim ownership of “a lot real estate” in Drummond’s head with a photo of himself pushing a wheelbarrow of bricks (“And I’m on my way to build more”).
Drummond had 23 points and 19 rebounds and the Pistons beat the Orlando Magic 103-96 on Wednesday night to snap a five-game losing streak. Drummond hit 10 of 16 shots, including a buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the first quarter, and nailed both free throw attempts. He scored 19 points in the first half, then set picks and chased down offensive rebounds for teammates in the final two periods. “Andre was the player of the game for me,” Pistons coach Dwane Casey said. “The way he competed, just playing hard. Not one play was called for him, but he’s not worried about touches. He just goes out and plays his butt off and once we all get in our mind what the important things are to win in this league, we’re going to be OK.”