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Andre Iguodala
Andre Iguodala
Position: G-F
Born: 01/28/84
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:207 lbs. / 93.9 kg.
Salary: $16,000,000
Richard Jefferson: I know that I’m biased as hell, but for me, that 4th quarter had three of the greatest plays in NBA Finals history. I was sitting five feet from the hoop when LeBron blocked Iggy. I have played thousands of games of basketball in my life, and I have never seen anything close to that on a court. It’s impossible. I saw the fast-break developing in real time, and I said, “They’re gone. F***. We’re down.” I’m watching Iggy go up for the layup, and then I just see this black blur. It was like Superman swooping down in the movies. I’m dead serious. It was just a blur. I’ve seen crazy things on an NBA court. All kinds of freakish athleticism. But I’ve never seen anything like that. Lebron broke the laws of physics. I was actually on the floor for Kyrie’s dagger three-pointer with a minute left, and that was one of the only times in my career that I felt like I was a fan watching on TV. I’m standing in the corner, and I see him do the quick hesi, and I’m like … He’s gonna … … wait, is he gonna? … Oh f*** he’s really gonna. … Oh f*** that went in!!!!!!! That was one of the gutsiest shots I’ve ever seen, on that stage, in that moment. And then you have Kevin Love. Kevin Love, man.
The guard accrued a $25,000 fine from the NBA after “recklessly throwing the game ball into the spectator stands,” the league announced Monday morning. Iguodala had his own response. In an Instagram video, Iguodala shared a scene from “He Got Game,” a Spike Lee film featuring actor Denzel Washington and 10-time NBA All-Star Ray Allen.
But his numbers aren’t as strong anymore. He doesn’t have a center. His best bench players are inconsistent. And the rest of the league is no longer awestruck by the greatness of the Warriors. Since Dec. 1, Jonas Jerebko and Kevon Looney are fourth and fifth on the team in field goals attempted. Green is sixth, and right behind him are Alfonzo McKinnie and Andre Iguodala. That fits Kerr’s game plan. But there is a reason opponents are happy with them shooting. In that same time span, Durant and Curry have seen a decline in usage rating.