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Andre Ingram
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Born: 11/19/85
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Now moving forward, at 32-years old, Andre Ingram wants to keep this going. He said although he could retire on a high note, he wants to work for an NBA contract and keep his career alive. He and his agent both feel confident about playing this season, and Ingram has moved past the emotions of earning a call-up, to the next step in his career. “The full intention is to play this season. To play in the NBA and stay in the NBA,” said Ingram. “The Rockets game was huge, the call-up was huge, but for me I’m onto how I’m going to stay in the NBA moving next season. My focus is on what’s coming next. I have no intentions of slowing down.”
Storyline: Andre Ingram Free Agency
Andre Ingram said people will still come up to him and explain how his night against the Rockets inspired them in their life or career. “Young people might think it’s cool, older people might think to themselves, ‘hey maybe its time for me to keep at it,’” Ingram explained. “I’ve just heard from so many people, not just in sports, about how they just were so inspired in their own careers from my game. That’s such an excellent thing to be a part of because I had seen things in the past that kept me going.”
Ingram said the NBA G League did that preparation for him to shine on the big stage at the NBA. “The G League is preparation. Everything about it, especially on the court, is just like the NBA. That’s why the transition didn’t overwhelm me,” said Ingram. “The G League’s purpose is to develop you for the NBA and I believe it’s done that so well. That’s why you see so many guys find their game, even former NBA players who come down and work their way back up.”
The Lakers renounced their rights to Ingram on July 1, making him an unrestricted free agent. Ingram said the hope is that the Lakers will invite him to training camp, where he could have an opportunity to play on a team now led by the NBA’s biggest star in James. “I really would love to be a part of that,” Ingram said. “I think they will be excellent.”
Storyline: Andre Ingram Free Agency
Ingram said he has received some interest but no offers from the other 29 NBA teams and he has not considered playing professionally overseas. He said he is a nervous wreck over his free agency and he has told his agent to focus on getting him back to the Lakers. General manager Rob Pelinka could not be reached for comment. Ingram said he is staying in shape and preparing himself for the possibility of being invited to training camp. Perhaps the reworked Lakers’ need for more shooting could work in his favor.
“It’s a gorgeous story,” Bryant, who is airing a new ESPN show called “Detail” that debuts on Thursday and will run throughout the playoffs, told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. Good enough for Bryant, who is in the process of building his own film studio, to consider producing it as a movie? “Yeah, maybe,” he said with a laugh. “Who the hell knows, right?”
Could the Lakers have two Ingrams — Andre and Brandon — in camp next fall? “The other big philosophy of Jeanie Buss is once a Laker, always a Laker,” Pelinka said. “We had our (real) exit meetings and we just said ‘we want you around here. We want you in our building, continuing to work. Your spirit is so inspirational to all of us, the way you work.’ We’ll kind of let it unfold and see how happens, but definitely want him to stay close.”